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Good Judgment

20170125_191154At save driving we are staunch advocates of good judgment. Last month in my Hometown a hard working man made a life and death judgment, of getting behind the wheel after drinking. That judgment call cost he and his two young sons their lives, and critically injured his wife, in more ways than one. She will carry the scars for life, that will forever remind her of her losses. Years ago while traveling the Pennsylvania Turnpike, the traffic came to standstill due to an accident ahead. I noticed a Helicopter landing on the roadway up ahead. All the parties involved were airlifted on an Ambulance Helicopter, when this is the case all are critical. When the traffic inched forward, at the scene I observed one of the vehicles involved, back door opened and a Teddy Bear was visible. At the point where the SUV was struck was a Highway Traffic Cop’s dugout, one hundred percent illegal U turn.

Yet the Driver carrying precious cargo used bad judgment around a blind bend, shattering the entire family’s lives. I can not express enough to you the contentious motorists the need for Good Judgment whenever you are behind the wheel. It’s not bad enough that you always have to be on the lookout for other Drivers that thinks driving is a joke or a game of chance, They are gambling with their lives and yours. When you don’t exercise good judgment, you are in the same Boat as they are. Never hang yourself out to dry by playing the guessing game of maybe I can make it, only make a move when you are certain that it’s safe. That extra second can save you a lifetime of regret. One should never Drive if you are not up to the task. Stay alert and focus, not in a relax mode as if you are in your Living room.

While traveling between Connecticut and Pennsylvania a coworker and friend in the lead vehicle I am following, threw a hand over the back of the seat, then his head dips forward, I slurred expletives and began honking the Horn, after a couple of seconds he woke up and swerved straight. The point is you need to know your limitations, physically or otherwise impaired. All they do, mixed with bad judgment is eliminating yours and others chance for survival. There’s never any need to test the hand of faith, that’s not what Driving is about. There are far too many people on the Road that shouldn’t be, you need to be the responsible party. In my State we have no State vehicle inspections and no fault Insurance, two catalyst for increased road hazards. The estute Driver is further tested with improperly maintained vehicles and additional insurance costs. With all this I have to pay an additional eighty Dollars a month for my Neighbors Kids uninsured vehicles, while operating with a suspended License. This is not the first suspension, no red flag seen by his Parents. So he continues racing through forty five miles an hour Zones at sixty, sometimes he even drinks. Now do you see the need for vigilance, and good judgment.