Peppy le Pew

Peppy was a rescued Dog, I didn’t want the responsibilities of having a Dog. I taught I was only rescuing him from perishing when his Mother abandoned him at Birth. The sight of a Newborn in the Bushes sent chills, my Mind immediately took me to a darker side of Life where Mothers abandoned their Newborns the same way Peppy’s Mother dropped him and ran off leaving him for Dead. Time’s you read about that and you wonder what kind of cold Hearted Person could do that. My Heart could not let me leave him there, helpless and alone, he was only Hours old. I picked him up,cleaned him up,got a Cardboard box, placed Newspaper and a Plate with Milk in it. I placed Peppy and his new Home on the Passenger side next to me for the long ride from N.Y. to Pa. I was quite sure that he was unable to feed himself yet, but none the less I had food close by , in case he was a Fighter like me. I didn’t have a Baby’s Bottle at my disposal, so he had to fend for himself until I could find one.

My guess is that the poor thing didn’t even suck on one Nipple since Birth, he was Starved. He hobbled inside the Plate, took a Bath in the Milk and was able to get some on his face, licked his Mouth and that’s how he had his first Meal. I was proud of both our accomplishments. Eureka Peppy was a Fighter, he got to my Heart, at that moment I decided that Peppy was my Dog. From that day on I did for him all that a Mother facilitated her young to make him grow strong. The more he grew I could tell what Breed he was, he was a Collie. I taught to myself, what a great find. I debated calling him Lass, then I taught of his first hours, how he was determined to Live, feeding himself his first Meal and what a feisty effort it was, then I decided on Peppy. He grew strong and Handsome with a Golden Coat. Within Months I could see his energy level propelling as a true Collie, always wanting to run his Heart out. As he grew he developed a Mutt Mentality and acted like a Stray Dog.

Living in a Gated community where all my Neighbors owned fine well Bred Westminster type Dogs, Peppy brought me a lot of grief. Everyone knows that in a Gated community there are rules and regulations out the you know what. Peppy broke them all, a loose Dog in the Community cost the owner thirty Dollars per occurrence, this Dog was costing me plenty, he must have been trained by Houdini. Not only did he get loose often, but he would Trash the Neighbors Garbage Cans looking for Food. Definitely a Stray Dog Mentality, considering I was Cooking for a World Class Resort, This Dog ate better than most people, Fillet Mignon, Prime Rib, T Bone, NY Strip the best of cuts all Rare. He had no reason to embarrass me like that, I got tired of cleaning up his mess. I taught to myself a lot of people are just like Peppy, they come from good Homes, good upbringing and good Education, but they posses a Stray Dog Mentality. They would leave their fine Suburbs, come to Manhattan and let loose on the Booze the Drugs Prostitution and all the low life activities, then go back Home like nothing happened. Peppy would do the same, come back Home like nothing happened knowing that he did wrong, sneaking up to me like he was the good Dog that I was training him to be, all the time a no good Mutt. I had no choice but to do what every good Parent should do, once they pour their Resources into a Child’s upbringing. After all your hard work and a child choose to be a Mutt, a Deviant, a Gangster a low life, you have given all the opportunity for them to mend their ways and they choose to crawl in dirt, you cut them loose. I gave Peppy to the Shelter. With all his charms he would not be there long.

P.S. case in point, Stand up Dad revisited, an earlier post.
People will always be who they are, so will Dogs.