Those Special Moments

It’s seven p.m. on St Pete Beach as a result of daylight saving time the sun is long gone, still that doesn’t stop me from sitting out here in the dark pondering my thoughts while I gaze on the infinite horizons. My main thought was how short, unpredictable un giving and unloving life can be. The way we waste our lives chasing a Buck forgetting to smell the Roses and soaking up moments like this. One of my special guest at the Resort is a local Lady who I met two years ago while her beloved husband was still alive, he passed a year ago after a long battle with cancer. I know that both her and the kids loved and misses him dearly and that life must go on.

I often wonder to myself if he was one of those guys who kept his nose to the Grindstone and never took the time to smell the Roses. I Know that his death has opened up her eyes to the unpredictability of it all, and the need to pamper ourselves with the most trivial of moments that should never be taken for granted, I am so happy for her when I see her here at the resort two or three times in one month soaking up the good life. When I see people living life and just existing from day to day in the Rut of rudimentary existence I grieve for them knowing that tomorrow could be just a fleeting illusion. It can treat you the same way the Ocean does a mighty Whale, high Tide pushes them to the Beach and then disappear leaving them ashore. So my advice to you is that you should always ride the Wave of your life, to the finest Beaches then catch the next one out to the horizon of your Dreams.


It was now getting darker strollers became fewer, a figure approached me as If to cast a shadow in the dark, as it got close I could see that the shadow was a young Boy. I said hello to both of them and struck a conversation of what a pleasure  it was to see Father and son sharing a moment like this. Knowing that time moved so fast, before you know it, moments like this could be a distant memory and they could be living hundreds of miles apart. Christmas and special occasions could be scheduled to availability, next thing you know we are going to funerals. The way we  take ourselves and each other for granted is nothing short of negligent. We are always too busy doing life and not living it, sometimes it seems to me like we work ourselves into the ground. Working in the Resort business is very demanding,  but I always find time to Write and create moments like today. Because tomorrow is promised to no one.