Someone To watch Me

Mothers ! You need to watch your Kids like a Hawk always vigilant, even within them not knowing that you’re watching. My Mother Rest her Soul was a Great Mother she was the eldest girl, with eleven Siblings following her. She was taken out of School at an early age so she could help her Mother care for her Siblings. Then she helped raised her Sibling’s children along with her own three. I would say that she had the experience to teach parenting. without the love and support she gave over the years, my Soul would have been lost to eternity, and I would not be here passing on Parenting Skills learned from her which helped me to raise my Kids. Nonetheless she slipped up with me more times than she felt the Grief. I was the most Rambunctious Child ever Born, she needed Bells and GPS to keep track of me. At two years old I slipped in and out of the Living room without being noticed.  No one saw a two year old drinking to the last drop of whisky from every glass, while they danced.


I worked that Room like a Thirsty Hobo. For my weight and age I should have been Dead, I faded in and out, the alcohol level was enough to kill a Frat. It’s a shame twenty people in a Room not noticing a two year old drinking from every glass that was unattended. That was the first of my stomach Pumps. The following year I drank Turpentine, while the Painter soaked his Paintbrushes. You can’t blame the Painter or my Mother, at that age all you had to do was turn your Back on me for five Seconds. Five seconds was all a Child like me needed to put myself in a Life and Death situation. Children between the ages of two to five even up to eight don’t know that they are putting themselves in harm’s way. Their inquisitive nature puts them in harm’s way, after my two early bouts with death,


she developed a system to keep me in check. If I left the Room I would hear a loud drawing out of my name, when I answered she would follow with, what are you doing? If I was doing something that I shouldn’t be doing that was my cue to cease and decist before she came into the Room to see if I was lying when I said that I wasn’t doing anything that I shouldn’t be doing. When I miraculously lived to be eight years old, and not killed her from the stress of staying on top of my mischievous tendencies, once again she was running me to the Hospital. This time she was cooking and left the Kitchen for five seconds, that was all the time I needed to be inquisitive as to what was cooking in the Pot. I tipped the Pot over onto my entire lower body giving myself a wicked case of Third Degree Burn.


I was not your average Child, looking back I would say I had a Death Wish. As a matter of fact I am positive, because at nine years old, she was in the next Room ironing clothes while I stripped two twelve inch industrial electrical wires, plugged them in and commenced electrecuting myself. Now I ask you what was the poor woman to do, tie a rope around my Wrist and hers to keep me alive. That still would not keep me out of trouble, I probably would have cut the Rope while she slept. The point is little kids are dangerous to themselves, sometimes to the Community at large. Case in point December of 2017 a three years old child playing with matches in the Bronx started a horrible Fire killing several of his Neighbors.


Where was his Mother, how can she live with herself knowing that the Tragedy could have been avoided if she did not see him for two minutes and hollar his name asking him where he was and what was he doing.Bronx apartment fire: Child playing with stove caused deadly blaze, officials say. A fire that tore through a Bronx building, killing at least 12 people in one of New York City’s deadliest blazes in decades, was started by a child playing with a stove, fire officials said Friday.5 days ago. These are extreme cases that necessitate you constantly watching your Kids. Every year I read about some four years old loosing their Lives in the family Swimming Pool, or wandering onto City Streets and getting Ran over, or in a congested area wandering off never to be seen again. As I have said before not everyone is cut out for the Job of Parenting. So those of you who takes the Job seriously please go the extra yard and make a nuisance of yourself, they will live to thank you as I thanked my Mother for calling my name till I could hear her voice in my sleep.