Some days its a Dog’s life

The way they have those Dogs trained, you have your nerves calling them Dumb Animals. These Dogs have more style and Grace than many of us, walking upright. If the time and effort invested in these Canines, producing such success, why is it not the same with Children. Are you telling me that Humans have learning disabilities in performance of their training, molding and Grooming by their Parents. If you have a Pet and you don’t corral it’s behavior, you let them run wild trashing your House, without scolding and admonishing them all because you Love them. When they get out on the Street they will be Hell to pay. I hate to say it it’s exactly the same with Kids. My Mother once told me a story of a young Man on his way to be Executed, called his Mother to his Cell Door in a whisper, bit her Ear off, telling her that’s for not telling me that I couldn’t get away with Murder. By not structuring their lives and letting them know that there are limitations and consequences, you are raising a nuisance to Society. People who don’t think that their Poop stink, are Rude and Obnoxious, a step further, they think they can commit Murder, they think they can commit Rape with impunity. Don’t take my word, look at all the Rapes in College Dorms, blame it on the Booze, as Jamie says blame it on the aaaaaaaa Alcohol. No I am blaming you the parents. When my Kid came home from College, gets dropped off in front of my House, Barfed his guts out on my sidewalk, I told him the next time he did that his belongings would be next to his Puke. Never drank a Beer before College, extra curricula activity I guess.

Whenever they gets harsh Sentencing, you weep, is it for them, or for you because you didn’t do your Job. Well Rounded out People are a Rare Breed, we all have our faults, abnormal Genes, Idiosyncrasies and big Attitudes, larger than Life egos. But most of us control them so we blend in Society, and not be antisocial. I can not stop beating the Drum about curtailing grown-up activities in front of children. Case in point, a fifteen year old whose Testosterone was so peaked he Raped a day care worker sixty two years his senior. No one can tell me that he was not exposed to sexual activities very early in life. None the less a deranged little Bastard, abusing a senior citizen. As I have mentioned in earlier posts, I was exposed to sex at eleven by a fifteen year old Nymphomaniac, at fourteen manhandled by a Rapist Teacher, bust his Ass and walked away a Virgin.
I survived and lived to be telling you that exposing kids to sex before they can read is bad business. Promiscuity leads to a Dog in Heat, I once observed a Dog in Heat humping a Mail Box, a lot of Men suffer the Mail Box maladies. Kendrick Morris did.

At sixteen years old he committed his second Rape, this time a beautiful young woman, a High School Senior who was getting ready to attend College. I have always believed that Rapists maintained a total disrespect of another Person to force themselves upon others, with the self gratification of dominance. Kendrick possessed all the above, except this time, the attack on this poor Girl the psycho was un leashed. The young Woman now twenty six as of this date have not recovered the ability to walk eat or speak, the beating he gave her was to render her silence. At the first sentencing he got Life, the bleeding Hearts balked he was a minor when he tried to kill the victim. His second sentencing got him sixty years, long enough to become somebody’s Wife. I hope you squeel like a Pig and Bark like a Dog. I guess that’s one Soul that could not have been Saved.