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Drugs-The Final Chapter

I will forever be beating the Drum about Drugs no one should entertain the notion, but for many it is the beginning of a steady decline from reality. A lot of this Blog post have been said before, well here it is again with a twist.

Jimmy Hendricks

In the opening page of the Book called you, you are given life, you grow, you flourish, you learn. All well and good in your life so far. Then one day someone pass you a joint , a pill , a straw or a stem, a needle.  This is the beginning of the end. some of us can sample anything and don’t become compulsive obsessive.  Most of us are C.O. with Food , sex  , speeding, spending  and just about everything,  so why not drugs. The best way to deal with a compulsive disorder is to first do a self analysis. If there’s anything in your life that you do in excess,  or something that you do that is bad for your health, but you still do it, you are in the ranks of the compulsive obsessive. knowing this, you should be the last person to try any Drugs. I have known people who tried highly addictive drugs such as crack and didn’t become a Crack Head by sampling and occasional use. People like that are rare . The average person who tried crack usually pick up a habit within a couple of hits on the Stem, for some it only takes one hit depending on the quality. My motto in life have always been to learn from others mistakes.


Janis Joplin

When I was fourteen we moved in an apartment in the multi family home of the Alexander’s, the oldest boy sold Drugs, the sister that followed him had a Coke habit that killed her at thirty six, the sister that followed her was the Mule, being an Airline Stewardess she had access, availability and transportation the World over. Some people are just opportunist, they see a Dollar attached to a string and they still grab at it. When I was twelve and thirteen I used to hang out at jam sessions of budding Artists like Bob Marley, that’s when I started smoking weed, picking up the Roaches of Spliffs, them Boys rolled the Ganja like Cigars, one Roach lasted days. Living with the Alexander’s was my fork in the Road, having huge abundance and didn’t have to pay for it, in HS everybody who smoke weed knew me and wanted to hang with me, I had personality and access to the finest Weed grown around the world. I could have been a big Dealer, I chose not to,


Mother always told us if you walk in shit you will stink, if you sleep with Fleas you will itch. I was overexposed at fourteen. Once I went to a party, passed by a Room where six people were on their hands and knees vacuuming the carpet with their noses trying to recover the spilled Coke. I knew right then and there that Coke was not for me. Within a short time thereafter two of my favorite people died of drug overdose. Jimmy Hendricks and  Janis Joplin they were two of my all-time favorites, I took their deaths hard and thanked them for showing me how not to live my life.
Growing up in seventies the most proliferating drug use period in the world, only to be overshadowed by eighteen century China. People were dropping dead like flies all over from bad Heroine. Yet many of my class mate’s dropped out of H.S and life because of their Habits, it’s as if what was going on around them did not register, neighborhood kids and famous Rock Stars dying with their arms still strapped and the needle still embedded in their arms. In H.S the slogan users are loosers surfaced. At seventeen I held a coworker in my arms,  after stumbling out of the Bathroom spitting out Blood and dying before the Ambulance got there.


With all that I witnessed before eighteen do you think it’s any wonder that I am writing about living through a nightmare Era that I endured and overcome while many who walked the same streets that I did never lived to be twenty. using Drugs is like writing the final chapter in your life no good ever come of it, even people with great control like my friend the Photographer eventually succumbs, either by losing their craft or their lives. Now here it is forty seven years later and there is a resurgence of bodies in the streets in Massachusetts and elsewhere from People using a strong opioid, Fentanyl is given to cancer patients as a pain killer . Back in the days people who got stoned with anything they could get their hands on were known as Stoneheads, they don’t get stoned for the same reason that recreational users get stoned, but instead to be obliterated and stupified.
Using Drugs as an escape is as cowardly as suicide, coping with life defines who we are, ask any Cancer Survivor.

Look And Learn

He used Absinthe and Digitalis

As Drug Overdose Deaths Escalate, Opioids Continue to Be the Top Killer
The increasing number of opioid-related deaths in Massachusetts show the state is one of the hardest hit in the nation by the growth of the highly-potent opioid fentanyl.

The number of deaths related to opioids in Massachusetts has risen exponentially in recent years, reaching an estimated 1,979 deaths in 2016 — a sharp rise from 918 deaths in 2013, according to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

“The opioid epidemic continues to threaten individuals and families all across Massachusetts and the country,” the state’s governor, Charlie Baker, said in a statement last week.

