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Save Driving / Road Rage


There’s nothing like a long Trip Cross country, to teach you about Traffic Flow and speed control. If city Driving could emulate the above, accidents would drop to an astonishing level. your nerves would love you. Also your fellow Drivers would love you for not cutting them off within inches of calamity,  thus reducing Road Rage. On the  Highways  going Cross Country, most people use their signals, spaces themselves and don’t try to run you off the Road to get to their exit Ramp, further reducing Road Rage. you have been commuting this strip for  twenty years, yet you think you are Cute waiting for the last minute,  the last hundred feet to get in the proper Lane to make your exit, causing major Traffic Jams. Rightfully you should be in the proper Lane at least one Mile before you get to your Exit. The difference between a good Motorist and Piss Poor Driver is I position my Vehicle in the proper Lane two to three miles before my Exit, not worrying about squeezing anyone, putting a wet blanket on the Flames of Road Rage.


Driving in Texas was a refreshing Eye Opener for me. Rush hour Driving was a refreshing Breeze, no one in a hurry Driving like a Taxi Driver, or trying to make a Pizza Delivery while it’s still hot. It’s as if there were no Rush hour at five PM. The Traffic Flow and speed control was Fluid, the civility and courtesy was infinite.  In a place where everyone owns a six shooter, there better not be any Road Rage, there would be nothing but Dead Men behind the Wheel. The Civilized Driving I experienced in Texas should spread like a Virus across the country.  All the States that I have traveled in the N.E to the S.E. could take a lesson from Texas. In my neck of the woods, Tampa Florida, Road Rage is the norm. Everyone drive like a Taxi driver or a Ambulance Driver, break neck speeds for one Mile to address the next Stop Light. At the Stop sign no one stops Legally, they usually stop or pump their Brakes beyond the Sign, not before the Sign. Like a Drummer keeps Tempo, they can’t wait to take the Right of Way from you  at a Right on Red intersection. In Rush hour traffic no matter how well you weave Traffic, your E.T.A. is not going to be much better than mine following the Traffic Pattern.

The way many of you drive facilitates Road Rage, cutting people off in tight spaces, not signalling before you make your turn, driving with a B***h attitude like your Daddy built this Road specifically for you.  Still that doesn’t excuse Barbaric behavior behind the wheel, not all bad Drivers drive like a  Jackass intentionally,  some just can’t help themselves, they never took the time to learn, or no one ever took the time to teach them Road Suave. They say that the Lord watch over fools and Babies. But they also say that God bless those who try to help themselves. A Woman driving on the Pennsylvania Turnpike found that out about ten years ago. She inadvertently cut off a Tractor trailer,  the big Moron followed her for miles to extract respect, not taking into consideration that his vehicle weighed twenty eight Tons more than the Sedan she was driving.  The Murderous Driver ran the poor Woman on her way home to her family off the Road into a Tree, killing her instantly.  These are the People you share the Roadways with daily, so the next time you decide to cut someone off in tight quarters ask yourself  do I know the Monster behind the wheel. several years ago High Noon in Greenwich village New York city, a minor Fender bender in Rush hour traffic. The Driver of the Maserati got out of his car, Gun drawn in an execution stance,  shot and killed his fellow Motorist over a five hundred Dollars touch up paint job. Getting behind the wheel is forever a Life and Death situation, so the next time you are about to abandon Civility, think about the two victims of Road Rage among the many others.


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Man suspected of killing teen because he ‘didn’t want her to merge into traffic’ surrenders to police

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Police arrest suspect in road rage killing
David Desper, 28, has been charged with first- and third-degree murder in the road rage killing of Bianca Nikol Roberson, 18, on June 28. (Reuters)

Police have arrested a Pennsylvania man suspected of fatally shooting an 18-year-old driver in a fit of road rage because, a prosecutor said, he “didn’t want her to merge into a lane of traffic.”

David Desper, 28, is charged with first- and third-degree murder, possession of an instrument of crime and reckless endangering, according to Philadelphia ABC affiliate WPVI. He surrendered to authorities around 2 a.m. Sunday, ending a three-state manhunt.

The shooting occurred during rush hour on Wednesday, as Bianca Nikol Roberson was returning home from a shopping trip for college clothes.

The teen and another driver started to merge into the same lane, “jostling for the position” on Route 100 in West Goshen Township, more than 30 miles from Philadelphia, said Michael Noone, first assistant district attorney for the Chester County District Attorney’s Office. Roberson’s vehicle veered from the roadway and crashed into a tree, police said in a statement.

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But the officers who responded to the crash soon determined that the teen had been shot in the head, police said. She was pronounced dead at the scene. The other driver was nowhere to be found.

NoneDavid Desper. (West Goshen Township Police Department)

“We’re doing everything we can to catch this suspect and bring him to justice,” Noone told The Washington Post on Friday.

West Goshen Township is at the southeastern tip of Pennsylvania, near the border with Delaware and New Jersey, so authorities searched for the suspect — described in initial reports as a white man between 30 and 40 years old in a red pickup truck — in three states.

The truck was last seen exiting Route 202 onto Paoli Pike.

Roberson had graduated from Bayard Rustin High School in West Chester, Pa., and was set to attend Jacksonville University. She had hoped to one day work for the FBI, according to WPVI.

“She was a good girl, honor roll student, looking forward to going to college,” her father, Rodney Roberson, told the news station.

He pleaded with the other driver to help close his daughter’s case.

“If you don’t even think it was your fault, and have a conscience, come forward and give us some closure and explain in your own words what happened,” he said, according to the news station.

While speaking to reporters on Thursday, Chester County District Attorney Tom Hogan also directly addressed the other driver.

