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Drive To live

Green Key Road is one of my favorite places, the Road becomes a Peninsula at the end. Lush with Nature Preserves, it is a place where I go to get away from the hustle and bustle of Living, a place where I go to find inspiration. It is this type of Living I had in mind when I bought my Car. That’s why I appreciate my Car and treat it with the utmost of respect. Not to impress anyone that it is a Technological wonder that says good by when I no longer need it’s service, or the fact that I can take it up to one seventy. Or that I am one of the best Motorist on the roadway, its about getting it from point A to point B in one piece. To accomplish that, you need to follow Road safety. Signaling is not an option, not an occasional thing you do at your discretion. Traveling in packs side by side and tailgating is a foolish way of Driving, and is unsafe.

Excessive Speed Kills, if not it causes mangling of fine Contours, ten M.P.H over the speed limit keeps you away from the Herds. It also keeps you from developing Points on your License. The way that I love Driving, losing my License would be equivalent to losing my wife, because my Car is my other Woman. Without your Driving privileges you can’t go to the Places I go to forget about Life for a while. At that point Life comes cascading down on you like an Avalanche, no Job no social Life, worse no Freedom of the Road, which to me is like Freedom of Speech. When I get behind the wheel the only thing on my mind is the operation of the Vehicle, also Music to keep me calm cool and focused, not to distract me. In Text Book talk Focusing on the Task is Tantamount, taking your Eyes off the Road for one second depending on the rate of speed can be Deadly. One day while Traveling from Pennsylvania to N.Y I pulled over at a Rest Area, getting back on the Highway rolling at less than two miles P.H, Tuning the Radio and not paying attention, I jumped the Curb, damaging my Rim and Tire. Two seconds that’s all it took and Baam! If I was traveling at sixty and hit the Curb the Car would have flipped. No One goes out looking for Accidents, its the things that we do that creates them. My car allows me to Text from the Dashboard, to some People that’s like pointing a loaded gun while they are sneezing. Today’s Automobiles are so Technologically equipped accident statistics should be dropping, but they keep going up. That’s a reflection on the Drivers. The original concept of this Website was to focus on Safe driving but I got distracted . Distraction behind the wheel can change your whole life.

There are other factors such as Driving Impaired. Precious was a Childhood friend, one Night she went to a party, coming Home she chose to ride with a Drunk, that was the last decision she made on this Earth, only nineteen. The Driver hit a light pole, she hit the Windshield, the Driver in a state of near Comatose suffered not a scratch. Overconfidence also Kills, five young Boys out on the Town on a Saturday night. Gary and Owen both twenty, both owners of brand new Cars. Charles and I both seventeen year old riding with Gary. We went to a party, everyone had no less than two mixed Drinks, the Drivers had three or four. While bouncing from one party to another, racing at speed of up to one hundred and twenty miles per hour. We did not come up on the exit Ramp, it came up on us, not enough distance to brake properly, we entered the Curbed Ramp at ninety mph. Our Car navigated the Ramp on two wheels, without my clawing myself from making contact with the steering wheel we would all be Dead. How ignorant of young people to be so adventurous, not taking Driving seriously.

Adults who don’t follow Road Rules are equally Dangerous, commuting a hundred miles a day for twenty five years and waiting until you are a half a mile from your exit Ramp to get in the proper lane is beyond Stupid. Being compressed with Steel and Glass is not my idea of going Peacefully. Attitudes behind the wheel is childish and immature, many times people who cut me off within two Cars length, I later pass exchanging information or in a Ditch. Good Driving is a state of Mind like Chess, to each action there is a reaction. If you have been Driving for fifty years, and you never bothered to learn the right way, you don’t know what you are doing, that makes you Dangerous. Once I entered an eight mile incline, only to realize on two inches of snow that I had no Brakes. If I had panicked, I would not be here to tell you that I used my emergency Brakes, gently applying and releasing along with downshifting, eight miles to the bottom. If that’s not Driving to Live, I don’t know what is, there were bottomless drops to my Left all the way. I didn’t care if the transmission bursts in Flames, I was bent on Living. Finally, Driving is my Passion and that is why I Drive to Live.

