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Beautiful People



Being a People Person have brought me to Cross Paths with some of the most Beautiful People that ever walked this Earth. Some are Gone but will never be Forgotten. At eight years old I met a man Named Lefty, the Adventurism that he instilled in me borders negligent for someone like me. Lefty was an avid Fisherman, one Day fishing the Atlantic, he caught a Huge Fish that snapped his Pole, Determined not to Loose this one, he wrapped the Hundred Pounds Test around his Arm. The rest is a Horror Story which he told me Rowing back to Shore with one Hand two miles out, and of tying his Hand to stop the Bleeding, Teaching an eight years old the importance of Strong Will over Adversity and how to apply a Tourniquet, which I used at twelve in the Schoolyard to save the Life of a Classmate. These unique People Raised me up fast teaching me that one should quit being a Child as early as possible and you will be so much more into Life you can Deal with whatever it throws at you. Lefty Taught me Survivability and Respect. However you Learn it, its Beneficial all through your Life.


It’s no wonder that I Chose to grow up fast, also if you Befriend me you’re a friend into the next Life. My Mother is one all through my Turbulent Years she Hung with me, Good, Bad and un intiminated, she Prayed, Council and Advised. Positive Parenting has left its Mark on me. The few times she Hit me were well deserved. She taught me to work for what I wanted in Life and to always keep a Buck, because nobody wants you when you are down and out. One thing I learned from her that wasn’t taught by her, was to always feed people with a Long Handle Spoon. That was my own Summary from watching the way people treated her when she went out of her way to help others. They say don’t Bite the Hand that Feed you, well I am surprised that she had any Fingers. The most important thing that I learned from her was her good Christian Values, she was a firm believer in turning the other Cheek and giving the Shirt off her Back.


Her values have kept me alive and out of Prison, she said never envy anyone for what they have because you don’t know how they got it. They could have Committed Murder from Monday to Saturday and went to Church on Sunday to Pray for Forgiveness. She was as wise as Salomon, being a wise Ass I never let on that I was eating it all up and growing wiser everyday, but she was no Fool she knew that all the hard work that she was investing in me weren’t going to waste. All through my young Life I always try to associate with older wise People, because I had always thought that Wisdom came with Age. I was right, the older I get I feel that I traveled this Road before, and the Hurdles gets lower.


I consider myself  Fortunate for all the Beautiful People that I have met in my lifetime, they Buffer the Ugly Bitter People that I have been unfortunate to have encountered. Two other Down to earth people I met were extremely Rich men, one was one of the Founders of Radio Shack, he was Worth in excess of five Hundred Millions. Most People in his position usually have their Heads up their Ass, and everybody is below them not him, he was as Down to Earth as a Monk, he was Humble and the most Congenial Person for a man of his Status. We spoke for Hours about everything from Religion to Racism to knowing the Value of a Dollar and that Money does not make the Man neither does Education, it’s what you do with it once you acquire it, how you use it.

Twenty one years old and being councilled like that beats growing up thinking that Money is one’s most valuable Asset. Then there was John Gutfreund, he was the CEO at Solomon Brothers when I worked there in the eighties in the internal Sucurity Department. It appears that the way I carried myself and did my Job had caught his eyes, I was blown away that in a company of two thousand Employees John knew who I was. He could be in the Presence of ten Managing Directors he always spoke to me and made small talk. When his Fifth Avenue Apartment was being Renovated he requested me to Babysit the Construction Workers. I was Humbled by his Trust, there were eight inch Ming pieces that were worth one Million that could easily be pocketed and he had me there protecting his prize Possessions. What I learned from that experience was that it’s important to earn People’s Trust and always do your Job to the best of your ability. Well there you have it I’ve been on many Stages and played many Parts.


One of the hardest Job that I have ever taken on is the Job of being Polite, because Rude People works hard at stealing the Joy. My Mother being very skilled in the Art of being Polite, to the point of taking the Blame to keep the Family ❤ together, now that’s taking it to the next level. The Reason I love Jesus is because I am Humbled by Him not defending Himself and choosing to Die for the Betterment of Mankind. Christianity Teaches turning the other Cheek. Mother done well and Jesus got my Attention. Though I could never aspire to walk in their Shoes. But Why do I have to Smile when you are using Sandpaper to Rub me wrong, I go out of my Way to keep the Peace, I know that no good comes from the Escalation of Hostilities but War, on any Front, including Home or work. Yet I am to stay Calm and ignore the Hostilities and😃 smile.