He said the state is working to stem the rise of the drug epidemic by “further increasing treatment options and expanding support for law enforcement and their efforts to arrest and convict drug traffickers who prey on vulnerable people, selling them more and more deadly and addictive substances.”

While heroin may be the most well-known illicit opioid, fentanyl appears to be more deadly to drug users in the state. After reviewing toxicology reports from 1,374 opioid-related deaths in 2016, where the reports were available, the department found 75 percent were positive for fentanyl.

Fentanyl is a powerful opioid usually prescribed for chronic pain in advanced cancer, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). It can be 50 to 100 times more potent than heroin.

Drug Overdose Deaths Drive Increase in Number of Organ Donations
Canada Approves Prescription Heroin to Combat Opioid Crisis
But the state said that the fentanyl they are seeing most is the illicit variety, which is a powder often mixed with either heroin or cocaine to amplify its effects. Users of illicit fentanyl may not know they are being exposed to a much more lethal substance.

The rate of opioid-related overdose deaths in Massachusetts has increased 26 percent from 2014, rising from 20.4 deaths per 100,000 people to 25.8 deaths per 100,00 people. This number is higher than the rate of death for suicides in the U.S., 13.4 deaths per 100,000, and the rate of death from car accidents, 11.1 deaths per 100,000 residents.

The number of fentanyl encounters more than doubled across the U.S. from 5,343 in 2014 to 13,882 in 2015, according to the CDC, and Massachusetts showed more than a 500 percent increase, along with New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and Ohio.

“We are committed to ending the opioid epidemic and will continue our efforts no matter how long it takes,” Massachusetts Secretary of Health and Human Services Marylou Sudders said last week, adding that the governor’s new budget proposed $145 million for funding to help treat and prevent substance abuse.

While deaths have continued to rise, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health pointed out that were rising at a slower rate in the last few years. Additionally Baker has been working to fight the ongoing opioid crisis in the state since arriving in office in 2015 by spending $180 million on treatment and prevention programs, in addition to launching initiatives to lessen the stigma around drug addiction.

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Look and Learn

It totally behooves me why People refuses to learn from others mistakes. The list of People who have lost their lives to Drugs, could fill volume of Books. I grew up in the seventies, the Era of the Drug Culture, which was overshadowed only by the Opium epidemic that overwhelmed China during the seventeen Century, that produced seventy million addicts. The numbers could have been much higher for all we know, back then we didn’t have Computer generated Statistics. When I was fourteen I was introduced to Drugs by members of a very opulent family. The oldest Boy had a great Job with a large Utility company, yet he sold Drugs, Weed and Coke. The sister who followed him died at thirty six years old from Cancer, caused by the Derivatives of manufacturing Coke. The Sister that followed her, worked for the Airlines, who I suspected was the Mule, now that’s what I call a Family Enterprise. She got Busted in some Third World Country that was a major producing hot spot in the seventies and was never heard from again.

The Brother that followed her twelve years old attended Catholic school, while I was in my first year at Taft H.S.in the Bronx. John had access to his Brother’s inventory. Please follow me on this train of taught, an opulent family, smart Kids, and all this access, what can you expect from kids growing up in the Hood. Being a sharp Kid growing up in the seventies,I could not help noticing the massive influx of Drugs in Poor Neighborhoods looked very much like Genocide to me. I do not know what prompted Ronald Reagan to start a war on Drugs, when all the Barn Doors have been left open for so long. The first time I got high was by a twelve year old that I don’t know how long he had been doing it. All I know is we were on the Basketball Court in back of a School when John whipped out a fat Joint, set fire to it, took a drag, sucked it down and held, released a cloud of smoke like a Chimney, like his name was Bob Marley. Me being the most adventurous and gregarious person I took my first hit of Columbian Gold, needless to say I got wasted. Five hours later we found our Legs to walked home. With all that access to the finest Weed grown all over the world, by my second year in High School I was lucky my Brain wasn’t cooked. In High School Coke and Heroin was around but only used by losers.

