Money For Nothing



There are four kinds of people in the world. People that makes things happen, People who wonder how they did it, People who wonder what just happened here and People who just don’t give a dam. I was only a teenager when I  started noticing how we passed time calling it work. Something that so called productive People do. The first time I noticed a time passer, was the first job I held right out of HS. I worked for a major Conglomerate, I started in the mail room, there I met a Man who’s been there for twenty five years. Can you imagine working in the mail room for a Company that had over three thousand employees and never advanced any further in twenty five years. Well if that doesn’t  speak for itself, then what does. He knew every mail slot for each department and employees company wide, he could do it with his eyes closed. Yet Charles took an average of three minutes to place the envelope in the slot  ( big procrastinator) he could have done it in five seconds but that was how he passed time for twenty five years, not giving the company a honest days work.


That is why he kept the same position for twenty five years, if he took another job in another department he might have to work. I figured that in twenty five years he had not given the Company five years of work. If that’s not giving a dam, then make him Employee of the month.
Years later I observed an economic trend that justified a weakness in the manufacturing sector of the economy,  especially the Automobile production. I believe it was seventy nine, Toyota introduced an inexpensive Car that was well built and great on gas. During all of this, Detroit workforce was fiddling, putting out inferior products and not seeing the coming effects, today many Neighborhoods are Ghost Towns where People once lived, who went to work and stood around discussing how can Toyota do that and what the Hell just happened here. Today America imports more goods than they export .


Unions were created to protect the American Workers  (keyword) not to Drive the Entrepreneur out of business who Mortgaged his Soul to start his Business and end up hiring a bunch of non productive People who felt entitled to have their Jobs, who went to work all day and did Squat. All this time Hard workers like myself collected unemployment. Is it any wonder that what we owe Japan and China is enough to Foreclose on the White House. Wake up America it’s time to give a dam about your Job, which is your primary means of support and your Economy. Today I work in the Hospitality industry where if your Guests don’t feel that you have  treated them special, they would take their business to your competition leaving you out of work. Pay day I noticed an Employee of one year counting his Money that he had not earned just like Charles.  All I could hear in my mind was Dire straits, Money for nothing and your (Checks) for free. Forget the Chicks, nothing is free.