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The Palm Tree

20161213_121807It doesn’t make any difference who you are, Black or White Apple or Orange, you can grow bad seeds.  The key is to recognize bad traits as early as possible and pay attention. Nurture and bend the tree before it grows into a thorny obnoxious plant. One day I picked up six seeds from a Palm tree, I planted them all in the same dirt to germinate. Five of them left outside in the harsh element, I place the last one in my enclosed Porch, in a rainforest environment. That one flourished and grew steadily, the others died. With the proper environment and atmosphere any seed will flourish into a beautiful plant. With a little more shelter this Palm will be ready for the harsh outdoor of life. Environment and exposure is the key to proper development. You can germinate and grow a bad seed through no doing of your own. You need to know who your kids friends are. In High School my mother despised my best friend and did not hide it. It did not matter to me John was my man, we hung in school after school and on the week end. It’s an absolute tragedy how at that age kids think they knows everything, and that their parent’s opinions doesn’t matter.



After High School he almost got me inducted in The Black Panther Party, his father died and left him thirty thousand dollars, which he parlayed into a successful drug business that he tried to get me to operate for him. His High School sweetheart who despised smoking weed he converted her. Years later they married and had three kids, all showing signs of Crack Babies. It’s like Mother was looking through a Crystal Ball. The rotten son I am never gave her the glory. I survived John but his wife and kids did not. The earlier a parent takes interest in their children’s friends, and intercedes the most success can be attained shaping their environment and exposure. You need to know who your kids friends are, invite them over for a day, watch their demeanor, if they are maladjusted rambunctious and out of control. You need to get your child away from that bad seed, it will only contaminate your precious child who will emulate and become maladjusted also. Another approach is you are already nurturing one seed , why not adopt another as a mentoring Gardner. Devote some time, burrow into the child’s mind find out why he is projecting in this manner. Once you have an idea of what is going on inside their mind, consult with a behavioral specialist and get help. This is the job of his parents, but don’t forget we are our brothers keeper. My wife had eight sons though she only birthed two, the other six adopted her even though they had mothers of their own. They were best friends with our two sons, growing up through the turbulent years of adolescence in N.Y.C. In a time and place where souls could be lost through association . All eight children grew up straight and strong. All became professional men, because among them there were no maladjustment to contaminate the rest. How lucky were they that they were all of the same mindset, and connected with each other, in their time of need for support. The boys called her mom when they greeted her. They told her secrets about their lives about their likes and dislikes about their girlfriends, their school work, the peer pressure encountered going to public schools . Alcohol sex and drugs were the big pressures. They also discussed things going on in their immediate family that they did not discussed with their own parents, that’s trust and confidence, key components in a relationship. Bottom line they requested her friendship, and she accepted the job of mentoring gardener.20161213_121807