Like anything else in life such as skills,  mannerisms,  personalities,  behavior and parenting, people refuse to ascend to be the best they can be. Most people are quite comfortable with complacency and mediocrity.  Of all the things to be half assed at, parenting is not the place. If you were raised by mediocre parents, you should not raise your kids in the same mindset. Parenting is not just about putting a roof over their head’s and food in their stomachs. It’s a little more than that,  like setting a path for them to travel their lives, showing them good values and graciousness. Most parents want their children’s lives to be better than theirs. There is nothing wrong with your children being more developed than you, socially and all around. In an earlier Blog titled Jasoul, I was so impressed with an eight year old child,  that I had to do her parents justice by what I had observed in their child. Jasoul had great mannerisms, style, grace and a ton of class. That is what prompted me to to write this Blog.

Today while walking down Beach Boulevard I noticed a twelve year old girl walking wearing half of a Bathing suit with both hands covering her little Breasts. The tragedy of this scenario was that she was walking with her family. The poor Girl was showing modesty in an age where girls barely older than her walks down the same Blvd with their ass cheeks hanging out of their Hooker shorts. It appears that she was being taught a lesson or being punished,  why I came to the conclusion is, she was showing modesty and her brother wasn’t asked to give her his T-shirt and dear old Dumb Dad didn’t offer her his shirt  while mediocre Mom didn’t come to her female child’s aid. That scenario left a lasting impression on me,  I am quite sure it left one on the little girl. Now do you see what I consider to be half assed  parenting. We are supposed to be there for them in all their times of need. Even though we are in Resorts City where Grownups are walking around with their ass cheeks hanging out of their Bikini, this child wants to be Prudent, for God’s sake work with her and don’t diminish her self pride.

That’s what Great parenting is about. just because you come from a household where your Dad walked around the house in his Boxer shorts always scratching himself in public and always had your Mother pregnant and barefoot, that shouldn’t be good enough for your Daughter who wants to be Prudent and smarter than you. let her be the person who she chose to be and help her to be that person. Your Children should not be a carbon copy of you, your job is teaching them individuality and responsibility. I will say it again parenting is not for everyone who makes Babies.