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Your Kids Are Watching

America the beautiful land of the free home of the Brave. Your Hour of Power is being tested, by the Sword of division, your Luster and glory they try to tarnish. Deception and Demagoguery is hovering your Sky . Your opened arms of Liberty wears a Cast of Isolation, your Immigrants from England, Ireland, Africa and the world over, have taken you through Industrialization to Internet governance. Rebellion is your Legacy, without it there would be no Constitution and Old Glory be trampled on.


Some of your Critics are emboldened with snickers, they believe that they see your nakedness of disarrayment. Fear not America your Rainbow Coalition shines from East to West, North to South. When the lights of the Kennedy’s and ┬áDr. King’s were extinguished, their Torches ┬árefused be doused. Your Kids Are Watching, this Kid witnessed it all and grew strong and walked tall away from the turbulent years of nineteen sixty there and sixty eight. In the months before his assassination Martin Luther king became increasingly concerned with the problem of economic inequality in America. His concerns impacted my life, I started working that same year I started working while in High school. I took steps to avert economic inequality in my own Life. Today I drive quality Cars, year to date, live in a private community, Love and respected by all, after contributing a quarter of a million into Social security there is some economic equality . The Radiance of the Rainbow shines above my community. Dr King your Dreams live in my Neighborhood. Mr Kennedy I have always done for my Country more than I have asked. This Kid was watching and listening. The music of Neil Young, Nina Simone, Richie Haven Simon and Garfunkel still echoes, we all come to look for America. The Graft and Inoculation of my Family Tree spans hundreds of years. With isolation some believe they conquer your Ideals of we the people. Let the Great wall of China, the Berlin wall, and the Wall of Hate built by Botha, stand to remind us of what Division can do. For those who hear but don’t acknowledge, those who read but don’t comprehend, your name says it all. United-States-(of) America. GOD bless my Home sweet Home.