“To that man who fired that shot, turn yourself in now,” Hogan said. “Every second you are out there, you are only making this worse for yourself and making this worse for the family.


My Nemesis

Today I am sitting in a Bank waiting to speak with a Banker. A woman and her young son five or six years old walked up to the Teller, the child began disassembling the pylons indicating the line formation. The Mother asked him to stop doing that, he went off the deep end knocked them all down, in a fit of rage. I asked myself how much bad Life could he have experienced in such time for him to have gotten to this point. My answer not necessarily any, he was just a misguided soul, came out of the womb kicking and screaming for no reason. He was just a little Soul with spiritual and temperamental defects, that needed to be addressed early and not be allowed to get out of correlation. This Child’s rage issues needed  a high level of positive communication and spiritual navigation. This Child was never communicated with, I could tell by the way his Mother addressed his tantrums reciprocatingly. I asked myself who was the adult here, as the years accumulate this type of rage increases.

If left unchecked this Child will hurt someone or himself, on the other side of the coin, Harry was a nice kid well behaved, and always made his parents proud. He had one shortcoming, he always wanted to fit in. Fitting in is not a necessity, it’s a trait used to foil loneliness . There is nothing wrong with lonely  moments, they allow you to reflect on yourself. Harry could not deal with being alone for one minute. To fill the void he aligned with anyone who befriends him. That got him in big trouble in Junior High and High School. Unwittingly got hooked up with the wrong crowd, started smoking a little Weed then a lot, started doing a little Coke then his nose became bigger than an Elephants. Having vigilant Parents they kept him in Detox, he always returned to Nose Candy through Peer pressure. Eventually his Parents picked up on the Root cause of their Son’s problems. One day they packed and moved out of their New Jersey neighborhood, for the sticks of North East Pa . Unbeknownst  to them this wasn’t the solution, because there are Drugs in the most remote Suburbs in America.

His need for Friends took him right back to the beginning of his Nightmare Journey, and back to his Nemesis. Over the years I have seen many of fights over nothing, people grown-up with years of Rage, unhinged by Alcohol and Drugs. Harry ate it all up out in the sticks, to his new Friends he was the Man with the Jersey connection. Word of Mouth got him connected with three Boys of Affluent families, High School football players who used Coke. They gave Harry six hundred dollars to make the trip to the old neighborhood. Harry scored nicely with quality and weight, he became ambitious upon his return he announced that he ante was up , and that he would not deliver without more money. These were big Boys who played Football , which wasn’t enough to tame their Rage left unaddressed for years. With their bare hands they beat Harry to Death , in the Drugstore Parking Lot across from The Wilkes Barre P.O. Yet in another incident of Rage, N.Y lower East Village four Pm rush hour traffic, fender bender involving a Porsche and another vehicle. The Driver of the Porsche exists his Vehicle, Forty Five in hand without a word aimed and fired, killing the other Motorist in front of scores of startled Witness. I can not say enough about Blind Rage pent up for years, all their outcomes present Catastrophic results. In another case of Rage mixed with Hate same place in the East Village, four teens wielding Baseball Bats, savagely beat another Teen critically all because they taught he was Gay. In my opinion Rage is the most barbaric way of expressing ones self.

supported Case: Appellants Anthony Tolbert and John Smith were accused, along with another man named Anthony Russo, of beating to death the victim, Hector Maldonado. The Commonwealth’s theory of the case began with Maldonado’s failure to deliver to Russo some drugs that Russo paid Maldonado to secure. After the drug transaction went awry, Russo, Tolbert and Smith searched for Maldonado on the evening of February 28, 1991. The three men went to Maldonado’s residence, spoke to his girlfriend, and ultimately found Maldonado in the early morning hours of March 1, 1991 in the parking lot of Fay’s drug store in Wilkes-Barre.

Upon finding Maldonado, the men began to beat him severely. They dragged him into a car (Russo’s) and continued to beat him as they drove away. They later dumped his body on the roadside. Maldonado was discovered later by a man delivering newspapers and was taken to the hospital where he underwent brain surgery. He never regained consciousness and later died from blunt force trauma to the head and face.

Police sought out and questioned Tolbert and Smith about their involvement in the case; however, police never succeeded in locating Russo.1 Ultimately, Tolbert and Smith were charged with murder, kidnapping and conspiracy to commit murder and kidnapping. They were tried jointly and both testified. Essentially, they admitted to being present in the parking lot during Maldonado’s initial beating but insisted that it was only Russo who beat Maldonado. Both Tolbert and Smith claimed that they did not know Russo was looking for
[448 Pa. Superior Ct. 198]
Maldonado; instead they thought they were accompanying Russo to the home of a girlfriend who needed assistance. Tolbert and Smith further claimed that after Russo beat Maldonado in the parking lot, Russo drove them home. Russo, they insisted, left them at Tolbert’s house and drove off with Maldonado, who, despite his injuries, was alive and well when they last saw him.2

The jury returned verdicts of not guilty for both men on the charges of first degree murder, second degree murder, voluntary manslaughter, kidnapping and conspiracy, but was deadlocked on the charge of third degree murder. After the verdicts, defense counsel filed a motion to dismiss the charge of third degree murder based on double jeopardy and collateral estoppel. The trial court denied the motion and the denial was appealed to this court. A panel of this court held that retrial for third degree murder was not barred by double jeopardy or collateral estoppel since the hung jury was the impetus for the retrial. The Pennsylvania Supreme court denied allocatur and the matters were remanded for retrial. Commonwealth v. Smith, 426 Pa.Super. 31, 626 A.2d 178, 181 (1993), allocatur denied, 537 Pa. 634, 642 A.2d 487 (1994).