Presumptuous People

As the saying goes,  when you assume you make an ass out of you and me. Making assumptions about people is one of the most ignorant way of thinking. People who presume are usually as empty as the Steel Drums that they are beating trying to sound like they know what they are talking about. The other day I was sitting at the Bus stop in front of the Company’s Property smoking a cigarette, smoking is not allowed on property. A beat up rust riddle Mustang drove up, the driver blows his horn and gave me the thumb, as in thumbing a ride, laugh and gunned the engine. Back in the days when I drove heaps I would take that Mustang to the Junk yard. The poor fool taught I was down on my luck and waiting for the Bus, while my SUV one year old sat behind me in the company parking lot.


How crude of people to expound on others misfortune, what if I was genuinely in need of a ride, he teased me and pulled off. People like that would never amount to a hill of Beans. On my Job at the Resort I don’t go around with a sign on my back advertising Blogger/ Website owner so a lot of people assume that I am what I do at the Resort, Guest Coworkers and all. When I open my mouth they are blown away and ask Man what are you doing here. They don’t know that if I was worth millions I still would be unassuming and Humble, because I am a child of God and so are the people sleeping on sidewalks all over this country, land of abundant wealth. When I see people like that I don’t automatically assume that they are all Alcoholics or that they are all Bums. What I do consider is how did they get  there,  what are their circumstances and how did they allow themselves to slip through the cracks of Life.


I often wonder where is our spirit of humanity, when IRS allows a Restaurant to write off food thrown in the Dumpster,  if they placed it in a Box and  gave it to the so called indigent people no write off. I do understand that you dont want them hanging out around your fine establishment waiting for you to close everyday,  but isn’t there something that we can do. Yes there’s something that we can do. One unusually cold day in Clearwater, Headquarters of Scientology I noticed a woman shivering from being outside all day,  obviously homeless, I walked over to her took off my brand new Sweatshirt and gave it to her. I felt a shiver came all over me and it was not from the cold. That was only  one act of kindness but it’s a start, that was not my only act of kindness and won’t be my last. I could not write off my Sweatshirt because she didn’t have an address, morbid humor on my part, I can laugh at myself but not at their plight. Like Phil said ” just another day in Paradise for you and me”. I am not trying to make anyone uncomfortable or stir conscience I am only responsible for my conscience and my soul when I meet my maker and he ask me why  I shunned him dressed as a Beggar.

PS. Thank God for keeping my head above the water.