All God’s Creatures

Why do Birds suddenly appears whenever you are near, because their senses are of exceptional clarity. They sense love, kindness and hostility, that is why some people are so easily befriended by many lower Species. We are blindfold to these senses, essentially when it comes to relationships. We are basically controlled by emotions and Harmones, which blindfolds our perceptions of all others. Since nine or ten I have been a Nature lover, in those early years my Brother and I spent many hours in the Woods, soaking up the wonders of Nature. We observed many species, mostly Birds some we admire some we captured, wild game like Turkey we would bring our seasoning and roast them in a Fire pit. If given the opportunity to revisit my adolescence I probably would not have returned.

Over the years living in Cities we lost touch with our love for Nature, a great loss for kids living in the Concrete jungle of urban Dwellings. If they don’t visit Zoos, which can’t be compared to a Rare specie that flies right up to you and pearch within three feet of where you are, observing you long enough to where they feel safe enough to land on your shoulder. Many years later while visiting one of my favorite places in the World, a Nature Conclave by the Susquehanna river bank in Pennsylvania. A place where once so pristine the Native American tribe which the River bears their name, dwell strive and frolic in waters of high drinking quality. They Hunt Fish and lived off the Land, a place where many Men lost their lives laying Tracks and Telegraph Poles of imminent Progress, and Settlements now known as Plains, Pocono and Wilkes Barre.

This Place humbles me to the grand Facade, while sitting on a Log admiring the Regalness of the Cardinals, I started imitating their communications in a likewise Whistle. My Whistle must have been effective, they started gathering around me, first within twenty feet, then ten then five and beyond. One landed on my Shoulder. It quickly became very scary because of the intimidating numbers in which they gathered. I sat motionless for ten minutes, the Chirping was deafening, they gathered closer and closer. My mind reflected to the Birds by Alfred Hitchcock, where those Birds attacked People. This was like Dying wide awake, the Landscape was painted with the diversity of color in one Specie. The leaves were overshadowed with a Rainbow of Feathers. Chills engulfed my entire Body with Gratitude and the fear that I was about to be attacked. The ignorant Human, I was presented the greatest Gift to Photograph and Preserve, to embrace the moment of my life, a moment as rare as coming full circle with life, instead I raised my hands to cover my face believing I was about to be attacked, that sudden abrupt gesture chased my Friends away. I have regretted that ignorant gesture for the rest of my life.

P.s. A lesson in life one ignorant gesture and the People you called Friends are gone.