This Business of being Polite carries the Coat of  Sainthood . They step on your Pride and say they didn’t mean it, they Lie under Oath, yet I am to be Civilized and be the Bigger Man when Someone needs a Foot up their Ass. Once Working for a Huge Hospitality Corporation where the test for my Job was to pick something from their Refrigerator and cook it in front of them to their taste, for the GM and Head Chef to sample. I was Hired on the Spot, a couple of Months later the Sous Chef went home didn’t tell me that there was large amount of Food in the Oven,  left overnight there was a possibility of 🔥 Fire. Reported to work the following Day to be met outside the Privacy of the Kitchen by The General Manager yelling that I left Food in the Oven Overnight, that was Burnt to a Crisp. Nothing I could say to convince her that it was not my Bad, she didn’t want to hear the Preverbial. If I am not mistaken she even told me to shut up when I tried to explain. Totally frustrated that I was going to be the Scape Goat, against all my good Christian upbringing, I lashed back at Her I told Her that if she was a Man that I would have put my foot in her Ass.


That certainly wasn’t Polite , but People put you in a Corner and poke you telling you to Smile. In another Workplace my Boss approach me with a Promotion, I question him about getting good Help, He Danced. I never should have said yes till I meet the Help Requested. I ended working with Friends of Friends I immediately knew that I was sleeping with Strange Bedfellows. Didn’t take me long to realize that my Job was to teach Quality Work to Numbsculls, who were slated to take my Job knowing I could go National in the Company. I Rebelled to the point of doing the Work of four People by myself. Then the little Demon in me said enough is enough, I Filled all kinds of Papers, from US Department of Labor to Local Agencies. Instead of Going to Court and going Big or Go Home, I settled. To me the biggest insult is to play me as if I were Stupid, and Oblivious to your Transparencies. I try to be a good Christian but they make it Hard , like the Song goes “pack up your troubles in that Old Kit Bag and Smile”. In my present Job we are in the Hospitality Business, should I stop right here? All that I am going to say about that is, people will always be who they are, also, People makes the World go Round.



No matter how hard you try to be Polite there is always someone pushing your Buttons. Don’t forget to Smile.Given the choice of being nasty or being nice, I would choose the latter these Characteristics have a way of taking on Roots to your Personality unknowingly. I have seen the Proof working in a Nursing Home, there was this Concert Pianist who developed an early case of Dementia at the heights of Her Career, the one thing that she retained was Her Personality.
She could not do anything for herself, the only thing she did was Smile, a genuine Heartwarming Smile. When you have full blown Dementia there is nothing to Smile about, you don’t even remember the purpose of a Smile or why you are smiling.


That Smile was something Rehearsed all her Life the sign of Politeness even when she was Riding high, now in her darkness of Dementia her Light of Politeness shined brightly. The level of Care and Compassion she received from all had nothing to do with what she was, very few of the Staff and Residents knew where she came from, all they knew was that her Personality was a winning one that attracted niceness. Same place and time another Resident that was Worth Fifty Millions was Shunned and Abhorred for her Serpent like personality that she portrayed all her life that now dominated her Character, the level of Care she received was marginal to Neglect, even by her own Family. That is my Reason for practicing to be the most Polite Person, so when I get there everyone will gather around me while I Read my Blogs to my Fellow Residents. Being Polite is the ultimate positive Stroke, when you Stroke People in a positive way they will eat out of your Hand.

To Your Own Self Be Real


Pretending can consume an entire life, it started when we are children, we play house she was the momma you were the poppa, you were the bad guy I was the good guy. fine and dandy what else are kids going to do but emulate others, the sad part is it never ends. Now you reach adolescent and the pretense grows into juvenile delinquent because you are pretending that you are cool and you know everything. Still it doesn’t end, a cool teenager who knows everything is dangerous to themselves and others because puberty is coming to an end and pretending to be a man is the ultimate pretense. You can make Babies but a man stands up to his responsibilities and stands by his woman, sometimes to the end.