I Drive to Live

Tommy Boy Where Are You

Parenting is not for everyone. Everyone does not necessarily make a good Parent. Tommy Boy was named after his Dad Tom Jr, Tom Senior Died from Alcohol related Diseases. He would sit at the Bar from the time it opened to closing time, killing himself uncaring of the Family’s loss. So by and by thats how he went. The only good thing that came from him Dying that way, taught his only Son the dangers of Alcoholism. Junior would not drink a Beer if you poured it in his Mouth, so from one ill fated Life a new one was born with good judgment. Tom did well in School, never went on to higher education because he became a Father early in life. Tommy Boy was his only Child as he was his Dad’s only. He Loved that Child more than Life itself, whatever it needed he facilitated, that Child needed plenty. Tommy Boy was born with more than one congenital defects.

Before he was nine years old he had numerous operations that some adults would have found to be challenging. He was a wonder Boy, Tom worked long hours to be ready for the next time he was told that Tommy Boy needed to go to Children’s hospital in Philadelphia, which was an ongoing project. Just when it seemed like Tommy Boy had a fighting chance for survival, which up to this point was always touch and go Day by Day. The Doctors had done wonders to help him to see his tenth Birthday. Mothers are a special Breed, they will walk through Fire to save their Kids, they would go hungry so their Kids can eat, and that is a fact. I remembered once when my Mother was dealing with health issues, we were struggling, putting food on the Table was a Day to Day struggle. One day she cooked a pot of Stewed Beef, left the house for a while, all along licking her Chops that we were going to eat well tonight. Unbeknownst to her that disappointment had came to her Door in the form of her eldest son. My half Brother was a Bastard of a Human being, totally uncaring of anyone else.

While we were struggling he made good Money in Construction, never threw us a Dime in our times of desperation. Anything she got from him was through Begging, then he would throw a five like it was a hundred. On that day Big Brother entered the house, found that five quarts pot of Stewed Beef, being a big Boy with a big Gut and a small Heart, he ate all but one serving. My other Brother and myself shared the remnants, mother went to bed Hungry. Even though that’s not unique of a good Mother I never forget that Day. Anyway getting back to Tommy Boy, his Parents failed him miserably. Knowing all his Maladies and his under development, one early morning Fire, everyone in the House made it out and on to the Sidewalk, then someone asked where is Tommy Boy. That Fire claimed the Life that refused to be extinguished ten years. When the Fire was extinguished Tommy Boy was found behind his Bedroom door, where he was overcome by Smoke, too weak to open. All my life through any situation my Kids were always first, as it were in my Mother’s Life.

Dear Lady Jane

One of the scariest places in life is a Nursing Home, it’s like being under Lock down. They think for you, they Breathe for you, they even tell you when they think you are Dead, when you are right there and some Idiot behind a stethoscope is saying that you are. Jane was a great Friend of mine, I met her while working in a Nursing Home, our meeting was designed by Faith. My first Day of work I was assigned the west Wing where she resided. On first contact I entered her Room and introduced myself, letting her know what services I was there to perform. Must have been my mannerism, but we bonded instantly. Jane was an eighty years old Irish Lady from the old Country, filled with Brogue and Flaherty-generous-ruler-well behaved . She recounted to me how she had made it to this point, including when she entered fine Homes through the Back Door as a Domestic, how the Nursing Home sold her Home to pay for her upkeep, and how her Children were negligent. I consoled her letting her know that her situation wasn’t unique, I told her that Children have a way of forgetting all that their Parents have done for them. From that day on I had adopted a Mother.

I mentioned this to my own Mother by calling her my #1 Mother, in her state of Dementia, she asked me how many Mothers do you have, as square as a Box. I explained to her that she would always be #1 however Jane would also be a mother in my life. As long as both Mothers lived I dedicated at least one hour a Day seven days a week, which I used to keep them grounded and focused. When Dementia is your enemy, you need a friend each and every Day to give you that moment of clarity. Without that moment of clarity, your whole Day is a Fog. When I met Jane she was one hundred percent Bed ridden, would not eat and withdrawn from Life. Within a short time I got her to eat, socialize and exercise physically and mentally to the point of having her Meals in the Dining Room. I was proud of my efforts to rehabilitate her even though that was not my Job. The entire staff was amazed by what I had accomplished with Jane, knowing that they had given up on her as she had given up on life herself. My friendship gave her the encouragement needed to deal with the Bungee drop of a Nursing Home.

