Save Driving / Testing Fate


A man once said,  if he lives to be a hundred that he never would understand women. I am saying that if I live to be a hundred I will never understand People’s gregarious nature when they get behind the wheel. I always travel at a reasonable fast pace so as to leave the clutter behind me. Today I am navigating Us 19 doing sixty in a fifty five mph zone. I looked in my rear  view and I noticed a car travelling faster than I was, barreling down on me, this is all within a one mile spaced stop light. I changed lanes as I always do when someone is barreling down on me. At the light while we were stopped, I glanced into his car, to my surprise an infant sat in his car seat while his Dad puts his Life at risk, pushing a subcompact to its limit. Bad enough to be gregarious with your own life, but with your own children, that is unconscionable. Truthfully, you are a Jackass. I am a fast driver with years of Commercial experience, but when I have a passenger their safety is my number one concerns. Most of all I don’t like to create anxiety.



Cars backing up have ran over Kids, Toys and  Pets also, so if with such gentle force the damage can be great, multiply sixty five Mph. with your children sharing your Callousness, on a whim. Once travelling the Pa Turnpike Traffic came to a dead stop, after inching by the accident scene, I noticed a SUV that was making an illegal U turn on a highway that a hundred has been done many times. He got broadside by a vehicle coming around a blind Bend at a high rate of speed, all was airlifted. I peered at the SUV to see a Teddy Bear,  where the Bear sat the Quarter Panel took a huge impact.



Like Spock would say totally illogical, for you to hear and see bad accidents and you say to yourself  it doesn’t affect me, yes it does affect you, it is a learning experience for you to store in your head for, the next time you take off on a Flight of fancy. Regardless of weather or not you are alone, the General Public’s safety is in your Hands . In my neighborhood a hard working Man made a Decision to Drink and Drive with a very fast Car. That Decision cost his Life and his two young Sons, injuring his Wife permanently. The Maserati disintegrated .
Please do not test the  hand of Fate, drunk or sober, you can’t Win. When carrying precious Cargo you need to be extremely focused on the task at hand.