Chasing The Rabbit


There is one fundamental principle of driving that ninety percent of the Drivers on the road don’t grasp. We all can’t drive at eighty, we all can’t drive at sixty, we all can’t drive at forty five. The people who posted the Speed limit signs did not explain that we all can’t drive at the same speed without devastating consequences and catastrophic statistics that we see each and every year. These statistics will not get any better, even though each year the cars comes with new Technologies in safety, remember the cars are only as safe as the Drivers. My car has censors all around the vehicle including front end crash censor, they still don’t protect me from other drivers who don’t understand the principles of staggering, which does not only means spacing front and back, but also side by side. Spacing front and back prevents rear end, side by side prevents drifting and side-swipes.



Staggering the traffic flow prevents being cut off abruptly by someone looking for an address, in the age of Texting and cell phone use, good driving skills becomes necessity. It absolutely behooves me that since we abandoned the Horse and Carriage, Generations after generation continue to drive with the same skill level as the first one thousand cars on the road, bumper to bumper and side by side. None have become any wiser that the more vehicles on the road, the greater the need for staggering and spacing. I can’t put it any simpler terms  to understand, if the cars in front of me is doing forty five, I can’t be doing forty four or forty three and the cars following me can’t be doing forty one, in a mishap consequences are costly. At higher speeds they can be catastrophic. Pile-ups are the result of likeminded pack mule driving. That old macho crap about you got this, is just that. If you took a written test to get your learners permit, I believe it said one car lengths for each ten mph. Yet not a day goes by that I am out there and I don’t have someone drafting my rear Bumper ridiculously close, old people lacking coordination, young Girls acting macho and lacking skills and experience.   If one driver tries to break away from the crowd everyone picks up the chase, someone who has been driving in a lull finally realize that he is on a highway and now all of a sudden he is a driver. Someone is doing sixty five in a fifty five mph zone and out of the blue there they are, side by side and

Used to be a maserati

drafting your Bumper, that is Jackass Driving. The next time you are out there driving take a look around you and prove me wrong.



I have been doing this driving business for over forty five years with three accidents, one of them my fault, on a snow covered roadway where speed was the only factor. After many years of driving commercial, I never sent anyone to the Hospital and I have saved many lives of people who drove mindlessly. At eighteen years old I drove Taxi in Manhattan a place where great Drivers are crafted. I quickly learned that pack driving caused ninety percent of the accidents. When I moved to Florida four years ago I developed a style of driving that I call Greyhound driving . At the light three abreast,  once it turns green I move out decisively and purposefully in order to set up the traffic flow. Once I have reached the Speed limit, I then maintain that speed, if I picked up tag along pack drivers, I exceede the speed limit by as much as ten mph. If the show off tag along wants to ride side by side, I back off and become the Greyhound chasing the Rabbit. Once I have distanced myself from the pack, I can relax, knowing that all I have to deal with is a couple of fools who don’t know that the Greyhound never catches the Rabbit.