Show Me My Enemies

20161213_202032If I know who my enemies are I shall be triumphant.My strategy would always be,keep them at bay. My Friends without perimeter can always infiltrate, the security of my trust, my taughts and my inner secrets. With that ammunition they may slay me with insincerity, stress malalignment and deceit. They smile in your face all the time eyeing yours, no more prevalent than on the Job, people will be who they are.In Relationships if you have a nice person you think you could spend the rest of your life with, someone in the inner circle have other plans.If you are fortunate enough to secure a couple of Bucks, there is always someone scheming to take it off you. Mother’s take on the subject, while you are sleeping, there’s someone staying up scheming to take it from you.

After a while those words seems like they came from Socrates or Confucius. Friends they Jeers you and Sheer you with the tools of a Backstabber, always want you to crawl, to slither as the Worm they perceive you to be. They see you thinking that you are somebody going somewhere, when they can’t even cross the Street without help. Work with me here do you see where I am going. Instead of supporting your Dreams, your success, and possibly drafting in your tailwind, they choose to jam your Spokes and throw you in the dirt where they perceive you to belong. There are many dirty minded people who surrounds you, every Road leads somewhere, but with Friends and family you never know where it’s going to take you, or if they are going to take you. I hope I am not sounding like sour Grapes, but it is what it is. After years of laying down like a Door Mat for Friends and family, while they wiped their Feet on you, then say they did not mean it.

As I have said before I taught Relationships were to be the caring, nurturing and trusting of one another. Not unfair advantageous self gratification at one’s expense. In past years I have added value to others lives by seeking out the Seller finding the Property,setting up the Finance, facilitating the Down payment and closing the Deal. On the way to the Closing the Benefactor whined all the way, said that they felt like they were signing their life away. Signing away their life by becoming a home owner like I was pushing them over the edge. Looking back I am now understanding the underlying current of the Responsibilities of Home Ownership, not seeing the upside of adding value through Real Estate. You can lead a Jackass to water, making them drink is another story.

After years of adding value to the Property through Physical Labor, and materials of my own, they sold recovering a huge profit, twenty years later my eyes have not graced the gratuity of one hundred Dollars. Relationships are the weakening of the Soul and Spirit. Friends Family lovers or enemies, in gratuity they will give their Butt to kiss. As the songstress said they will chuckle like Hens when they think they see your nakedness. Be careful of what you throw out at people, it might just come back to you thawed. The Avalanche you may experience knowing that you might win some but you just lost one. Remember that Judas stabbed Jesus in the back, so who am I to sidestep treachery. She always told me that if you lay with Fleas you will itch

PS. “You who are on the Road must have a code that you can live by ”

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