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Save Driving/Experience Count

Most smart people practice safe sex. So why don’t these same smart people practice safe Driving. The average person who gets a drivers license automatically believes he is a good driver, filled with overconfidence and smitten by the speed bug, some people do the same thing fifty years and never got good at it. Mediocrity and complacency may be cool elsewhere, not driving. You can be the most skilled operator, without common sense, good judgement and adherence to fundamental rules of the road , you are a statistic waiting to happen. There are so many contingencies on the road, it takes the most estute motorists at least ten years to be an accomplished driver, preventing accidents and compensating for other drivers mistakes. Many times the safest drivers loose their lives because of other drivers mistakes. In football a wide receiver is only as good as being able to read the play in motion being orchestrated by the quarterback, It is the same with driving. When you are out there one the roadways, you need to be able to look a mile down the road and tell by the taillights that something is wrong.  One day travelling I- 81 leaving Hazelton coming around a blind bend I taught someone was playing a Halloween trick on fellow Drivers. I almost crashed into the traffic that was stand still, watching a head roll down the road. If I was not practicing what my driving instructor told me,  he told me never over-drive, you can’t see around a blind bend, take your foot off the gas.



As I took my eyes off the Head I had just enough time and distance to stop from pushing the VW that was embedded under the Tractor Trailer. Apparently the Driver of the VW did not have estute training as I did about overdrive which is something not only found in Transmissions. The average person knows nothing about overdrive, it’s the same with night driving. If you can’t see beyond your headlights, take your foot off the gas. This is beginning to look like a VW fatality Blog. Another time traveling through Connecticut I noticed a Flatbed truck transporting a Caterpillar tire unsecured with no tie-downs . I was directly behind the Tractor Trailer, I noticed that the unsecured Tire was bouncing, I immediately put my flashers on, I started honking my horn to alert the truck and fellow Drivers that there was a hazardous situation developing. No one paid any attention to me , the Tractor Trailer kept on hammering and drivers blew me off.



Not being able to read the play,  a VW passing the Tractor Trailer was flattened by the one ton Tire that fell from the flat bed Truck. Of all the twenty vehicles that passed me, along with the Truck Driver none of them was able to read the play that I laid out in front of them.  All that could have been avoided if everyone didn’t think I was nuts blowing my horn frantically. Getting back to contingencies, reading the Traffic is only one of the many others that no one ever took the time to teach you, things like pumping your brakes instead of locking them up. I once observed a car travelling way too fast for the road conditions, came up on a wall of traffic in the pouring rain. Overconfident as he was doing 75mph on a wet road he knew enough to pump his brakes, instead of locking them up, he came to a perfect stop. So how can you be so overconfident behind the wheel not knowing that there are hundreds of contingencies out there awaiting an inexperienced driver filled with overconfidence.

Chasing The Rabbit


There is one fundamental principle of driving that ninety percent of the Drivers on the road don’t grasp. We all can’t drive at eighty, we all can’t drive at sixty, we all can’t drive at forty five. The people who posted the Speed limit signs did not explain that we all can’t drive at the same speed without devastating consequences and catastrophic statistics that we see each and every year. These statistics will not get any better, even though each year the cars comes with new Technologies in safety, remember the cars are only as safe as the Drivers. My car has censors all around the vehicle including front end crash censor, they still don’t protect me from other drivers who don’t understand the principles of staggering, which does not only means spacing front and back, but also side by side. Spacing front and back prevents rear end, side by side prevents drifting and side-swipes.