With Dementia, once they realize that they are losing it, and always in a state of confusion, they withdraw and slip into depression. It’s for you the live wire to put the spark in their lives by extending yourself to them, you listen no matter how foolish or far fetched their stories, never patronize them or tell them that you don’t believe them. Most importantly always tell them that you Love them, in my case I was not just blowing Smoke. I truly Loved them both, I should be wiser than Salomon, as long as I can remember I have always enjoyed the company of older people, drawing on their knowledge and wisdom that age has bestowed. As I have mentioned in earlier pots, even at fifteen I was hanging out with grown-up people. I attribute my Education to these people, the only thing School taught me was to Read and Write, everything thing else, how to be a Man, a friend, a model Citizen, a Human, a good Neighbor, everything that matters in how to Live and interact, they taught me. My Mom’s did a great job on me that is why I am compelled to carry on their Legacy.

I Trespassed on Lady Jane, inquiring about her past, her youth, the high points and the lows in her Life, I asked for advice on Relationships and Life. She didn’t Minced Words, after all the age disparities were great, so if she called me a Fool, I said yes Ma’am. Dementia Patients love to talk about their past their long term Memory is usually much better than the short term Memory. Jane and I was great friends for life and beyond, every morning after clocking in, I would go to her Room and give her a kiss. A Nursing Home can be a wretched place for Neglect, Incompetence and poor care. After all the time and effort put in bringing her back to the living, one fateful morning I went to her Room to give her kiss, as I had always done once we became friends. She said Toony, that’s how she pronounced Tony, I feel something awful, I kissed her Forehead. Now I had an awful feeling, she was cold as Ice as if the Heart had stopped and the Brain was on borrowed time.

I alerted the Nurse on duty at the Nurse’s Station, who just happened to be the assistant Nursing Director. She was someone totally inept and unfit for the job she held, but educated in how to push paper, which is a Nurse’s primary function in a Nursing Home. Incidentally the visiting Doctors are equally inept with their Moonlighting efforts. When the assistant Nursing Director finally got around to going to Jane’s aid she placed her Hand on Jane’s Forehead, quickly exited the Room, did not take any Blood pressure, didn’t use a stethoscope, but she informed me that my Friend was ok. Now this was someone I overheard telling another Nurse that she didn’t know how to do CPR, yet she was the Assistant director of Nursing. Within a half an hour the news struck me like a Hammer, my sweet Lady Jane was Dead. From that day on I hold a deep Contempt for incompetence in the Workplace, no matter where. It’s like a Sacrifice in Dying, her’s opened my Eyes to the Danger of Nursing Homes.

Your Friend Tooney

Stand up Dad- Revisited

What kind of World are we living in, a Man who chose to stand tall in the face of adversity,and raise his Children, after their Mother absconded with another Man. Left to hold the Bag, this man in his prime chose to be a good Father and a great Provider. Most Men would not have embraced the Job of raising two Girls alone. Instead they would relish their status of being single again, and be out sowing what’s left of their wild Oats. Phil did a great job raising his Kids,even affording them a College education. That was not enough for his Kids, they finished their Education and moved back Home with bad attitudes, bad mindedness, and totally unappreciative of the sacrifices he made. Their behavior have been abominable, spoiled rotten grown-up Brats that should be living on their own. They are uncaring of his happiness, evil Souls that shares his Roof, bent on stressing him to the point of Death, so they can inherit all that he has worked for in his Life.

How devious begrudging him of one happy moment in this unforgiving Life. For all that he has done for them, you would think that they would move on with their ill fated lives that awaits them, I say ill fated because I am a firm believer in Karma. Sad to say they have grown Roots in this Man’s Home, it must be the gracious design that keeps these Vampires close to the Roost, I know it’s not Love. He has ejected them more than once with the help of the Law, but they keep coming back, and he keeps taking them back, with the kind heartedness of a Saint. This Man possess a Heart of Gold, and his rewards, they subject him to constant miseries.

