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The Windows Of My Soul

20170209_205637I am looking at you looking at me, and all I see is angry Eyes. The things your Eyes wishes me is beyond my deserving. Evidently you don’t know me, the person that I perceive myself to be and asend to be. The person I have evolved into makes me look back at my youthful years, Wondering how did I get to this point. A little voice whispers Mother, she was an educator, a visionary and a Sculpture. She taught me how to Live in all Faucets of life, to be at peace with myself, the community, my mortality and All of Life’s Forces. Her vision of my life is exactly what she had perceived, when I was at my worst and deserving of abandonment. She saw the person I was designed and destined to be. She preached, teached and advocated my life to God when she saw a life bent on oblivion. Far too many Parents give up on their Teens without a fight leaving them stranded in the oceans of Life. After hitting bottom so early in life, they absorb any ill fated advice that comes their way.

My Nemesis

My Nemesis

She Sculptured the Rocks in my Head and dissolved the density with enlightenment of the fact that Jesus laid down his life for our betterment. If I believe the Mythology of Zeus,Apollo and Ulysses, and the touted greatness of Hannibal and Khan, why should I not believe that Jesus could have averted his situation effortlessly. A man without convictions and beliefs is just a hollow chamber, the chambers of my Soul is filled with gratitude. Some find conviction to be stranger than fiction, if you can’t feel and touch it, then keep it. What a hollow place for your soul to dwell. That is what most people don’t see when they peek through my Windows, a person who wants to be one with his Being, empathy for those less fortunate than him in constructing taughts like these. Embracing the Fellowship of Man, not Living on an Island of hate distrust and beguiling. Even with all these great insight, when I look around and see all the evil in Man it leaves me holding on to my beliefs by a thread.


Non the less I keep holding on to yesteryears when great Souls traveled before,in hope there’s reincarnation and they do return to spread enlightenment. Blissful with gratitude for Life, a fool in your eyes. Well my friend the Lord looks at Babies and Fools. The numerous times my life should have ceased, I have lost count. In the year nineteen ninety two while working for Solomon Brothers, after contributing years of trustworthy employment, I put in for a transfer to one of it’s most prestigious locations. The location I requested was One World Trade Center, my transfer was denied because of antagonistic Superiors. That year I tendered my resignation, cashed in my Portfolio, for all Cash for the self satisfaction of mentally flipping them the Bird. The Tellers at the Bank taught I was crazy exiting the Bank with a Manila Folder filled with Cash, into the Streets of N.Y. As it was I am an impulsive Soul. That was it I said to myself I gave up on New York, tentatively moved to Pennsylvania where I watched on Television the Towers fall. Something I could never explained while watching, Chills engulfed my entire Body knowing that my spirit was in the Building with the ones I loved. Talking about Revelations, when they turned down my request for a transfer, my Mother detected my misery and inquired what was wrong, I told her. Her response, the Lord knows best, everything happens for a reason. Open your eyes and look into my Soul what do you see. Solomon Brothers lost nine hundred Employees, nine o one is my lucky number.