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Tamara’s Valentine’s

20161218_115433I Have never met Tamara personally, but my inner Soul tells me she is someone with great Propensity to Love. Love will find you in the most oblivious of places and Time, many times overlooked and ignored. But when the Bug bites you are it. When we look for Love in the wrong place and wrong faces all you find is temporary engagements. Never settle for someone not capable of you loving them. Never settle for just Money.

Many passionate discussions held with Mom was that People were so insecure and untrustworthy and undeserving of one’s Love. I told her that I believed that ninety percent of people are not deserving. Her reply, then it is your Job to seek out the ten percent. Tamara is in the ten percent group, it is for that reason I live and Love, finding the other ten. I did the Club Scene for ten years nothing gained except for others gratification. I didn’t find true love until twenty eight, when all my youthful Friends taught they did and also lost, before I was Married. Remember Tamara he who laugh last laugh’s best. Early in my Marriage my younger days of intemperance carried over into my new Life.

I once woken up to use the Bathroom, still in a Drunken stupor, I saw my reflection in the antique mirror with the antique Lightings, I began fighting my reflection. I trashed it Blood and Glass everywhere, I slept the next twelve hours. When I awoke the Woman had gone to the Store and replace all, and cleaned the place like it never happened. From that day not a word was said about the incident. Now I ask you is that Love? What a Woman! And you wonder why I still Love her thirty six years later. Ain’t Love Grand. Tamara your Mister Right is out there never stop looking, my Philosophy on Love is, if you find love at any Age you are lucky, many die not ever experiencing Love. I can not express the joy of someone Believing and supporting you, even when you are less than your best. The other Love of my life did and rescued me from myself. My Mother saw my potential when I didn’t. Way later in life I am now trying to pick up the pieces, Tamara my friend when I wrote one of my first Blogs, it was your encouragement that made me write the next fifty three, this one is for you Happy Valentine’s day my Dear.

PS. Gladys puts it best, you’re #1 in my Book.