World Class Citizens

Parenting is the hardest job in the world. We all need help, as early as possible teach them to follow speech patterns, and Dialog comprhension, teach them the art of Conversation. Don’t just teach them to Talk.The sooner you can accomplish this, you will have less Tantrums, misbehavior and disciplinary issues. Now you are dealing with a reasonable Person you can communicate with and not a Kid filled with frustration, Aggression and anger. At four years old a kid throws a wicked Tantrum fit, and you don’t handle it properly or not at all, you are mapping a Road Map for future delinquency. Once you have established that you are a great Communicator they will always come back to you for great conversations guidance and Wisdom. Sort of like the Waltons. Not someone forceful, domineering and Confrontational. Darn shame that most Parents do not know that they have it in their power to create World Class Citizens, strictly through Positive Communication. Someone who can Communicate on all levels is less likely to fly in a fit of rage, with unpredictable outcomes. Once we have established that you are someone that they can talk to and not fear, then you set Boundaries and Limitations, someone’s whose trust you have gained will follow like a Disciple.

If you are raising a child who don’t think that their Poop do stink, you will have Hell to pay and Society also. Sometimes that attitude will wreck their lives. Case in point, my youngest son was a Formidable Basketball Player in High School, days before the State Championship, he told his Coach that he did not know his Job. Well I guess he found out the hard way that it do stink. With all the Scouts who came to watch him play, he was only given six minutes of Playing Time in a game that his team was losing, he sank every shot, winning the State Championship. They should not have to learn the hard way that it do Stink. Today he is a Coach himself, how would he feel if some spoiled Runt told him that he didn’t know what he was doing. Your Attitude can Propel you to Greatness, or rub your Face in the Dirt of Humility. By not teaching your Kids Humility and control they think they can commit Murder and get away with it.
Case in point!

Thomas Cullen Davis (born September 22, 1933, Fort Worth, Texas) is an American oil heir and member of a prominent Fort Worth, Texas oil family. Davis is best known for standing trial, and being acquitted, twice in the 1970s, first for the murders of two people at the home of his estranged wife Priscilla on August 2, 1976 and the second two years later for conspiring to murder the judge in his divorce proceedings against Priscilla. At the time of his first trial, Davis was the wealthiest man to have stood trial for murder in the United States. The prosecution alleged in his murder trial that he forced his 12-year-old step-daughter Andrea Wilborn into the basement of Davis’ Stonegate Mansion, making her kneel before shooting her dead, and also shot Priscilla’s live in boyfriend Stan Farr, a former basketball star at nearby Texas Christian University. A Texas jury found him not guilty of the murders. The girl was the daughter of his second wife, whom he was in the process of divorcing.
Is this how you want to be remembered in History. The list goes on and on, people with Larger than Life egos and a Temper to match. For instance, Phil Spector, O.J.Simpson, Claus Von Bulow, Aron Hernandez. All this Tragedy could have been averted if someone had told these People, that Small Axes do cut down big Trees.

Case in point

Judge throws out Aaron Hernandez’s conviction in 2013 murder

May 9, 2017 at 12:30p ET
FALL RIVER, Mass. — Former NFL star Aaron Hernandez’s conviction in a 2013 murder can be erased because he died before his appeal was heard, a judge ruled Tuesday.

Judge E. Susan Garsh said case law in Massachusetts has long established that defendants who have not had the merits of their appeals decided before they die have the right to have their convictions vacated. She said she was compelled to follow it.

The former New England Patriots tight end hanged himself in his cell in a maximum-security prison last month while serving a life sentence on a first-degree murder conviction in the death of semi-professional football player Odin Lloyd. He died five days after being acquitted in a separate double slaying in 2012.

Lawyers for Hernandez had argued that the state’s highest court had applied the legal doctrine “without exception,” even in cases of suicide. They said his conviction wasn’t considered final because the automatic appeal he was entitled to had not been heard at the time of his death.

Prosecutor Patrick Bomberg had argued that Hernandez “should not be able to accomplish in death what he could not accomplish in life.”

But Garsh rejected the argument that Hernandez had forfeited his right to appeal by taking his own life, saying no one can ever know for sure why Hernandez killed himself.

Hernandez’s appellate attorney, John Thompson, told reporters after the hearing that he believes it’s still uncertain as to whether Hernandez took his own life.

Thompson says he has recent correspondence from Hernandez in which he was interested in pursuing an appeal of his conviction. Thompson also said because Hernandez died in prison, it will be difficult to definitively determine how he died.

Hernandez’s lead attorney in his recent double murder trial, Jose Baez, has pledged to do an independent investigation into his death.

State police said in an investigative report that Hernandez was found naked on April 19 and hanging from a bed sheet tied around the window bars of his cell. Correction officers found that cardboard had been shoved into the tracks of Hernandez’s cell door to prevent the door from opening. Hernandez also had put shampoo on the floor to make it slippery, the report states.

An autopsy performed by the state medical examiner’s office determined the cause of Hernandez’s death was asphyxia by hanging and the manner of death was suicide.

Hernandez, who grew up in Bristol, Connecticut, and played football at the University of Florida, was considered an up-and-coming star during his three seasons with the Patriots. He was cut from the team hours after his arrest in the killing of Lloyd.

This is where I rest my case.
You have to tell your Kids that their Shit do stink, and that there are Boundaries, Limitations and Consequences.

P.S. A young Man on his way to be Executed, called his Mother close to the Cell, bit her Ear off, telling her that’s for not telling me that I couldn’t get away Murder.