The lack of Humility

20161213_222136If we don’t teach our kids Humility, we do them a great disservice. If you were raised without the gracefulnes of Humility your upbringing was flawed. If you have no perception of a higher Being, and acknowledgement of Life’s Force, your Education is limited. Life Force is whatever Deity you believe in, the Reality that things happen without warning, comprehension or meaning. For instance, a congenital Twin, an Infant born with Cancer, Atmospheric Disturbances, a Plane Crash with one Survivor. Further instances, my High School friend’s Mother diagnosed with Cancer in it’s late stages, told to go home and put her affairs in order, given less than six months to live. She defied her Destiny for twenty five years. Incidentally this Woman was one of the Humblest people I have ever known, I hope that did not come from her close encounter with her Mortality.


For you to walk this Earth thinking God didn’t make you, and that you made yourself what you’ve become, because you’ve never seen the hand of God so how could he be. Yet in the end , with your Fortune and Fame, in your darkest hour, when your 4 -Oclock approaches, you cry out help me Lord. Are you kidding me, your Ethereal being is about to depart. Don’t forget you are self made, it’s time to make yourself a new Life, and extension to the one that dwindles.( 4-O-clock expired 9-lives)  when only the hand of God can save you. Yet another incident of 4-o-clock becoming day break, New Life  and a new beginning. My Mother goes into the Hospital with internal bleeding, Diverticulitis to be precise, the Doctors tell us there is nothing they can do. As a result of age factors an operation was too dangerous, same for a colostomy, all we can do is medicate with Morphine so she can expire comfortable. With the Power of attorney I rejected their recommendations. Within forty eight hours the bleeding stopped on its own, another forty eight she walked out of the Hospital on her own two feet. For the remainder of her Life not another mention of Diverticulitis, what happened did she grew a new one. All I am saying you can’t go walking around this World like you are a Peacock or a pheasant waging your beautiful Tail fethers, and giving others to kiss . Because when 4-o- clock approaches you  need to be Humble.


Two experiences in Humility that stayed with me forever were , in nineteen seventy seven, I met a Man, one of the original founders of the Electronic Stores Outlet. He was worth five hundred million dollars. He was one of the Humblest people I had ever met, treated me as an equal. When his  sons graduated College, he put them to work in the lowest level of his Conglomerate. I questioned him why, he told me to teach the value of a Dollar. I suspected it was to teach  Humility. Nineteen eighty two I worked for Saloman Brother’s Inc in a low level Position. At that time the Company’s Assets were in excess of six Billions. I know that from being the internal Security Officer on duty in the Vault when it was being Audited. It was there I met John Gutfreund, CEO in charge. Although making twelve Million in salary and another twelve in Bonus, John had taken a liking to me unbeknownst to me. When his Apartment on Fifth avenue was to be Renovated, he circumvented my immediate Boss and placed me in charge of Security Baby Sitting the construction Crew. In the Apartment were Ming dynasty eight inches long that was worth over one Million dollars, his trust Humbled me. Another time at the Office, while waiting for the Elevator, John entered the Elevator Bank. The up and coming junior Executive’s were all over him, I allowed them all in the next available Elevator, I entered lastly, turned my back to the Group. Suddenly a tap on the Shoulder I looked around  and Gutfreund said  good morning young Man. I felt six inches tall that I didn’t speak first. I was Humbled that he spoke to me and not one of the Ass kissers who licked his Boots. From that  day on whenever I make  eye contact with any one even if it’s a Homeless Derelict I Speak. There are so many Forces out there, makes me  shudder, Love, Karma, Destiny , God’s, to name a few. All I am saying is you may be your own Man, but not your own Being.

PS  one should not wait to be Humbled to develop Humility.

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