His Marriage is on the Rocks from his new Wife’s observations of how they treat him with disrespect, and the repugnant treatment they dish on her. Keeping in mind that these two People have invested so much in their upbringing after their no good Mother abandoned them. They have made it their life’s ambition to wreck this Marriage, I guess they don’t deserve a moment’s happiness. My opinion of this situation is these Girls have a deep rooted haterage for their Mother for abandoning them. Their Dad is the closest reminder, so they shower him with disrespect. Sometimes the truth is right under our noses, but instead of listening to our Minds we listen to our Hearts. If I listened to my mind, more times than not, I would be ahead of the game. Your Hearts will always give you if, ands, or but. These are people who steals your moments of clarity, your peace of Mind and your happiness. Flesh and Blood or not, they need to go their own way, these are conniving selfish people. Sad to say you made them, but you have no control of their Human Souls, of who they choose to be. I once knew a Minister’s son who was wild as they come. I have never set foot in Phil’s Home but I can see it through my Mind’s Eye, sprawling Waterfront and Gracious Style, the Girls would sell theIr Soul’s to control.

If I was in Phil’s predicament, the house that they love so much, that keeps them chained to his feet, the same House that is to become his Tomb. I would put it on the Market so low, it would be sold in one week. I would then take my wife and distance myself from the ones I love, that doesn’t mean my Wife and I any good. Sometimes you have to abandon the ones you love to save your own life. I have done that before and have no regrets, people I gave the Shirt off my Back, and in gratitude they gave their Ass to kiss. Philip need to give his Kids the kiss off so he can live the remainder of his years in tranquility with his wife. At present the House is in such Turmoil, it’s not a happy Home with three Women living under the same Roof. Philip my friend those ar’nt Kids you got there, they are Vampires trying to suck the Life from you, Dying is easy, living is hard. Parenting is the hardest job in the World, you have done a tremendous Job, it’s even harder to turn your Back on your Kids. As the songstress puts it ” take these Chains from my Heart and set me free so I can live my life again “.


P.s The Bible says if your right hand offend you cut it off.

Look And Learn

He used Absinthe and Digitalis

As Drug Overdose Deaths Escalate, Opioids Continue to Be the Top Killer
The increasing number of opioid-related deaths in Massachusetts show the state is one of the hardest hit in the nation by the growth of the highly-potent opioid fentanyl.

The number of deaths related to opioids in Massachusetts has risen exponentially in recent years, reaching an estimated 1,979 deaths in 2016 — a sharp rise from 918 deaths in 2013, according to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

“The opioid epidemic continues to threaten individuals and families all across Massachusetts and the country,” the state’s governor, Charlie Baker, said in a statement last week.

He said the state is working to stem the rise of the drug epidemic by “further increasing treatment options and expanding support for law enforcement and their efforts to arrest and convict drug traffickers who prey on vulnerable people, selling them more and more deadly and addictive substances.”

While heroin may be the most well-known illicit opioid, fentanyl appears to be more deadly to drug users in the state. After reviewing toxicology reports from 1,374 opioid-related deaths in 2016, where the reports were available, the department found 75 percent were positive for fentanyl.

Fentanyl is a powerful opioid usually prescribed for chronic pain in advanced cancer, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). It can be 50 to 100 times more potent than heroin.

Drug Overdose Deaths Drive Increase in Number of Organ Donations
Canada Approves Prescription Heroin to Combat Opioid Crisis
But the state said that the fentanyl they are seeing most is the illicit variety, which is a powder often mixed with either heroin or cocaine to amplify its effects. Users of illicit fentanyl may not know they are being exposed to a much more lethal substance.

The rate of opioid-related overdose deaths in Massachusetts has increased 26 percent from 2014, rising from 20.4 deaths per 100,000 people to 25.8 deaths per 100,00 people. This number is higher than the rate of death for suicides in the U.S., 13.4 deaths per 100,000, and the rate of death from car accidents, 11.1 deaths per 100,000 residents.