Staggering the traffic flow prevents being cut off abruptly by someone looking for an address, in the age of Texting and cell phone use, good driving skills becomes necessity. It absolutely behooves me that since we abandoned the Horse and Carriage, Generations after generation continue to drive with the same skill level as the first one thousand cars on the road, bumper to bumper and side by side. None have become any wiser that the more vehicles on the road, the greater the need for staggering and spacing. I can’t put it any simpler terms  to understand, if the cars in front of me is doing forty five, I can’t be doing forty four or forty three and the cars following me can’t be doing forty one, in a mishap consequences are costly. At higher speeds they can be catastrophic. Pile-ups are the result of likeminded pack mule driving. That old macho crap about you got this, is just that. If you took a written test to get your learners permit, I believe it said one car lengths for each ten mph. Yet not a day goes by that I am out there and I don’t have someone drafting my rear Bumper ridiculously close, old people lacking coordination, young Girls acting macho and lacking skills and experience.   If one driver tries to break away from the crowd everyone picks up the chase, someone who has been driving in a lull finally realize that he is on a highway and now all of a sudden he is a driver. Someone is doing sixty five in a fifty five mph zone and out of the blue there they are, side by side and

Used to be a maserati

drafting your Bumper, that is Jackass Driving. The next time you are out there driving take a look around you and prove me wrong.



I have been doing this driving business for over forty five years with three accidents, one of them my fault, on a snow covered roadway where speed was the only factor. After many years of driving commercial, I never sent anyone to the Hospital and I have saved many lives of people who drove mindlessly. At eighteen years old I drove Taxi in Manhattan a place where great Drivers are crafted. I quickly learned that pack driving caused ninety percent of the accidents. When I moved to Florida four years ago I developed a style of driving that I call Greyhound driving . At the light three abreast,  once it turns green I move out decisively and purposefully in order to set up the traffic flow. Once I have reached the Speed limit, I then maintain that speed, if I picked up tag along pack drivers, I exceede the speed limit by as much as ten mph. If the show off tag along wants to ride side by side, I back off and become the Greyhound chasing the Rabbit. Once I have distanced myself from the pack, I can relax, knowing that all I have to deal with is a couple of fools who don’t know that the Greyhound never catches the Rabbit.


Drugs-The Final Chapter

I will forever be beating the Drum about Drugs no one should entertain the notion, but for many it is the beginning of a steady decline from reality. A lot of this Blog post have been said before, well here it is again with a twist.

Jimmy Hendricks

In the opening page of the Book called you, you are given life, you grow, you flourish, you learn. All well and good in your life so far. Then one day someone pass you a joint , a pill , a straw or a stem, a needle.  This is the beginning of the end. some of us can sample anything and don’t become compulsive obsessive.  Most of us are C.O. with Food , sex  , speeding, spending  and just about everything,  so why not drugs. The best way to deal with a compulsive disorder is to first do a self analysis. If there’s anything in your life that you do in excess,  or something that you do that is bad for your health, but you still do it, you are in the ranks of the compulsive obsessive. knowing this, you should be the last person to try any Drugs. I have known people who tried highly addictive drugs such as crack and didn’t become a Crack Head by sampling and occasional use. People like that are rare . The average person who tried crack usually pick up a habit within a couple of hits on the Stem, for some it only takes one hit depending on the quality. My motto in life have always been to learn from others mistakes.


Janis Joplin

When I was fourteen we moved in an apartment in the multi family home of the Alexander’s, the oldest boy sold Drugs, the sister that followed him had a Coke habit that killed her at thirty six, the sister that followed her was the Mule, being an Airline Stewardess she had access, availability and transportation the World over. Some people are just opportunist, they see a Dollar attached to a string and they still grab at it. When I was twelve and thirteen I used to hang out at jam sessions of budding Artists like Bob Marley, that’s when I started smoking weed, picking up the Roaches of Spliffs, them Boys rolled the Ganja like Cigars, one Roach lasted days. Living with the Alexander’s was my fork in the Road, having huge abundance and didn’t have to pay for it, in HS everybody who smoke weed knew me and wanted to hang with me, I had personality and access to the finest Weed grown around the world. I could have been a big Dealer, I chose not to,