 Now you are a player you pretend to be someone  trustworthy and caring while you pretend with the concubine that you are serious about them while your eyes are glued on their girlfriends. So far nothing about you is real, you deceive your parents by undermining their wisdom, and those that live lifestyles you should avoid, you emulate pretending to be them.( cats in the cradle, I’m going to be just like you Dad) a deserter and an abuser. Where does the pretending ends, it doesn’t, you pretend to do better than your means hocked to your eyeballs keeping up with the Kardashian pretending to live a picture perfect lifestyle even though you know it’s only Hollywoodlife, make believe. My God will the real you please stand up.

My Nemesis

The rest of your life you continue the Sham that you are better than your fellow man while you pretend to believe in God and is quick to kill to make a point. You profess your Love only to end in deceit, you take a Job to serve the People only to have them serve your pretentious and deceptive ideals. You pretends  to serve God but the Devil is your master  ( many will profess my name) I once knew a Preacher and a Decon who bragged of their conquest among the Congregation. Years ago a church going God fearing man killed his wife and his Minister, I wonder how long he endured the deception before he lost his way. Even since childhood when I was not worthy of being a Christian Woman’s child I never pretended to be an Angel, I left that to the Hypocrites.

 When I grew to be a Man I chose to be Real, I did  unto others and expect likewise, I  commanded respect for who and what I portrayed myself to be. I chose one Woman and over thirty seven years I stayed the course, never once unfaithful. When you tell lies, each time you try to cover your tracks you dig a deeper Hole. After a while the broken hearts, broken mind spirit and souls you put in that hole forms a mound to the high Heaven’s. To survive in a world of deception you need to read more than just print, body language is highly underrated. In High School one of my English Literature Teacher constantly challenged me to tell her what is the Author not saying, she taught me how to live in a deceptive World.

Later on in life I once told my supervisor that I could spot a slacker one mile in the Fog, she didn’t believe me. She got promoted to regional manager and was fired in six months. If you can read body language it becomes your Lighthouse in a storm of deception. Something I read on the subject goes, it is important to understand the role that deception plays in our emotional lives,  because it impedes self understanding and the formation of justified beliefs about ourselves, others and the world as a whole. Deception inhibits our attempt to become more reflective in our understanding, clarifying and evaluating our emotions. Self deception and willful ignorance pose a serious impediment to reflective cognitive affective and conative growth. It also inhibits our attempt to make more reflective evaluations of our institutions, social practices and ideologies that shape and are shaped by our self interpretations. Meaning that deception screws you up and all around you. In the end I say live the life and be proud of what you are.

I Will Always Be There

You are young and in school, you meet  mr right,  your heart tells you so. Things get hot and heavy,  bam you are pregnant, you marry him all is well and good, it’s the logical thing to do.  Baby is thriving well, it’s time to go go back to school. His male dominance surfaces, I would prefer if you stayed home he utters. I will always be here to provide for the family. Magnanimous gesture for sure, nonetheless finishing your education is as tangible as an insurance policy. Matter of fact more so if his testicles leads him from you. I have been married for thirty seven years, never once unfaithful, had many opportunities though I stayed the course. Whenever one of my friends got busted in their extra curricular activity, all I hear from her is, Men are Dogs.

I say to myself, not necessarily so they just think with their shortcomings. A childhood friend of mine with a beautiful loving wife, taught that his Joystick was too much for one woman. He had a woman in just about every State, he was away from Home more than a Traveling Salesman. The grief he caused this Woman, also a friend, her mother cared for me like a son. I had no choice  but to distance myself from him. I hope you  are following my drift. Not all men is led by their Joystick. I stayed true to my wife and have no regrets for not being a Dog. There are so many contingencies why he may not be there for the long haul other than being  unfaithful, it is of the utmost for you to be able to provide for yourself if the day comes. Another friend of mine had a good marriage and a nice family, his wife however was an overbearing woman who taught her job was to mold him into the perfect Husband, always correcting and criticizing. One day he packed an overnight bag, telling her that he was working on a project that had to get done. No one had ever seen him again, nothing in this life is guaranteed.