The number of fentanyl encounters more than doubled across the U.S. from 5,343 in 2014 to 13,882 in 2015, according to the CDC, and Massachusetts showed more than a 500 percent increase, along with New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and Ohio.

“We are committed to ending the opioid epidemic and will continue our efforts no matter how long it takes,” Massachusetts Secretary of Health and Human Services Marylou Sudders said last week, adding that the governor’s new budget proposed $145 million for funding to help treat and prevent substance abuse.

While deaths have continued to rise, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health pointed out that were rising at a slower rate in the last few years. Additionally Baker has been working to fight the ongoing opioid crisis in the state since arriving in office in 2015 by spending $180 million on treatment and prevention programs, in addition to launching initiatives to lessen the stigma around drug addiction.

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Look and Learn

It totally behooves me why People refuses to learn from others mistakes. The list of People who have lost their lives to Drugs, could fill volume of Books. I grew up in the seventies, the Era of the Drug Culture, which was overshadowed only by the Opium epidemic that overwhelmed China during the seventeen Century, that produced seventy million addicts. The numbers could have been much higher for all we know, back then we didn’t have Computer generated Statistics. When I was fourteen I was introduced to Drugs by members of a very opulent family. The oldest Boy had a great Job with a large Utility company, yet he sold Drugs, Weed and Coke. The sister who followed him died at thirty six years old from Cancer, caused by the Derivatives of manufacturing Coke. The Sister that followed her, worked for the Airlines, who I suspected was the Mule, now that’s what I call a Family Enterprise. She got Busted in some Third World Country that was a major producing hot spot in the seventies and was never heard from again.

The Brother that followed her twelve years old attended Catholic school, while I was in my first year at Taft the Bronx. John had access to his Brother’s inventory. Please follow me on this train of taught, an opulent family, smart Kids, and all this access, what can you expect from kids growing up in the Hood. Being a sharp Kid growing up in the seventies,I could not help noticing the massive influx of Drugs in Poor Neighborhoods looked very much like Genocide to me. I do not know what prompted Ronald Reagan to start a war on Drugs, when all the Barn Doors have been left open for so long. The first time I got high was by a twelve year old that I don’t know how long he had been doing it. All I know is we were on the Basketball Court in back of a School when John whipped out a fat Joint, set fire to it, took a drag, sucked it down and held, released a cloud of smoke like a Chimney, like his name was Bob Marley. Me being the most adventurous and gregarious person I took my first hit of Columbian Gold, needless to say I got wasted. Five hours later we found our Legs to walked home. With all that access to the finest Weed grown all over the world, by my second year in High School I was lucky my Brain wasn’t cooked. In High School Coke and Heroin was around but only used by losers.

I learned from Jimmy Hendricks and Janis Joplin what the hard stuff would do to you. By the time I finished H.S. all my favorite Rock stars were Dead. Backing up to when I was fifteen, John and I went to a party that Juveniles should not have been. I walked pass a room where the Door was slightly ajar, there were six people on their knees. It appears that someone had dropped a large amount of Coke on the carpeted floor, what I saw left a lasting impression on me. They all Vacuumed the Carpeted floor with their Noses. Why would I ever wanted to Injest anything that would make a Monkey out of me like that.

While going to School and working, I was further Mortified by the use of hard Drugs. A coworker of mine, seventeen years old, stumbled out of the Bathroom, arm still strapped, collapsed on the Floor and dies in front of me. Why in the World would I ever wanted to strap my arm and Die like that, a painful horrific way to go. From that point no one had to tell me to just say no. At Taft HS I met what could have been the greatest Basketball Player ever lived, we called him Puss, indicating that there was only dead Blood Cells running through his vains, from all the Drugs he did. He would come to School and stay outside on the Court all Day, I guess that practice do make perfect, he never missed a half Court shot, long before the three pointer was considered. They say that some Opiates sharpened your perception, not the stuff that was accessible to me like African Gungi, sometimes I would take one hit on my way to School and be stoned all Day. How could I have understood Shakespeare and Hemingway. However I did grasp some of Edgar Allan Poe. All I am saying is some of the better Strains puts a beating on Brain function and development, along with other long term effects. The hard stuff took away some of the best Musicians that I have ever heard .

