Seen Or Heard

20161213_123722Back in the old days that was the norm, Children should be seen and not heard. That phrase inhibited a lot of self esteem and psychological growth. In today’s society the norm should be Parents should not be seen or heard. Exposing Kids to grown-up life behavior and arguments should be considered child abuse. Things like sexuality Drug use and vulgar language should not be brandish in front of them. My kids have never witnessed our arguments, or overhead us berating, belittling, name calling or outright verbal assault of each other. Number one, we respect each other and the Kids to take part in such negative existence. Without mutual respect we never would have lasted thirty six years. Number two kids are like sponges they absorb everything you put in front of them. I was introduced to sex at eleven years old by an overactive fourteen years old Girl, if you put everything in front of them Monkey see Monkey do.


Sitting at my friend’s Kitchen table during a debate between Mother and Child, the nine years old boy called his Mother the B word, you could have knocked me over with a feather. Never have I witnessed this kind of behavior from a child to his loving Mother. Do you see the future woman abuser? She asked him why he called her that, he responded Daddy says you are. What I extracted from the conversation was at some point the Mother had told the Kid not to do something, he complained to Dad and he responded dont mind your Mother she is a B…h. My God what horrendous Parenting. Another four years old I knew used the F word frequently copying his Dad. Parents can be the worst influence on Kids. Just about every living Organisms on this Earth can reproduce, Plants, Birds, Animals and Humans. As for the latter it comes with responsibility of nurturing, training and moulding. A great number of us making Babies are oblivious to the huge responsibility ahead, and are irresponsible with the task of parenting.


Having Children is a life changing experience, if your existence before was reckless and unbecoming of a parent, all that should change for the benefit of the Child. I am not saying that you should go through Religious Transformation. However certain adults behavior should be curtailed in front of Children. As I have said they are like sponges, they absorb their environment, your bad traits, vulgarity bad lifestyle and all. If you have no principles scruples or temperance, neither will they. Plan Parenthood should be of World Wide focus in the same League as Child abuse,Alcoholism,Drug addiction. Having Children in a moment’s pleasure with no game plan of accepting the role of Parenting, is a slap in the face of God’s Decree, go forth and Procreate. Procreation comes with the huge responsibility of care and upbringing. By not accepting the responsibility, all you are doing is littering the world.

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