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Anthony The Whiner

The past few days I have received one hundred and seventy comments on my Blogs and my website. All positive and uplifting, except one. I  guess I deserve that, for about a week I keep lamenting to my Wife that the Site has been going strong, it’s been in production for five months with zero negative feedback. Considering I did all this by myself, from layout to creativity. One of my Readers labeled one of my Blogs as Whining and attention grabbing . That’s how someone without a mind of their own addresses Social Upheavals like what is going on in some of our farthest remote Rural Communities, Heroin Overdoses like the Opium epidemic that overwhelmed China.


How is this for whining, Human Trafficking like in the back of a Rental Truck, overcrowded with very little Oxogen for its overcrowded Cargo. This is not a one time Run, but daily, how Humane for its Victims buying a ticket to economic growth. You want more, the enslavement of Teens for the purpose of Prostitution, in a Civilized society with a Drug Culture, the consumers are the real Criminals not the Dealers that supply the Demand. In our  Prison system uncountable numbers of Teens are rotting away for Nuisance Crimes, like possession of small amounts sometimes with intent to Deliver or Distribut. And no intention on our part to Rehabilitate, I  will forever be whining till I die. I also was a misguided Adolescent , a troubled Teen and a young Adult with Issues. In my Hometown Wilkes Barre Pa there are Judges sitting in Prison for filling Cells with Teenagers who committed nuisance crimes. All for the purpose of lining their Pockets with kickbacks from privately run Prisons.


Whenever someone highlights a problem in society, he becomes a whiner by do nothing, because it’s not my problem people, people with the attitude that I got mine, and that’s all that matters. Wrong! I am my Brothers keeper. I have come to the conclusion that people are more comfortable with trivial thinking, rather than face the Reality of Social Upheavals. It is no more prevalent than Social media. Instead of using a powerful tool for Creative purpose as I am. They settle for ten minutes of Fame on trivial and obnoxious Posting. That’s what most  sideline critic’s do when it comes to issues of Relevance, they call it whining. Well ok you got me started, here is more whining,


on my way to work, a moron driving a five hundred dollars Heap that looks like it was on a Demolition Derby Circuit, almost sideswipe me. I escaped damages all the while looking at them through my mirror, the idiot was Texting  never took his eyes off the Phone the entire time. He was oblivious to the near miss. That could have been someone’s Child on his Hood. This is not my last words on the Subject of Whining.