Early in my Marriage I once told my wife that she was driving me crazy. Her response, it’s a wife’s job. No one knows what the future holds for us, that’s why you need to cushion yourself for whatever life throws at you. Janice was  sixteen years old when she hooked up with an older Man with plenty of money, by twenty she had three children for him. He told her there was no need to finish her education and no need to further her ambition of becoming a nurse, because he made enough money and would always be there. Ten years later he was convicted of murder never to walk the street again. She was now twenty six with three children to feed, no education and no skills entering the workforce for the first time. All that I am saying is, don’t get caught up in the Honey Trap when everything is so sweet and cushy that you are unable to be objective and pragmatic about the rest of your Life. Don’t forget that Momma may have, Pops may have, Husband may have, Boyfriend may have but God bless the Girl that’s got her own. I once knew a Man who was married for twenty five years, he told me that he had fifty thousand dollars that his wife knew nothing about. I asked him why, he responded that it was his runaway Money if the day comes. Anyone can wake up with their Running Shoes on a Sunday morning. Like No Doubt puts it, you came up with the Breeze without a warning.

A Rock And A Hard Place

Dear Gift I need some advise from your followers.
I was in a relationship with a married man for 1 year & 3 months but we started seeing each other it didn’t start off as a relationship but eventually strong feelings developed & there the relationship started. He’s currently going through a divorce with his wife but we have separated 2 months now where he hardly talks to me. I love him & I don’t want to give up on him because I have been there for him when he was going through his problems with his wife before they filed for divorce. He has become distant with me , I have asked him why he’s moving like that & says he’s just keeping to himself & just quiet. I love this man more than anything & I really want to be with him but I often wonder if to him his space & hope that we will b together again like we used to? Don’t know what to do…….help!

My Advice is if you were not instrumental in the break up your conscience should be clear, if he has a good Heart he will remember that in his moments of Despair you were there for emotional Rescue. Remember anything in Life that is worth having is worth Fighting for. Anthony

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To Die In Obscurity

There’s greatness in all of us, don’t forget that God made Man in his own Image. The problem is most of us never looked,many of us have realized it, but we are sidetracked by a number of things. The biggest derailment comes from procrastination, other factors like lack of ambition, lack of tenacity, pessimism, voices of criticism and denial, keeps many from attaining their goals and realizing their dreams. I have been privileged to have met an Artist of great magnitude who lived in obscurity. I met Curly while working in a menial position, everyone needs to eat, but while existing, you need to stay focused on your Craft never let it slip into obscurity. Curly was extremely gifted with Charcoal, Stencil and Graphics. He told me that he once submitted for review one of the World’s most popular Cartoons, that was plagiarized by an even more famous celebrity.

Not only did they stole his creation, but most importantly his creative spirit. Once you loose the creative spirit, you have lost your zest, without zest everything is just going through the motions. When my Associate kept my commission of a hundred and eighty thousand dollars along with a half a million in startup money, I did not roll over and play dead, I brushed myself off and kept rolling. Curly never overcome the the blow, as the saying goes “stolen water is sweet”. As of date I haven’t seen any of Curley’s Prints anywhere except on my living Room’s Wall, overshadowed by Prints by Van Gogh and Renoir. To overcome one needs to stay focused on your Craft, never let it slip into obscurity, you need to practice every day, it makes perfection, it gives you determination and will.

If you have will and determination, you can make it happen, you will find a way to shine your light on the World, refusing to keep it in the darkness of obscurity. My take on the subject is, it is better to arrive late than not at all. If you cross the finish line in the back of the pack,non the less you were in the Race and finished. A Great Fighter is not determined by the number of Flights won, but by how many times you were knocked down and how many times you got back up. If you throw the Towel in early in the Fight, it shows no character and no Tenacity. If you hang in there long enough you might wear down your opponent and declared the winner. The greatest Fight I have ever seen in my Life, was a Fight between Sugar Ray Leonard and Marvin Hagler. Both Fighter possessed a Pit Bull mentality, refusing to stay down, the Fight was declared Leonard’s, I made Money on the Fight yet felt undeserving. In my mind there were no losers they were both Winners, because of their Tenacity.

My Cousin Constance was an extremely gifted Seamstress, she had Gold in her Fingertips. She Designed and Fabricated Clothes for many Old Money who is who in America. She stood tall with many top Haberdasher in the world, she was Destined to be Great. However she was derailed by a no good Husband, he possessed a defeatist mentality . He was once an extremely Rich Man in Cuba, an elite Cigar Manufacturer, Chateaus Mansions and all. He lost everything when Castro took Power in Cuba and nationalized everything, including all American’s interest. There were a lot of Losers who bounced back, he didn’t. He lost his will and zest. My Cousin made a detrimental mistake, all he did was spend her Money like small change. He never encourage or inspired her to be Great. Instead he encouraged her to be satisfied with her station in Life. How tragic he had the know how that made him a Millionaire and could not or would not pass it on to her. Instead he chose to Live the remaining years of his life as a beaten Sour Grapes, spiteful little Man. Out of Dejectedness he chose to be a Philandering Bisexual picking up the Aids virus, and giving it to her. They Died six months apart. When you inspire to be Great your Associations are everything, the good ones will pull you up, the bad ones will drag you down into obscurity.