I learned from Jimmy Hendricks and Janis Joplin what the hard stuff would do to you. By the time I finished H.S. all my favorite Rock stars were Dead. Backing up to when I was fifteen, John and I went to a party that Juveniles should not have been. I walked pass a room where the Door was slightly ajar, there were six people on their knees. It appears that someone had dropped a large amount of Coke on the carpeted floor, what I saw left a lasting impression on me. They all Vacuumed the Carpeted floor with their Noses. Why would I ever wanted to Injest anything that would make a Monkey out of me like that.

While going to School and working, I was further Mortified by the use of hard Drugs. A coworker of mine, seventeen years old, stumbled out of the Bathroom, arm still strapped, collapsed on the Floor and dies in front of me. Why in the World would I ever wanted to strap my arm and Die like that, a painful horrific way to go. From that point no one had to tell me to just say no. At Taft HS I met what could have been the greatest Basketball Player ever lived, we called him Puss, indicating that there was only dead Blood Cells running through his vains, from all the Drugs he did. He would come to School and stay outside on the Court all Day, I guess that practice do make perfect, he never missed a half Court shot, long before the three pointer was considered. They say that some Opiates sharpened your perception, not the stuff that was accessible to me like African Gungi, sometimes I would take one hit on my way to School and be stoned all Day. How could I have understood Shakespeare and Hemingway. However I did grasp some of Edgar Allan Poe. All I am saying is some of the better Strains puts a beating on Brain function and development, along with other long term effects. The hard stuff took away some of the best Musicians that I have ever heard .

Many years later I went to a party in Central park, in the middle of the week, hosted by the Jefferson Starship, Grace was Slick. I believe that she never was better. There had to be a ton of Greenery being passed around, the Embers never went out. The Natives on the twentieth floors of the nearby Buildings got high on contact, I even noticed Men in Blue getting Stoned. The message was morbid. Here is a list of great Minds who were users sending the wrong message.
Charles Dickens-opium, Morgan Freeman-weed, Steve jobs-lsd, Sherlock Holmes Coke and Morphine- speedball, Adolph Hitler- crystal meth, Sigmund Freud-Coke Martha Stewart- marijuana, Francis Crick-LSD,Thomas Edison Cocaine, Stephen king-a little bit of everything, Benjamin Franklin- Opiates, Bela lugosi- Heroin, Horward Hughes-Codeine and valium, Oliver Stone-weed Phil Jackson-weed. The Government don’t do enough in the way of Education, the Jails are filled with Kids arrested for small Possession, let’s end the madness I am Shouting at you There is no Hope in Dope.

Be The Captain Of Your Life

20161213_121938At Facebook we have fiends, that is social Media. To my friend in Southern California, going through Rehabilitation, you have taken the first step. You can’t look back. They say the only time  you can help an Alcoholic is when he ask for help. Take the Ball and run with it. I can’t begin to tell you the amount of people I have known  that  were covered warmly In their chosen “Recreational Habit weather Alcohol, Weed, Pills and  Heroine. Hank was a good Photographer nice pleasant guy, one Nemesis he strapped his arms for the warm fuzzy feeling of Heroine. A Construction worker who was not  allowed to accept his Paycheck, that was the only way his wife could buy Grocery for his Kids. That Man and his Brother lost a Lucrative Bar, because they drank as much as the customer and Snorted as much as the Customers. You have to take stock of yourself, and ask yourself is that what to become of me.


I believe it was the Group Yes that said “take a straight and stronger Course to the corner of your life, I’m saying to the corner of your soul. You are the one that’s going to look yourself  in the Face ten – fifteen years down the road , now probably a Vagrant, if you can’t hold your Camera straight like Hank. When my Mother was at her lowest moments, I don’t where I heard these words. I used to tell her to tie a knot. If I didn’t hear them then they are my word’s to you. If you are Incarcerated you have eliminated possibilities of genuine Rehabilitation of yourself, not forced by a Prison Doctor, who is going to hook you up with Synthesis, which is worse. If you Love growing up Early, you will understand why I extend myself to Adolescent, Teenagers and young Adults, they  are the ones that throw away their lives , their Soul and Future, before they start living. Rounding out their Lifestyle with their Soulmate, a nice car like mine, Money in the Bank, and credit  worthiness are in your reach, if you Fly straight. The rest of your life is in your own self. The choices you make navigate your life. That’s all the Yapping for now but that is not the last word on the subject.

PS in High School my favorite sayings were.           There’s no hope in Dope.                                         Before climbing up a Junkie will pull you in.