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A Christmas Blog

Nearly homeless.
We were living in a lovely TownHouse renting yearly, then the owner died. Her estate was poorly managed, Real estate Speculators bought and flipped the house. The occupancy continued renting on a month to month lease that I fell asleep at the wheel on, once the owner died, I should have started making inquiries as to my position, and not waited for the house to go on the market. Nonetheless complacency is a human flaw many of us possess, and we don’t make moves that should be made until we are in a Checkmate position. Looking out for number one in a cold hearted World is job one. Real Estate Speculators are heartless and is only interested in making a Buck. When the new owner contacted me notifying me where to send the rent payments, he made it clear that he was an investor and not a speculator. The little weasel lied through his teeth just to have someone occupying the house until he found a buyer.


A year went by with me feeling snug as a Bug, then one day out of the blue, his office called to notify us that there would be people coming by to look at the house, and that they also were investors. Still the alarm didn’t go off in my head that the weasel was a Flipper. Well one fine day I was looking at being Homeless living on a month to month lease. One of the so called investors had bought the house and wanted to live in it, giving me thirty days to vacate, that is all I was entitled to living on a month to month. I was caught off guard with my pants down, thirty days is not enough time to go house hunting securing a lease pack up an entire household and move. I could have decided to battle them in Court, but that would have been a waste of precious time, knowing that all the Judge would have wanted to know is when was I moving out.


Upon receiving the letter to vacate, I stopped writing and went on a tireless campaign to put a Roof over our heads forty five days before Christmas. At one point I thought that I had to put everything in storage and be writing out of a Hotel Room. Truthfully the Hotel Room situation never crossed my mind because I believe in the power of faith and that the Lord do help those that help themselves. I knew that I would find a place to hang my Christmas lights like I have always done in celebration of the King of Kings Birthday.

Within one week of receiving my thirty days dispossessed notice, I viewed my first potential House on a short list of choice locations where I didn’t mind resting my Christmas lights. The first one I looked at was my Christmas gift wrapped in shabby Christmas Paper. The previous occupants were Pigs and the place needed sanitizing and cosmetics. My wife didn’t see what I saw in this abused little Gem. As I am writing this paragraph I can hear the words” I came to you dressed as a beggar and you turned me away”. After a week of negotiations it was a done Deal, I had a Door to hang my Christmas Wreath. After a couple of days cleaning and painting the beauty of this Eldorado was evident, and the greatest Christmas gift of my life was under the Tree. Thank you Lord.

Thank You Friend

As I have always beat the Drum of a solid upbringing and moulding World Class Citizens. Also the fact that Christianity is not dead, just overshadowed by a fast moving World of materialism and self centeredness. Years ago while riding in a Taxi I found a woman’s Purse, I went inside and found a wallet containing four hundred dollars. Loaded with Credit cards and other I’D I discovered the owners telephone number and called her asking where can we meet.                                                                             20160829_160308

It was there days before Christmas, I was busy but I made time to deliver the possessions. When I handed her the purse she broke down and confide, that was all the money she had in the world. She told me that money was to buy her kids Christmas Presents. If I had decided to keep that money, I would have stolen Christmas from her kids. Upbringing is a wonderful thing, Mother always told us you reap what you sow.

In other words Karma will find you, justly otherwise unjust. Teaching our kids good Citizenship could change the World. Two days ago while Fishing in a remote area I lost my Tablet, the cost of it did not phase me , it was what it contained. In different Directories were my Banking information and the controls to my website. Two days later I got a call from my phone provider, telling me that a good Samaritan was in front of him turning over my Tablet. To you my friend there are good things ahead that awaits you . Usually I am never at a loss for words, today I am God bless you, and once again thank  you. Good upbringing Rules.