Mother always told us if you walk in shit you will stink, if you sleep with Fleas you will itch. I was overexposed at fourteen. Once I went to a party, passed by a Room where six people were on their hands and knees vacuuming the carpet with their noses trying to recover the spilled Coke. I knew right then and there that Coke was not for me. Within a short time thereafter two of my favorite people died of drug overdose. Jimmy Hendricks and  Janis Joplin they were two of my all-time favorites, I took their deaths hard and thanked them for showing me how not to live my life.
Growing up in seventies the most proliferating drug use period in the world, only to be overshadowed by eighteen century China. People were dropping dead like flies all over from bad Heroine. Yet many of my class mate’s dropped out of H.S and life because of their Habits, it’s as if what was going on around them did not register, neighborhood kids and famous Rock Stars dying with their arms still strapped and the needle still embedded in their arms. In H.S the slogan users are loosers surfaced. At seventeen I held a coworker in my arms,  after stumbling out of the Bathroom spitting out Blood and dying before the Ambulance got there.


With all that I witnessed before eighteen do you think it’s any wonder that I am writing about living through a nightmare Era that I endured and overcome while many who walked the same streets that I did never lived to be twenty. using Drugs is like writing the final chapter in your life no good ever come of it, even people with great control like my friend the Photographer eventually succumbs, either by losing their craft or their lives. Now here it is forty seven years later and there is a resurgence of bodies in the streets in Massachusetts and elsewhere from People using a strong opioid, Fentanyl is given to cancer patients as a pain killer . Back in the days people who got stoned with anything they could get their hands on were known as Stoneheads, they don’t get stoned for the same reason that recreational users get stoned, but instead to be obliterated and stupified.
Using Drugs as an escape is as cowardly as suicide, coping with life defines who we are, ask any Cancer Survivor.



If a child is led to be disrespectful of what you ask and say, believing that they are indisputable and unreproachable.  Through whatever means that they hold your trust, it’s  unbecoming of a rounded out individual. They have rough edges, that should be professionally addressed. By you looking away in helpless disbelief, only feed strength to a person with no fear. They will test you to your limits. And , when they are done with you, they turn to Society.


Being mannered is a reverent and humbling  feeling, that if you were able to save the world, there is still something, someone or some greater force , to say the least, listen to you, and believing that laws are just  that. When I was fourteen my Mother found my ounce of Marijuana while washing my clothes. This was the first time I was mannered. That woman flushed my ounce of Marijuana and dares  me to tell her what I was looking for. I was humbled to see someone who was well within their rights of exploding like a stick of Dynamite, choose to be the Bigger Man. She had not once in our lifetime ever asked me what a fourteen year old was doing with having and smoking marijuana. what she did was, she counseled me about the way that I was living my life, of the dangers, the  health effects and the consequences. She spoke to me like a Priest and a Drug Counselor. The civilized treatment made me absolutely crazy asking myself why don’t she explode. That is super parenting, for a single mother raising two teenage boys in NYC, let’s call that Dr Mom.

When I was sixteen, going to a party she told me what time to be back in the house, being who I was, my inner demons spoke to me they said she is not taking to you. Stumbling home at pre-dawn, just about morning, shit faced and all, she ambushed me behind the door with a Broomstick, dropped me to my knees, but guess what I did not jumped up and punch her , even though  someone I know could kill, I would have been stupid to disrespect someone who could kill you with kindness. That is mannered. If you can’t manner a child by either fear or logically reasoning , that person will not be afraid of laws. When I was ten I witnessed a man getting knocked down, got up told his assailant to wait right here, returned with a Machete tucked away, asked him try and hit him again, the fool swung. From that day on he was known as Lefty, that’s street mannering, street justice, What it feels like to sing the Blues.



