Destined to be Great

George was Born the third Child, in a Family of Working Class people. Mom was a Seamstress, very good with her Fingers, she created fine Stiches to plain Fabrics and gave them Designer looks. She worked long hours in the Garment district of N.Y. with one Goal in mind, no Child of hers would have to work hard for little Money the way she and her Husband did. They lived in a working class Community, it was no Slum, but far from what she wanted for her Kids. Coming up she lived in many Neighborhoods where walking the Streets after sundown Shadows fell quickly on dimly lit Streets and danger lurking around every Corner. Tina was a proud Determined Mother who set goals for her Children, never telling them what she wanted them to be, except Studying was a must, no Children of mine were going to be Bums she would say.

The Children gravitated to their Mother’s ideology, work hard for what you wanted in Life and it becomes attainable. Make Education your Priority she told them. George’s siblings had to work hard to grasp different subject matter, not him, he was a gifted Child, whatever he put his mind to, was a done Deal. He’s been doing it since two years old, reading everything on the Tv screen. He totally bypassed ABCs. One had to be very careful what kind of music that was playing in his presence, he soaked it all up. On one of my visits he sang the entire lyrics of I wana Sex you up. I was blown away, his retention was awesome, almost like Rain Man memorizing the cards in the Deck. Learning came easy for him, I struggled all through H.S. with difficult Math like Algebra and Geometry, also English Literature kicked my ass trying to analyzing Shakespeare and Dickins. My last Semester I cut classes three months, all English Literature and lived to regret, not only because I had to go to Summer school for make-up credit, but missed Graduation ceremony. As a result of the difficulty understanding What Shakespeare wasn’t saying I decided that Higher education wasn’t for me. George excelled in learning like a Fish swim.

By the time he got to H.S he was self Educated from reading whatever he got his Hands on, also he spent most of his time practicing on the old Piano in the Living Room. By his Junior year he was taking College Prep Courses. Needless for me to say that he was a standout in the H.S Band, doing Recitals and Jamming to Benny and the Jets. I must indent, all the members of the Group Emerson Lake and Palmer studied Classical music and ended up playing Rock. If people don’t follow their Heart, and they did what other people want them to do, they ended up hating themselves and you for swaying them. George wanted to write Lyrics and Rhymes, mom wanted a dignified Profession for him. Some of the people he wrote Rhymes with were rapidly approaching Stardom and making Money, while he Slaved over the Books in College, just to please Mom, while his Heart was taking a beating pining after the Stage. He grieved over the tons of Material never to be heard, that he had written. Momma looked down at Hip Hop, she said it was Hood Music, and that they were all Gangsters, how Judgmental he taught, but never argued. He didn’t want to disappoint her, so his Music sat on the sidelines while the Business Boomed. Many of his friends were making huge money, and they weren’t Gangster, or poeessed Hood Mentality. One day one of his Friends had a Premier Party at a local Club, many people in the Industry was invited, so was George. He was Fashionable Late, so he took a Table in the dimly lit Club thinking that his Presence was obscured, at Intermission the lights made People who were aware his Talents bombarded him with Requests, he declined at first, then saw his opportunity to Shine. He took the Stage, Tickled his Rendition of Benny and the Jets, moved on to Pac’s Life and finished up with several of his own Rhymes the agents and Promoters in the Club was Blown away by the Freshness of his Style, the Place Erupted, a Star was Born. Someone in the Audience recorded his closing song, a tribute to his Mother, and presented it to him. He went Home and played it for her, she cried and kissed him. From that point she didn’t care if he signed with Death Row. She knew that she had no right standing in his way. She gave her Blessing and wished him good luck.