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My Nemesis

The lack of cordiality and civility has put a great strain on my good upbringing and training. I was taught that being polite with the excessive use of please and thank you were indications of being Polished. Being Polished shows that you are well rounded. Being raised by a single Mom, Chivalry was my Armor. Nowadays I hesitate to hold the Door for a Beautiful Woman, because I am tired of that Air Head look that I get from them. The look is not acknowledgement, or a smile of gratitude, much more to open their Mouths to say thank you. As the saying goes “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, because I get the same ill mannered look from some Senior Citizens. So there it is how can you expect different from the Kids. There is a great difference in being raised up and being dragged up.

Again with the look like as if I was stupid or it was my Job to hold the Door. Who raised these People with that mindless glare,my Mother always told me that please and thank you were fundamentals of Social Graciousness, and most of all excuse me. Two people enter the same space at the same time, the civilized one say excuse me the other say Oops what the heck does oops mean, I think it means you are too ignorant to be polite. It’s that type of incivility that created Road Rage, taken to the limit not respecting one’s Borders and Right to exist has started many Wars. In everyday life it has started many fights and Gunplay, in the land of the Blind where the One Eye man with the Gun is King it is of the essence to be Civil. In my Hometown Tampa Florida a loving Husband and Father sitting in a Movie Theater minding his own business, not watching the Movie instead he was Texting.

A moment of incivility was about to blow out of proportion, another Patron asked him to stop doing that, Androids don’t make noise like old Typewriters did. In a perfect case of not respecting one’s Borders and Right to exist. The One Eyed man with the Gun, a retired Policeman pulled his Gun shot and killed this man in front of his Wife and child, along with scores of horrified patrons. One Eyed because of their Tunnel vision. These Cyclops consider themselves good Citizens, how so when your incivility causes destruction. Now do you see the need to be Civil with each encounter, because you don’t know who the Nut is Packing a Gun. Wyoming 1816 never left, the Duke mentality is still prevalent, Smile when you say that Partner.


Making Babies and running off is an awful trait associated with Men, just about animalistic if you ask me. Bad enough when Men do it, but when a Woman meets a Man and run off leaving two young Daughters, that is despicable,I don’t care how good looking or Rich he is, I don’t even care if your marriage is horrendous. Your first priority is your Children. No matter what the circumstances are, your new Man don’t want Kids or your Husband is undeserving of you, first and foremost you are a Mother. Mothers are a special Breed, their propensity to Love care and nurture is unyielding. My Mother was incredible at the art of Motherhood, raising two Boys by herself, she was Mother and Father, a good provider, Teacher and Mentor. Struggling with two Boys, she once met a Man who professed his love for her, a Doctor by profession. He wanted to marry her, with one catch, he wanted her to put her sixteen and nineteen years old out of the House. I guess he feared that if he turned out to be Mr Hyde we would beat him silly, that request enraged her, she sent him packing. Now that’s A good Mother.


Philip was married for twelve years, came home one day and his wife was gone, leaving two young Daughters behind, to raise by himself. Being a stand up Dad, he embraced the challenge boldly. Children can be heartless people, the way they challenge disobey and disrespect us when we are trying our best. My only satisfaction I get from them being Brats, is knowing that their day will come when their own Kids will do the same to them.Philip’s Kids were brutal, they put him through the grinder with their attitude. They acted as if he was the one who ran their Mother off, when it was her own harmones that made her run off leaving them behind. He did his best as Mr Mom, putting his own life on hold for a long time. Making sure that he brought the right Woman home, to fill the void left by the self centered one who ran off abandoning her Family. One day he met a Librarian and decided to marry her, it is never a good idea to raise Girls alone. Girls need the female influence of a Mother, even just for rounding out. Needless to say the Girls did not welcome her with open arms. They were Vociferous and openly challenging and disrespectful. Disapproval was high, they did not care if she was Queen Elizabeth. She was not theIr no good Mother who they were too blind to disown and reciprocatingly abandoned. The years progressed with little tranquility, one day through the act of God or goodwill by the new Mom,they came around and acknowledged that she is more deserving of their respect love and appreciation, than the one who gave them Birth. I guess the Lord do work in mysterious ways.





It is so refreshing when the things that you write about allows you to see the finished product. As I have mentioned in earlier pots I was a Mother’s Nightmare. At two years old I drank enough Booze to kill an adult, within two years later drank Turpentine, Paint thinner and other Solvents. Always getting into life and death situations all the way to fourteen. When I was fourteen I wanted to be a Hoodlum. My Mother made a full time job out of my tumultuous young life to mold a World Class Citizen out me. That is why my cup overflows when I meet a child like Jasoul. Totally in sync with her Parents teachings, moulding and hard work to make her into a World Class Citizens. My Mother did just that for me and so did Jasoul’s parents.

I met her while vacationing with her Parents ¬†at the Resort that I work. We hit it off within forty five minutes of conversing with her Parents. Well Heeled she was, way more matured than her tender age. When she wanted to interact in the conversation she waited for a break, never talking over anyone as most eight year old often do. Other kids around her ran themselves ragged trashing the place creating havoc, not her, behavior like that is no put on, that’s how it is at Home and extended in public. As I have preached it is never too young to teach responsibility and good behavior. Jasoul you are Awesome, and so are your Parents. Their hard work permeates through you. We exchanged gifts daily, she always had a minute to show cordiality and felicitations , not just because it was Christmas. I Posses the gift of reading People , I can spot insincerity from a mile. This was the genuine article. I have learned that one should follow their Heart. My Heart tells me she is going to evolve into a World Class Citizens of great proportion. Jasoul my friend don’t ever change except for the better. Again you are Awesome , I could not be any more proud and fortunate to have met you and had the opportunity to tell the world about Jasoul. Thank you young Lady for Befriending me.