When I met Mark Harshberger, while working for him as a contractor. Early in our relationship he told me his life insurance was six figures. A state wrestling champion, with 100 Guns. He was afraid of no one, I hope at least GOD. During a small altercation at work for getting too close to his new truck, he offered me six from a forty-five. Hello. Somewhat of an agnostic nature I would say. He was abusive to the workforce, there is no doubt in my mind that He took some of that bodaciousness home. Once we were doing interior demolition on a College Dorm to remove the hazardous building materials, he had abused us so badly for the duration of the project, on the last day of finalizing the project. The Crew of twelve, Mutined, twenty five Dollars per hour and no one showed up for work. He was fearless and un-reproachable. He could shoot as well as his wife Marybeth, who have hit Bullseye at 2000 feet, and beyond.  One fateful day Mark and Marybeth were in Canada hunting with some of their finest Telescopic  equipped Rifles. At this point in his Life he was covered close to three quarters of a million . Sharp-Shooter Marybeth Shot and killed  Mark stating that she taught she shot a Bear in the twilight dusk. While back Home she was setting up House with Mark’s Brother. Murder by Death or death by Murder, you call it. Regardless! Mark was Mannered by Marybeth.


PS. we should not wait for someone else to have to manner up our kids.


WikipediaMary Beth Harshbarger

Mary Beth Harshbarger (born February 19, 1965) is an American woman who rose to media attention when she accidentally shot her husband, Mark Harshbarger, during a hunting trip in Newfoundland, Canada, thinking he was a bear. She was charged with “criminal negligence causing death” and found not guilty.

Mary Beth Harshbarger
Shooting incidentEdit

On September 14, 2006, Mary Beth, her husband Mark and their two young children, and Mark’s brother Barry Harshbarger, were on a hunting trip outside of Buchans Junction, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. The facts of the case state that Mary Beth was sitting in the back of a Chevy pickup truck with her children, armed with a rifle, on a logging road late in the day.[1] She waited with her children while Mark and a local hunting guide walked through the nearby spruce woods in the hopes of flushing out a black bear.[1] Barry was at a hunting blind elsewhere in the woods.[1]

Mark began to walk back toward the truck with the guide, the guide stopping to urinate in the woods.[1] At this point Mark walked towards the van, ahead of the guide, in dark clothing without an orange hunting hat or vest to improve his visibility.[1] At 7:55 pm (NT) as he emerged from the woods, Mary Beth told police that she saw a dark shape that she believed was a black bear, and fired using her rifle.[1] What she shot was not a black bear however, but was instead her husband Mark.[1]When he was shot, Mark Harshbarger was approximately 200 feet from the truck in which his wife Mary Beth and two children were seated.[2] In recounting the incident to Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) officers at the lodge where they were staying immediately after the shooting, Mary Beth said she had looked through the scope twice to make sure what she was seeing really was a bear.[3] She insisted that she had not seen the blue of Mark Harshbarger’s pants, but instead seen the black of a bear.[3]

According to Dr. Nash Denic, the St. John’s, Newfoundland pathologist who autopsied him, Mark Harshberger died of one gunshot wound to the abdomen.[3] Dr. Denic revealed during Mary Beth Harshberger’s trial that Mark would most likely have been leaning over when he was shot .

PS. working for Mark, I found him to be a Tyrant and a Slave driver, very ill-mannered with the Workforce. Regardless no one deserved to be taken out like that, by a Sharp-Shooter who could hit a Bullseye at 2000 feet, my question is, why would you shoot at something 50 yards away not sure what it was being a professional Hunter. If every Hunter in the woods fired at everything that moved, there would be Bodies stacked in a mountain.

PPS. Did I mention that there are too many Guns in the wrong hands in this Country .

