Nine O One


You’ve Read all my thoughts on everything else, so you can also Read my Thoughts about Religion. I don’t go to Church every Sunday, but to Deny the Presence of God and His Son’s Sacrifice would be ungrateful for my Life, Health and the extra Time given also Borrowed. I’ve been givenĀ  back my Life too many times to be Tunnel Vision, why should I not interject my Belief that I am a Believer. Consider the Children in Remission the ones who refuse to Die. People who have nothing left to hold on to but a Prayer. My Childhood friend’s Mother was Diagnosed with Cancer, she was given six Months to Live she Died of old Age. Her Beliefs were so strong she never missed a Beat in her daily routine.


The power of Faith have moved Mountains and parted Oceans. So who am I to be Naive to disbelieve. My Mother fell and shattered her Hip in so many pieces the doctors said she couldn’t survive the Operation they suggested medicating her and allowing her to Die. Having Faith and the Power of Attorney, I Autheorized the Surgery, she lived another seventeen years. My own near Death experiences have re-rattified my Faith, to all you nonbelievers please explain to me why am I still alive, nineteen eighty eight while working for Solomon Brothers Inc being a model Employee with an unblemished Record. I requested a transfer to the Company’s World Trade Center location. My transfer request was denied with no explanation. The Company lost nine Hundred Employees in the Disaster, I would have been 901.


I am a very observant person when it comes to life around me, things that People call inexplicably Occurances, I see as the Hand of Fate, Devine intervention and Providence. But these are just my own personal Thoughts. I am not trying to sell Religion or convert anyone, as the Song goes, save yourself cause I can’t even save myself, and the saying don’t expect help until you ask for it. Growing up I never would have thought myself speaking like this, I was the most Rebellious self Destructive nonbeliever that walked this Earth. I stole from the Church’s Collection, blaming God for our Destitute conditions at nine years old. Now look at me at sixty five a Model Citizen who never did one Day in Prison. All through my teenage Life I had aspirations of being a Gangster that was nearly fulfilled when three times recruited to sell Drugs, once by Organize Crime to the tune of five thousand Dollars per week.


How many Teenagers would have the insight and conviction to say no to such a lucrative offer making Bulk Drops, after coming up Dirt Poor. I thank God for giving me the Wisdom to stay the Straight and Narrow with all the Temptation of becoming a Drug Kingpin growing up in the Bronx. One of my Cousins took one of the Offers that I turned Down, made himself Rich, caught five Bullets and did fifteen years in prison. Those were my Bullets and my fifteen years. So you see God works in mysterious ways, words that stays in my Head, What good is a man if he gained the World but lost his Soul. I don’t write about Religion everyday, so you young Wannabes out there look at how my life could have been ten Million dollars later and the amount of people killed from my Drug Distribution on the Streets of New York City, if God and a Woman I called Mother had not noticed the good in me and intervened in my Life at an early age my Soul would have been Lost, for all Eternity.

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