Breaking Away

Why would someone not want to spend an early afternoon filming Butterflies , and watching someone doing something they have wanted to do in 25 years. Engulfed in making a living can rob life and precious time. In my lifetime I’ve heard many stories of people working all their lives, amassing wealth and dies leaving what they can’t take. In so doing someone else enjoy’s what you never did. That’s  not what life is about. It’s bigger than you and I. If you don’t suck it up it will suck you up. usurp and discard you at will. Twenty-five years  in the same place without breaking away for a Week end, a week or two, will leave you off centered, I have Hiked Trails where only Billy Goats dare.When I lived in Pennsylvania I fished the mighty Susquehanna Riverbank that have risen sixty feet, around bends during floods, I have seen House floating when Rivers angry.

Where I fished there are Telegraph Poles protected from Time and stands today, it seems that Life  had grown around them and forgotten by time. They have scars of spike where people climb and cut the wires  (no wi-fi)to hinder Civilization and Progress. I now live eighteen hundred miles away, but it’s still one of my secret places among many others, That’s just how I see life and living it. My English Literature Teacher told me always seek to find out what the author is not saying. What I am saying is that you have to break the cycle or it will break you. Do I have to spell Vacation. In my neck of the woods Resorts are abundant  and so are   Waterways and Tributaries to loose yourself . People save for half a year to come where I work and Live. Did I make a wise decision to live where I do. Now I am taking the time to tell you about travel and it’s need. Remember Chevi chase family vacation, the family need to Gel sometimes.



You need to loose yourself, don’t surround yourself with yourself. The way I feel about breaking away, I should be selling vacation travels. Right now I am not connected. But from living and working in Paradise make me much an expert to give my way of travel. Don’t forget that Travel broadens  the Horizon. It might even give you balance. Whatever happens in Paradise make great conversation. I have no idea what kept me from thinking about Travels when my Mother used to come back from Cruise ships with Euphoric description of Elegance one should enjoy before they Died. Three weeks ago I visited the Florida Aquarium in Tampa, all I have to say is it’s a must see on the to do list, remember you only live once.