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Dying In the Name Of Fun

They have their fatalities too

At Save Driving we are always advocating safe driving and teaching good values to your kids. We cant think of any stronger way of driving this message home, than with the real thing.
Sunday afternoon, on my way to work I drove through the crash scene of the carnage that took place hours earlier, Where three Kids lost their lives in a high speed joy ride at over 100 mph. These kids were playing Russian roulette with their lives and the general public, who uses the roadways. There are many more out there whose Destiny is forged in an inferno of mangled steel. I know that we all have to die at some point, but that way is not my way, suffering excruciatingly in mangled steel. There are many adults who test the hand of faith daily  on our roadways.
The ones I look out for mostly, are the ones that are two miles away from their exits and they Punch the engine, reaching speeds of up to 100 showing off. When I lived in Pa I used to call them Jersey Drivers. They are everywhere, mindless Drones, so why am I not surprised that a sixteen year old would find that type of behavior fascinating. I once observed a Mother transporting her four children in a mini van, the kids were moving around while she played the Kamikaze Mom,weaving traffic at 65mph in a forty five mph zone. I travel not only  by sight, but by Faith also and I lead by example. what this mother was doing unconsciously, was telling her Children that it was cool to go driving through city streets like a maniac.
Kids can’t wait to drive, when my nephew was eight years old, someone left the keys in the ignition, guess what, he started the car, took off and crashed it. We try to teach them all they need to know to survive in life, why not teach them good driving skills by the way you operate your vehicle. Auto Manufacturers and NASCAR have already planted the seed in their heads that Cars ar’nt for Transportation, but for racing, the damage is done. When I lived in Pa and NASCAR came to Pocono Raceway, it was like a national holiday, people took off from work, school and life to be at the Track watching cars traveled way past 170 mph. After leaving the Track they would take what they have learned from NASCAR to the streets. Why then would you be surprised, when young bored Urban children take to stealing cars and racing them through City Streets. Kids from affluent families borrow their families BMW, smitten by the Speed Bug and never made their way back home, bottom line, Speed kills.
Ps.  Values, limitations, boundaries and consequences can keep them alive.

Three boys dead after fiery crash in stolen SUV, Pinellas sheriff says

“I value my life,” he said. “I’m not trying to be dead.”

Just eight months later, on Sunday morning, three boys died and Deyon was led away in handcuffs after a fiery, high-speed crash sent a stolen Ford Explorer pinwheeling through the air down Tampa Road in Palm Harbor, bursting into flames.

VIGIL: Friends, family gather in Clearwater to remember teens who died in SUV crash

Eight teenage car thieves from Pinellas have now died in the past two years, and dozens of innocent people have been injured, amid a juvenile auto theft epidemic so pervasive that even kids who vow to stop are then climbing back into stolen cars.

“When you have 14-, 15-, 16-year-olds that are dying because of their actions, it needs to stop,” said Pinellas Sheriff Bob Gualtieri. “This is a deadly game.”

The boys who died in the Ford Explorer were driving more than 100 mph, playing a “cat and mouse” game with another stolen car at 4:40 a.m., before they likely ran a red light and hit the Toyota Camry of a 29-year-old man on his way to work, the sheriff said.

Both the Ford Explorer and the Chrysler Sebring it was speeding with were stolen Thursday from a car dealership in Clearwater. Deputies spotted the vehicles early Sunday morning turning into a subdivision in Oldsmar, where there had been a recent rash of burglaries.

HOT WHEELS: How kids are driving Pinellas County’s car-theft epidemic

The cars were then spotted on Tampa Road. They split up, and the Explorer hit the Camry before smashing into a billboard pole and several parked cars, spinning and rolling down Tampa Road in flames. Two of the dead boys were found in the wreckage; the third had been thrown onto the street.

The boys who died were identified as Jimmie Goshey, 14; Dejarae Thomas, 16; and Keontae Brown, 16. Keontae’s brother, 14-year-old Keondrae Brown, was also in the SUV but survived. He was taken to Bayfront Health St. Petersburg and was in stable condition Sunday.

THE KIDS Six teens involved in stolen car crash have troubled histories

Deputies found the Chrysler Sebring at Sunset Point and Keene roads in Clearwater. Kamal Campbell, 18, and Deyon were taken into custody and face charges of grand theft auto and resisting arrest without violence.

The driver of the Camry, Ricky Melendez Jr., suffered a fractured ankle and tibia, as well as a broken collarbone, according to his father.

“My heart just dropped,” Ricky Melendez Sr. said. “After looking at the crash, I don’t know how he survived.”

Chris Urso | Times

The Ford Explorer struck another vehicle and spiraled into the air at around 4:30 a.m., Pinellas sheriff Bob Gualtieri said.

