To Die In Obscurity

There’s greatness in all of us, don’t forget that God made Man in his own Image. The problem is most of us never looked,many of us have realized it, but we are sidetracked by a number of things. The biggest derailment comes from procrastination, other factors like lack of ambition, lack of tenacity, pessimism, voices of criticism and denial, keeps many from attaining their goals and realizing their dreams. I have been privileged to have met an Artist of great magnitude who lived in obscurity. I met Curly while working in a menial position, everyone needs to eat, but while existing, you need to stay focused on your Craft never let it slip into obscurity. Curly was extremely gifted with Charcoal, Stencil and Graphics. He told me that he once submitted for review one of the World’s most popular Cartoons, that was plagiarized by an even more famous celebrity.

Not only did they stole his creation, but most importantly his creative spirit. Once you loose the creative spirit, you have lost your zest, without zest everything is just going through the motions. When my Associate kept my commission of a hundred and eighty thousand dollars along with a half a million in startup money, I did not roll over and play dead, I brushed myself off and kept rolling. Curly never overcome the the blow, as the saying goes “stolen water is sweet”. As of date I haven’t seen any of Curley’s Prints anywhere except on my living Room’s Wall, overshadowed by Prints by Van Gogh and Renoir. To overcome one needs to stay focused on your Craft, never let it slip into obscurity, you need to practice every day, it makes perfection, it gives you determination and will.

If you have will and determination, you can make it happen, you will find a way to shine your light on the World, refusing to keep it in the darkness of obscurity. My take on the subject is, it is better to arrive late than not at all. If you cross the finish line in the back of the pack,non the less you were in the Race and finished. A Great Fighter is not determined by the number of Flights won, but by how many times you were knocked down and how many times you got back up. If you throw the Towel in early in the Fight, it shows no character and no Tenacity. If you hang in there long enough you might wear down your opponent and declared the winner. The greatest Fight I have ever seen in my Life, was a Fight between Sugar Ray Leonard and Marvin Hagler. Both Fighter possessed a Pit Bull mentality, refusing to stay down, the Fight was declared Leonard’s, I made Money on the Fight yet felt undeserving. In my mind there were no losers they were both Winners, because of their Tenacity.

My Cousin Constance was an extremely gifted Seamstress, she had Gold in her Fingertips. She Designed and Fabricated Clothes for many Old Money who is who in America. She stood tall with many top Haberdasher in the world, she was Destined to be Great. However she was derailed by a no good Husband, he possessed a defeatist mentality . He was once an extremely Rich Man in Cuba, an elite Cigar Manufacturer, Chateaus Mansions and all. He lost everything when Castro took Power in Cuba and nationalized everything, including all American’s interest. There were a lot of Losers who bounced back, he didn’t. He lost his will and zest. My Cousin made a detrimental mistake, all he did was spend her Money like small change. He never encourage or inspired her to be Great. Instead he encouraged her to be satisfied with her station in Life. How tragic he had the know how that made him a Millionaire and could not or would not pass it on to her. Instead he chose to Live the remaining years of his life as a beaten Sour Grapes, spiteful little Man. Out of Dejectedness he chose to be a Philandering Bisexual picking up the Aids virus, and giving it to her. They Died six months apart. When you inspire to be Great your Associations are everything, the good ones will pull you up, the bad ones will drag you down into obscurity.

Artist Larry Edwards
Still unknown