Artist Larry Edwards
Still unknown

Psychology OF Anger

I love this and I thought of sharing it with you.
A professor while teaching, asked his students. Why do we shout in anger? Why do people shout at each other when they are upset?
The students thought for awhile. One said,because we lose our calm. But the professor asked again,why shout when the other person is just next to you? Isn’t it possible to speak to him or her with a soft voice? Why do you shout at a person when you are angry?
The students gave some but none satisfied the professor.
Finally,he explained, “when two people are angry at each other, there is a distance in their heart psychologically. To cover the distance, they must shout to be able to hear each other. The angrier they are, the stronger they will shout to hear each other through that great distance.
Then the professor asked,” what happens when two people fall in love?
They don’t shout at each other but talk softly, why? Because their heart are psychologically close. The distance between them is very close. The professor continued, “when they love each other even more, what happens? They don’t speak, they only whisper and they even get closer to each other in their love.
Finally, they even need not to whisper, they only look at each other and that’s all… so next time you shout on a loved one know that you are creating distance between your heart and that person’s heart. Enjoy every moment, life is easy. by Gift Miyanda

Cowardly Jackals

20161214_082207I don’t care how you slice it or how you dish it out, abuse is abuse. Weather mental, physically, verbal or psychological it’s all the same, sometimes psychological is worse than physical, because it stays with you even in your sleep. Why is it of Human nature to attack the weakest, wounded and most volnuable, in the same way a Lion would encountering a wounded prey ripping into its very Heart and Soul. Human Preditors attack the ones closest to them ripping into the fibers of their being. It tears your soul apart with the hate for their trespassing on you. Joe and Tracy were both Teenage friends of mine, growing up they found each other through our inner circle, got married right out of High School. Didn’t take them long to start a family, within two years they were blessed with two beautiful children. Joe was a good provider and Father, also a one Woman Man, he had only one extra curricula activity. Since High School he had a passion for Karate, he was a natural he advanced to Black Belt easily.

Being a Black Belt his Arms and Legs were subjected to the same rules of Law as a Prize Fighter. A stupid law if you asked me, that means if someone had it in for you and knew your limitations, they could beat you to a pulp and all you could do is cower. Tracy took advantage of the Law, whenever there were any disagreement or exchange of words she would beat this Man in front of the Children with whatever she could get her hands on. The damage caried double indemnity, to his pride and the Children’s shaping of a Father Figure. I can only express my utmost disgust for people who can only express themselves through rage. Tracy would pounce on joe with the fierceness of a Jungle Cat, many times I would see him black and blue, knowing that he was a Black Belt left me confused. My curiosity burrowed into his private life, he confide in me that one day Tracy is going to kill him. Once she got so mad she shoved with such force into the Sheetrock wall he landed in the next door Apartment. I asked him how could he stayed there and take it, he answered I love my Kids.

I have always known that there was something wrong with Tracy over the years. Her demeanor said she may have been abused,she had always projected repressed anger. Never the less many people who were abused overcome, shed their scabs and moved on and leave tragic beginnings behind, as I did. It appears to me Tracy had nurtured whatever Demons that manifested themselves from weather abuse, neglect or molestation, never the less she was someone in need of Psychiatric help, and Joe in need of Refuge. His reluctance to abandon this Marriage from Hell is a common situation in Society where enemies stay together for the Kids sake. The Kids will survive you won’t, the Bible says if your right hand offend you, cut it off.

When I was ten years old I lived next door to a Man who came home every day from work, after stopping at the Bar beat his Wife in the yard and in the House with no Curtains. All this taking on in front of me a curious male child soaking up everything to be learned in life. God has been good to me that I did not absorb that trait,thinking that it was a natural thing to beat your Woman. One thing I learned from that situation is that ninety nine percent of women beaters, are sniveling cowards who only attack the easiest and weakest victims, and would never walked in a Bar and start a fight with the littlest guy in there. Like I have said cowardly Jackals.