A continuing epidemic

Local officials said the deaths were a tragic but inevitable consequence of the ongoing auto theft problem.

“This scenario plays out daily throughout Pinellas County,” Gualtieri said. “The only difference between what didn’t happen yesterday and the day before that and the day before that is they didn’t roll, hit a car and get killed.”


In March 2016, three teenage girls from St. Petersburg died when they crashed a stolen car into a cemetery pond while trying to flee from deputies.

The epidemic was recently the subject of “Hot Wheels,” a Tampa Bay Times series that found that Pinellas kids driving stolen cars crash at least every four days. Teenagers here have made a sport of “car-hopping,” walking neighborhood streets looking for unlocked cars with keys left inside to steal. In 2015, police in Pinellas arrested juveniles 499 times for grand theft auto, more than in any other Florida county.

Reporters spoke with judges, police, lawyers, victims and the young car thieves themselves, who said that auto theft has become popular because kids don’t see many consequences after they’re caught.

Each of the teens involved in Sunday’s crash had “extremely extensive criminal histories”; several had committed car thefts like those chronicled in the Times series, the sheriff said. Many young car thieves wear gloves to avoid leaving fingerprints while they car-hop; one of the boys died still wearing his.

Clearwater police Chief Dan Slaughter called the deaths “senseless.”

“Many have worked so hard to avoid this inevitable tragedy,” Slaughter said. “The juvenile justice system needs to do a better job with conducting juvenile risk assessments so chronic offenders who are endangering the public, and themselves, can be reasonably detained.”

Keontae’s grandfather, Sylvester Brown, said the boy was released from custody just days earlier.

Brown said he wishes the juvenile system had been tougher on his grandson. “Why did they let him go like that?” he asked. “They should be more hard on them.”

Keontae’s father, Adontai, said his son “was doing something he shouldn’t have.”

“I admit that — I’m not going to sit around here and sugarcoat and say he’s the best kid in the world,” the dad said. “He had his problems, he did stuff that he wasn’t supposed to do, (but) he’s still a kid. He’s still a child.”

He added that it’s difficult to parent a child who has no respect for the courts.

“If they keep getting away with it, you think they’re going to respect the parent? No.”

Jimmie’s cousin Aja Jenkins said the boy played football growing up.

“He was loving. He was kind,” said Jenkins, 23. “He had a good heart. … (Jimmie) fell into the wrong crowd.”

Another ‘wake-up call’

Public officials who have been meeting to brainstorm solutions to the car theft problem said they were “heartbroken” and “at a loss.”

“These kids slipped through the cracks again,” said State Rep. Kathleen Peters, R-Treasure Island. “Somehow, whatever it is we’re doing did not protect them.”

“We need to intervene before it becomes another tragedy in our community, and we’ve seen far too much of this,” said Pinellas County Commissioner Ken Welch. “If anyone felt sheltered, this should, I think, be a wake-up call that we’re all invested in this. We’re all invested in trying to reach these young people.”

Welch described the problem as “a combination of a lack of consequence in the legal system, a lack of intervention by the community, parents, everyone, to get to these kids early.

“It’s only a miracle that more innocent folks haven’t died so far,” he said. “But I think it’s still a ticking time bomb.”

VIDEO: Chasing 13-year-old car thief Tyron ‘T-Man’ McKinnon

Pat Gerard, another county commissioner and former Largo mayor, said she was frustrated that Pinellas “wasn’t getting a handle” on the epidemic. “Hopefully this is a warning to the other kids that are doing this that, gee, they’re taking their lives in their hands,” she said. “We have a small group of kids who are making a big game out of this. And the game’s turning deadly. And it’s just not funny anymore. It never was funny.”

U.S. Rep. Charlie Crist, D-St. Petersburg, has pledged federal funding for activities that would engage Pinellas youth who are turning to crime. He said he is “praying” for the families of the boys and for the community, as well as planning an Aug. 24 roundtable with local teenagers to talk about why they steal cars and what would make them stop.