Many years later I went to a party in Central park, in the middle of the week, hosted by the Jefferson Starship, Grace was Slick. I believe that she never was better. There had to be a ton of Greenery being passed around, the Embers never went out. The Natives on the twentieth floors of the nearby Buildings got high on contact, I even noticed Men in Blue getting Stoned. The message was morbid. Here is a list of great Minds who were users sending the wrong message.
Charles Dickens-opium, Morgan Freeman-weed, Steve jobs-lsd, Sherlock Holmes Coke and Morphine- speedball, Adolph Hitler- crystal meth, Sigmund Freud-Coke Martha Stewart- marijuana, Francis Crick-LSD,Thomas Edison Cocaine, Stephen king-a little bit of everything, Benjamin Franklin- Opiates, Bela lugosi- Heroin, Horward Hughes-Codeine and valium, Oliver Stone-weed Phil Jackson-weed. The Government don’t do enough in the way of Education, the Jails are filled with Kids arrested for small Possession, let’s end the madness I am Shouting at you There is no Hope in Dope.

Boomerang Toy

Teaching kids responsibility goes far beyond teaching them to pickup their Toys, staying out of trouble, staying away from Drugs and low Life friends. When my Brother and I became Teenagers, my Mother told us not to bring home any Stray Cats, by becoming Parents with no game plan. Bluntly spoken do not go out there making Babies for her to take care of. Her exact Words I raised you and I am not going to take care of your indiscretions. That is solid advice to keep your Drawers up, solid advice on responsibility. Terry was a Handsome young man, he should have traveled with a stick to beat off his followers of Beautiful young women, who could not wait to drop their dainties for him. However he didn’t, he embraced his status, his Phone was never quiet.

One Day one of his Conquest shows up at his Door with the fall out of his Boomerang Toy, a beautiful child with all his Features. The first words out of his Mouth, its not mine, no backtracking, no paternity test, it’s not mine. How is that for responsibility knowing he had unprotected sex with this Girl, not caring if she can provide for the Child, not caring about her state of mind. Responsibility was not in his vocabulary. The Players Lifestyle is a divisive destructive one, Pretty Boy Fly Girl throwing it around with reckless abandon, not knowing that the Boomerang always return. Naturally it’s not yours, it’s a gift from the Tooth fairy for leaving your Condoms under your Pillow. Not talking to Kids about the irresponsibility of Promiscuity creates the Players Culture. Once I observed two fourteen years old frolicking in the Swimming pool, the way their Bodies were in Synchronization you could tell that they have been doing it for a while.

Where were their Parents to tell them that they were playing with Fire, and that if a Child gets Pregnant that early, Education is basically over. My friend Greg became a Father at seventeen, being a stand up Guy, a good provider and Man, he never saw the the benefits of good Education for the rest of his Life. That moment of indiscretion changed his Life forever. Too many Kids nowadays posses what I call the Rabbit mentality, young Girls Dressed up like Hookers, young Boys Sniffing around like a Dog in Heat. In High School we had a running Joke, whenever a Girl wasn’t at her Desk for a while we would say she got Knocked up, sad but many times true. Sometimes you the Parents need to grow a pair and put your foot down. When I had a Job that kept me Travelling, and my wife working, my youngest son maintained a revolving Door. At seventeen I told him to start looking for a Job. He curtailed his activities, because he did not want the responsibilities of paying Rent. Kids will put their Foot in you Ass if you let them. This is not from any Textbooks, it’s from been there done that. If you don’t teach them the responsibilities of having Sex, their Boomerang Toy will return at your Doorstep.



To all my friends World over. The Website has gone through major changes, for the most it is better than before. Visits have skyrocketed, the biggest problem is the Pipeline of comments have been interrupted by all the work done to improve the Site. The reply pages have been discontinued on ninety five percent of the Blogs. I need to know how I am doing, please post comments on the Blogs that allows comment, Thank you .
Your Fan Anthony.
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