Later on in life I met a sixteen years old Boy, who was withdrawn and locked in a Room of mental torture. In a Room of fifty he was alone with his Nemesis. Story told when he was fifteen he killed his Stepfather, stabbing him twenty times. He flipped out after years of watching his Stepfather giving his Mother many horrendous beatings. When I looked in this Boys eyes I see myself in the same Position, if the shoes were on my feet. I have been blessed to be shielded from similar circumstances, where I would have reacted likewise. I guess I will be a Mommas Boy till the day I die. Jim Morrison puts it best ” when the music is over turn out the Lights”. No one should stay and take abuse under no circumstances. I don’t care if I have to live in the Street, but I am gone. Jackals should not go unpunished, if you see abuse and the victims won’t tell, someone should. Forget about the friendship, forget about minding your own business, do tell, because we are our Brothers keeper.

Jean Claude

20161213_123922Association’s they can be of far reaching and chilling effect than one can imagine. You can meet Doctor Feel good one day and the next day Mr Hyde jumps out. People can be so phony when they are trying to get close to you,they will say anything and everything you want to hear. With one purpose in mind. I will suggest when starting up a relationship, you learn to read Body Language,eyes, facial and limbs gesture. Most importantly one of my High School English Literature Teacher told me always seek to find out what the author is not saying. Same goes for speeches, you have to be almost clairvoyant or a Palm Reader to weed out Jerks who only want to be intimate for a moment’s pleasure. I have always believed that if Crooks and devious people worked as hard at being honest and straightforward, success would always be at their feet.

I once knew a man in his early twenties who rose so quickly and fell as quickly because he was Slim Shady.Jean Claude was an extremely Handsome and smart young man, at twenty one he drove a Rolls Royce, paid three thousand dollars per month rent on Central park South. He dated Runway Models, or the type. His secret, he was a Shamster, a crooked operator nothing he said or did was on the level.my encounter with him was memorable, he had access to all kinds of Products. I started selling industrial Hand Soap with him, the kind Mechanics used. We did well with that product,so we added other industrial products. One in particular a Gel that lined the inner wall of Tires, when the Tire got punctured the Gel would seal the hole.

The Product turned out to be a million dollar idea, and is now on the shelves of every Auto Parts stores today. The reason I am not a millionaire today is because Jean was a Thief. He came up with the idea of setting up Franchises with the product. I did all the leg work setting up the first fifty outlets at ten thousand dollars per outlet. My commission to be one hundred and eighty thousand dollars.Jean took off with the entire half Million, did not set up one Distribution center. His actions got me unfavorable mention by the FBI, he made most wanted.The FBI had no interest in me, I wasn’t the one with the Loot. We had the World by the Brass and for a measly half a million he tossed it. That is what happens when Greed is your agenda. This is a problem with Relationships that I contend with, if a person is crooked by nature, they are usually untrustworthy in Relationships. Jean was a Player he tossed aside Runway Types like they were worn out Shoes. I have no sympathy for them, they were attracted to the Lifestyle of the Rich and Infamous. They got their Hearts trampled on because they were attracted to a young handsome guy who flashed success that was not real and sustainable. As the saying goes be careful of what you ask for, you just might get it.


My Nemesis

Today I am sitting in a Bank waiting to speak with a Banker. A woman and her young son five or six years old walked up to the Teller, the child began disassembling the pylons indicating the line formation. The Mother asked him to stop doing that, he went off the deep end knocked them all down, in a fit of rage. I asked myself how much bad Life could he have experienced in such time for him to have gotten to this point. My answer not necessarily any, he was just a misguided soul, came out of the womb kicking and screaming for no reason. He was just a little Soul with spiritual and temperamental defects, that needed to be addressed early and not be allowed to get out of correlation. This Child’s rage issues needed  a high level of positive communication and spiritual navigation. This Child was never communicated with, I could tell by the way his Mother addressed his tantrums reciprocatingly. I asked myself who was the adult here, as the years accumulate this type of rage increases.