‘I cannot bury my child’

Deyon’s mother, Demetria Coley, said her son was doing well for a while. She had helped him get a job at a Kentucky Fried Chicken in Dunedin. She moved houses, hoping to get him away from a bad crowd.

He started getting in trouble once more in early July, running with the wrong kids again, she said. “I keep telling him don’t go with them, they are not your friends.”

Deyon, who spoke to the Times in December for the Hot Wheels series, was arrested for grand theft auto again last month, and was later sent home with an ankle monitor. It was removed about five days before the crash, his mom said.

On Saturday night, Deyon ordered a pizza for dinner and ate it in his room. She thinks he must have slipped out after she went to sleep.

A single mother, Coley said she has begged judges and the juvenile system to do more to help her and to make her child see the consequences of his crimes.

“That’s why these children are dying. Because they keep slapping them on the hand,” she said. “I buried my mama, my grandma, my daddy. I’m the only child. And I’m all Deyon’s got. And this is what he’s taking me through.

“I cannot bury my child. They need to help me to help save his life.”

Times staff writer Melissa Gomez contributed to this report. Contact Lisa Gartner at Follow @lisagartner. Contact Laura C. Morel at Follow @lauracmorel. Contact Zachary T. Sampson at Follow @zacksampson.


THE CHASE: Cops, teen car thieves and a dangerous game

EDITORIAL: Coming together to reduce car thefts

5 WAYS: Officials are trying to stop Pinellas teen car thieves


As It’s Bent

 There is no way, no how you can lead me to the contrary,  that as a twig is bent so shall it grow. There is always the possibility of aberration.If you have never said no to your kids, more times in your favor than theirs, the battle is lost. you have failed them by not teaching them that there are boundaries, limitations and consequences to the role they play in Society. A child who encircle himself in self-centerednes cannot grow into a world class citizen, being irreverent of others right’s, feelings and the limits to which you can trespass. Dealing with early tantrums and fits of rage can save you and Society a lot of future grief and headaches. Case in point. A child shows signs of mal-adjustment, yet you ignore and do nothing to correct, years later now a teenager his fallacies have only grown, he is now showing signs of an introvert. yet that don’t mean anything to you, making Guns accessible, adding salt to the wound, you take him to the Target Range and teach him precision. One fateful day he shoots you dead and move on to Kindergarten School and kills twenty three Babies. To some parents recognizing the signs, are like trying to convince a drunk that he is a drunk. Some of us slip through the cracks early in life, it is for us as parents to teach kids the facts of life early on. There will never be another Baby Jesus, yet he was rounded out beyond anyone of us could aspire, so why would we allow our kids to grow up thinking that they’re above our laws, society ‘s laws and the laws of God.
Laws are the Fabric that keeps Society from unraveling. we have to lay out limits and boundaries early in life. I have known parents who allowed their kids to ride rough over them since two years old, after many years of never saying no, the consequences were devastating. You see it every day in the News, your neighbors, people you know and famous people like Aaron Hernandez and many others committing Murder. All because no one took the time to tell them that there are boundaries, limitations and consequences. It takes me one hour each way every day to commute, semi-rural is where I chose to live. Today I woke to the news that one of my neighbors two and a half miles away, committed murder for the third time. not only did his parents failed but so did society. The lessons of limitations , boundaries and consequences were never taught.
 I don’t care what the Phd’ s say this is a classic case study of depraved Human indifference, and the Parole board and his parents should be in prison for unleashing this monster on society. Continue reading the supporting story and judge for yourself.

‘I just have a hard time being rejected,’ says two-time killer accused in third death

HOLIDAY — Warren Birkbeck went to prison in 2000 for slashing his estranged wife’s throat in a New Hampshire condo. Decades earlier, authorities say, he was convicted of manslaughter in Massachusetts.

Now, two years after his release from prison, the 71-year-old man is accused of killing a third person, this time in Pasco County.

