Gimme My Freedom

Relationships are like the uncertaininty of the Ocean, Rip tide under currents, drop off of the Ocean floor and Sunami Waves, to wash your Dreams away. You meet someone you been waiting for all your life, they fit the bill, you go steadily for a long time, finally you are Married. You survive each other’s quirky Idiosyncrasies for a lifetime, then all of a sudden the Ocean’s Floor disappear. You are now over your Head in the deep waters of a Relationship. As I have mentioned in an earlier Post, Relationships are for the weakening of the Soul and Spirit also the destruction of the weak. After years of Marriage one Day the Idiot pops out and they wants their Freedom. Not from anything you’ve done or didn’t do. The effect of such abrupt separation leaves a lasting impression on your Psych.

If that is the case how come you started in this relationship not knowing what you are looking for in a relationship. If you wanted to be alone, or the other Person didn’t fit your Dreams why lead someone on in believing that you are trustworthy and deserving of their time. They build their lives around you, even making a Family. When all the time you don’t even know what you are looking for in a relationship, a good provider and Father, a great Wife and Mother, and great Sex all around. Maybe all you are looking for in a relationship is someone to Dress you up and take you out every weekend flashing you like a Diamond, that’s all good, so stay single and live the Players lifestyle. Don’t lead someone on in believing that you are the Marrying kind, when all you see in them is only a Meal Ticket. I once knew a Man who was groomed like a Movie Star, his Women Runway types a guy like that wouldn’t be thinking of his Kids College Fund, but instead run out and buy a Botany 500 Suit to feed his Ego that he’s still got it, yet this is the Man you choose, you and your Kids would never be first in his Life. A guy like that would always be on the lookout for your replacement.

Remind’s me of the story about the Dog with a delicious Bone, saw his own Shadow, chased the shadow of the other Bone, only to return and found his gone. A lot of men Humps everything except the Mailbox, I call it the Dog and his Shadow syndrome, why do these People waste other People’s Lives by getting into Relationships thats bound to be derailed by infidelity.

Adulthood, a time to exercise all you have learned about Life.