If left unchecked this Child will hurt someone or himself, on the other side of the coin, Harry was a nice kid well behaved, and always made his parents proud. He had one shortcoming, he always wanted to fit in. Fitting in is not a necessity, it’s a trait used to foil loneliness . There is nothing wrong with lonely  moments, they allow you to reflect on yourself. Harry could not deal with being alone for one minute. To fill the void he aligned with anyone who befriends him. That got him in big trouble in Junior High and High School. Unwittingly got hooked up with the wrong crowd, started smoking a little Weed then a lot, started doing a little Coke then his nose became bigger than an Elephants. Having vigilant Parents they kept him in Detox, he always returned to Nose Candy through Peer pressure. Eventually his Parents picked up on the Root cause of their Son’s problems. One day they packed and moved out of their New Jersey neighborhood, for the sticks of North East Pa . Unbeknownst  to them this wasn’t the solution, because there are Drugs in the most remote Suburbs in America.

His need for Friends took him right back to the beginning of his Nightmare Journey, and back to his Nemesis. Over the years I have seen many of fights over nothing, people grown-up with years of Rage, unhinged by Alcohol and Drugs. Harry ate it all up out in the sticks, to his new Friends he was the Man with the Jersey connection. Word of Mouth got him connected with three Boys of Affluent families, High School football players who used Coke. They gave Harry six hundred dollars to make the trip to the old neighborhood. Harry scored nicely with quality and weight, he became ambitious upon his return he announced that he ante was up , and that he would not deliver without more money. These were big Boys who played Football , which wasn’t enough to tame their Rage left unaddressed for years. With their bare hands they beat Harry to Death , in the Drugstore Parking Lot across from The Wilkes Barre P.O. Yet in another incident of Rage, N.Y lower East Village four Pm rush hour traffic, fender bender involving a Porsche and another vehicle. The Driver of the Porsche exists his Vehicle, Forty Five in hand without a word aimed and fired, killing the other Motorist in front of scores of startled Witness. I can not say enough about Blind Rage pent up for years, all their outcomes present Catastrophic results. In another case of Rage mixed with Hate same place in the East Village, four teens wielding Baseball Bats, savagely beat another Teen critically all because they taught he was Gay. In my opinion Rage is the most barbaric way of expressing ones self.

supported Case: Appellants Anthony Tolbert and John Smith were accused, along with another man named Anthony Russo, of beating to death the victim, Hector Maldonado. The Commonwealth’s theory of the case began with Maldonado’s failure to deliver to Russo some drugs that Russo paid Maldonado to secure. After the drug transaction went awry, Russo, Tolbert and Smith searched for Maldonado on the evening of February 28, 1991. The three men went to Maldonado’s residence, spoke to his girlfriend, and ultimately found Maldonado in the early morning hours of March 1, 1991 in the parking lot of Fay’s drug store in Wilkes-Barre.

Upon finding Maldonado, the men began to beat him severely. They dragged him into a car (Russo’s) and continued to beat him as they drove away. They later dumped his body on the roadside. Maldonado was discovered later by a man delivering newspapers and was taken to the hospital where he underwent brain surgery. He never regained consciousness and later died from blunt force trauma to the head and face.

Police sought out and questioned Tolbert and Smith about their involvement in the case; however, police never succeeded in locating Russo.1 Ultimately, Tolbert and Smith were charged with murder, kidnapping and conspiracy to commit murder and kidnapping. They were tried jointly and both testified. Essentially, they admitted to being present in the parking lot during Maldonado’s initial beating but insisted that it was only Russo who beat Maldonado. Both Tolbert and Smith claimed that they did not know Russo was looking for
[448 Pa. Superior Ct. 198]
Maldonado; instead they thought they were accompanying Russo to the home of a girlfriend who needed assistance. Tolbert and Smith further claimed that after Russo beat Maldonado in the parking lot, Russo drove them home. Russo, they insisted, left them at Tolbert’s house and drove off with Maldonado, who, despite his injuries, was alive and well when they last saw him.2

The jury returned verdicts of not guilty for both men on the charges of first degree murder, second degree murder, voluntary manslaughter, kidnapping and conspiracy, but was deadlocked on the charge of third degree murder. After the verdicts, defense counsel filed a motion to dismiss the charge of third degree murder based on double jeopardy and collateral estoppel. The trial court denied the motion and the denial was appealed to this court. A panel of this court held that retrial for third degree murder was not barred by double jeopardy or collateral estoppel since the hung jury was the impetus for the retrial. The Pennsylvania Supreme court denied allocatur and the matters were remanded for retrial. Commonwealth v. Smith, 426 Pa.Super. 31, 626 A.2d 178, 181 (1993), allocatur denied, 537 Pa. 634, 642 A.2d 487 (1994).