Birkbeck was booked on a charge of premeditated murder Wednesday after telling deputies that he stabbed a female roommate three to four times in the chest. He explained that he was in love with the victim, 42-year-old Denise Cook, but that she didn’t feel the same way.

“I just have a hard time being rejected,” he said, according to the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office.

The attack happened just after 3 a.m. Wednesday in a home on Trask Drive in Holiday that was shared by three unrelated adults.

Cook died at the scene. Birkbeck was held without bail at the Pasco County Jail. He was still on probation from the New Hampshire killing, which, after a plea agreement, produced his second manslaughter conviction.

“There’s no other way to say this: He’s a killer,” Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco said at a news conference, where he listed Birkbeck’s past convictions. “He has a history of killing people.”

An Associated Press report from 2000 details the New Hampshire stabbing. The circumstances of the Massachusetts conviction were not immediately available.

Birkbeck moved to Florida two years ago after his release from prison to live with his sister, also on Trask Drive.

After his sister died, neighbor Lillian Meyer, 85, took him in, the sheriff said. The church organist, known for her willingness to help others, also took in Cook. A friend said the two women attended church together.

Birkbeck has been under the supervision of the Florida Department of Corrections since Oct. 14, 2015, state records show. He has checked into his local probation office monthly since then, according to agency press secretary Ashley Cook, who called the event “tragic.”

She said he last met with a DOC officer on July 12, and that an officer had previously visited the residence unannounced.

Holiday neighbor April Sullivan, 42, said this is the first she’s learning about Birkbeck’s past.

“I’ve never seen a parole officer pull up in front of that house,” she said. “Who’s watching him?”

The neighbor said she felt uncomfortable around Birkbeck. Something felt off the few times he would stop to chat or try to give her bags of old clothes.

Now she wants to know why others who knew Birkbeck’s past didn’t seem more concerned.

“This is a system failure issue,” she said.

Neil LaRose, a longtime friend of the victim, said he knew about Birkbeck’s New Hampshire manslaughter conviction but not the one in Massachusetts.

He visited the home in Holiday often and said in recent weeks Birkbeck showed signs of mental health issues that should have been addressed.

“I truly don’t believe they kept tabs on him enough,” LaRose.

Under terms of his release, Birkbeck had been ordered to participate in a substance abuse program, avoid alcohol and obtain mental health counseling, among other restrictions. He was also barred from unsupervised contact with children.

Aside from a criminal registration in February of this year, he had no recent criminal history in Florida, state records show.

Deputies said Wednesday’s incident began after Birkbeck overheard Cook talking to a man on the phone. He entered her bedroom to confront her. She screamed at him to get out.

Birkbeck left the room, went to the kitchen, grabbed a knife and returned, the Sheriff’s Office reported.

Afterward, he entered the older woman’s room and told her he had just stabbed Cook and that he believed she was dead.

They called 911 together — the 85-year-old organist and the man now accused of murder.

Birkbeck got on the phone and described his actions, the Sheriff’s Office said. He said in an interview with deputies that he “just flipped out.”

Cook was a mother of three, though her children did not live with her.

Her friend LaRose said meeting Meyer was a turning point in Cook’s life, after a rough stretch.

“She’s been down on her luck,” LaRose said.

The women had known each other for at least a year. With Meyer’s help, Cook rediscovered her faith in God, LaRose said.

“Denise and I used to call her [Meyer] our angel,” LaRose said.

LaRose recalled years long ago when Cooke was “super mom” of her Clearwater neighborhood. Cook would host pool parties and deck out her house in thousands of Christmas lights, reflecting a personality that was always cheerful, smiling and bubbly.

Her kinship with the church organist planted sparks that reminded LaRose of that old self.

The older woman pushed Cook to get her life back on track, he said. Cook was about to start a job as a medical assistant.

None of them considered Birkbeck’s interest in Cook any more dangerous than a crush, LaRose said.

But now he is mourning the loss of a friend who not long ago was sharing optimistic plans for the future.

“It’s just a shock and a major tragedy,” he said.




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