While you are alive, don’t forget to Live. When the Sandstorm of time leaves you weather beaten (old age) your moments are all you have in Life. When your memory and physique abandons you, your Money becomes of little use. Helen was worth fifty million Dollars, old age caught up with a mean mistress, living in a Nursing Home, her kids did not visit, they were counting her Days and her Money, she could afford round the Clock Nursing at Home. You think you know your flesh and Blood, think again. Your Moment’s are embedded in your Brain, so when all is lost, Great Moments are a click away. If you live long enough, Memory do Fade and great Moments endure. Teddy suffered with Dementia, when he played the Piano it all came back, he Roared. So while you’re still young, take Time for yourself away from yourself. Reflect on your Life, Mental, Physical, spiritual and Social. It’s good to make a lot of money, but never say your Prayers to the almighty Dollar, mom would say. There is more to Life that only your Spirit can touch.

“Biblical” what good is a Man, if he Gains the World and loses his Soul. Paralleled. John owned a multi Million Dollar Home, he spent more time making the Money to pay the Mortgage than he spent Home with the Family (Cats in the Cradle) I am going to be just like you Dad. ” I am Driving my life away looking for a better Day”. After seventy nine Blogs you would think that I am Bored and wanted to move on, not so, these are my Moments that I am sharing. My Wife is Livid about the amount of time I spend Writing, what to do, these are my Moments. Billy Oceans Kids used to call him Mister Billy Ocean when he got a chance to be Home, quite sure there was lots of love there. You need your me moments, your space to stay focused and grounded. If you stay Married long enough you will find out that everybody needs a little get away from each other, when you start knowing what they are going to say before they say it. In a Relationship without space to have your Moments it becomes Possessive and rudimentary. You need your Moments, without them, you snap, crack and pop your Cork on someone and lose them for Life.

My moments allow me to smell the Roses and Sip the Brandy. I once came upon a story of a Woman Dying and her Squalid Apartment was the Bank for forty seven Million Dollars. It’s not hard to lose your Mind, you need to protect it with reflective Moments, where you can ask yourself who is the Man in the Mirror. Your Moment’s are your personal quality time, a Hobby is a great way to lose yourself. When I am on the Ocean, there’s no me, no you and no Worldly pressure, just a Man at peace with my Universe. There the pressures of Living disappear, work a distant memory. Why would I not seek quality Moments when it alleviates stress and puts tranquility in my life. You can’t get away from the Hustle and bustle of Life, but if you stay wired all the time you will suffer Burnouts. The Thread that Binds Sanity wears thin and do Snap, without Moments.