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Some days its a Dog’s life

The way they have those Dogs trained, you have your nerves calling them Dumb Animals. These Dogs have more style and Grace than many of us, walking upright. If the time and effort invested in these Canines, producing such success, why is it not the same with Children. Are you telling me that Humans have learning disabilities in performance of their training, molding and Grooming by their Parents. If you have a Pet and you don’t corral it’s behavior, you let them run wild trashing your House, without scolding and admonishing them all because you Love them. When they get out on the Street they will be Hell to pay. I hate to say it it’s exactly the same with Kids. My Mother once told me a story of a young Man on his way to be Executed, called his Mother to his Cell Door in a whisper, bit her Ear off, telling her that’s for not telling me that I couldn’t get away with Murder. By not structuring their lives and letting them know that there are limitations and consequences, you are raising a nuisance to Society. People who don’t think that their Poop stink, are Rude and Obnoxious, a step further, they think they can commit Murder, they think they can commit Rape with impunity. Don’t take my word, look at all the Rapes in College Dorms, blame it on the Booze, as Jamie says blame it on the aaaaaaaa Alcohol. No I am blaming you the parents. When my Kid came home from College, gets dropped off in front of my House, Barfed his guts out on my sidewalk, I told him the next time he did that his belongings would be next to his Puke. Never drank a Beer before College, extra curricula activity I guess.

Whenever they gets harsh Sentencing, you weep, is it for them, or for you because you didn’t do your Job. Well Rounded out People are a Rare Breed, we all have our faults, abnormal Genes, Idiosyncrasies and big Attitudes, larger than Life egos. But most of us control them so we blend in Society, and not be antisocial. I can not stop beating the Drum about curtailing grown-up activities in front of children. Case in point, a fifteen year old whose Testosterone was so peaked he Raped a day care worker sixty two years his senior. No one can tell me that he was not exposed to sexual activities very early in life. None the less a deranged little Bastard, abusing a senior citizen. As I have mentioned in earlier posts, I was exposed to sex at eleven by a fifteen year old Nymphomaniac, at fourteen manhandled by a Rapist Teacher, bust his Ass and walked away a Virgin.
I survived and lived to be telling you that exposing kids to sex before they can read is bad business. Promiscuity leads to a Dog in Heat, I once observed a Dog in Heat humping a Mail Box, a lot of Men suffer the Mail Box maladies. Kendrick Morris did.

At sixteen years old he committed his second Rape, this time a beautiful young woman, a High School Senior who was getting ready to attend College. I have always believed that Rapists maintained a total disrespect of another Person to force themselves upon others, with the self gratification of dominance. Kendrick possessed all the above, except this time, the attack on this poor Girl the psycho was un leashed. The young Woman now twenty six as of this date have not recovered the ability to walk eat or speak, the beating he gave her was to render her silence. At the first sentencing he got Life, the bleeding Hearts balked he was a minor when he tried to kill the victim. His second sentencing got him sixty years, long enough to become somebody’s Wife. I hope you squeel like a Pig and Bark like a Dog. I guess that’s one Soul that could not have been Saved.



My Nemesis

The lack of cordiality and civility has put a great strain on my good upbringing and training. I was taught that being polite with the excessive use of please and thank you were indications of being Polished. Being Polished shows that you are well rounded. Being raised by a single Mom, Chivalry was my Armor. Nowadays I hesitate to hold the Door for a Beautiful Woman, because I am tired of that Air Head look that I get from them. The look is not acknowledgement, or a smile of gratitude, much more to open their Mouths to say thank you. As the saying goes “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, because I get the same ill mannered look from some Senior Citizens. So there it is how can you expect different from the Kids. There is a great difference in being raised up and being dragged up.

Again with the look like as if I was stupid or it was my Job to hold the Door. Who raised these People with that mindless glare,my Mother always told me that please and thank you were fundamentals of Social Graciousness, and most of all excuse me. Two people enter the same space at the same time, the civilized one say excuse me the other say Oops what the heck does oops mean, I think it means you are too ignorant to be polite. It’s that type of incivility that created Road Rage, taken to the limit not respecting one’s Borders and Right to exist has started many Wars. In everyday life it has started many fights and Gunplay, in the land of the Blind where the One Eye man with the Gun is King it is of the essence to be Civil. In my Hometown Tampa Florida a loving Husband and Father sitting in a Movie Theater minding his own business, not watching the Movie instead he was Texting.

A moment of incivility was about to blow out of proportion, another Patron asked him to stop doing that, Androids don’t make noise like old Typewriters did. In a perfect case of not respecting one’s Borders and Right to exist. The One Eyed man with the Gun, a retired Policeman pulled his Gun shot and killed this man in front of his Wife and child, along with scores of horrified patrons. One Eyed because of their Tunnel vision. These Cyclops consider themselves good Citizens, how so when your incivility causes destruction. Now do you see the need to be Civil with each encounter, because you don’t know who the Nut is Packing a Gun. Wyoming 1816 never left, the Duke mentality is still prevalent, Smile when you say that Partner.

Gimme My Freedom

Relationships are like the uncertaininty of the Ocean, Rip tide under currents, drop off of the Ocean floor and Sunami Waves, to wash your Dreams away. You meet someone you been waiting for all your life, they fit the bill, you go steadily for a long time, finally you are Married. You survive each other’s quirky Idiosyncrasies for a lifetime, then all of a sudden the Ocean’s Floor disappear. You are now over your Head in the deep waters of a Relationship. As I have mentioned in an earlier Post, Relationships are for the weakening of the Soul and Spirit also the destruction of the weak. After years of Marriage one Day the Idiot pops out and they wants their Freedom. Not from anything you’ve done or didn’t do. The effect of such abrupt separation leaves a lasting impression on your Psych.

If that is the case how come you started in this relationship not knowing what you are looking for in a relationship. If you wanted to be alone, or the other Person didn’t fit your Dreams why lead someone on in believing that you are trustworthy and deserving of their time. They build their lives around you, even making a Family. When all the time you don’t even know what you are looking for in a relationship, a good provider and Father, a great Wife and Mother, and great Sex all around. Maybe all you are looking for in a relationship is someone to Dress you up and take you out every weekend flashing you like a Diamond, that’s all good, so stay single and live the Players lifestyle. Don’t lead someone on in believing that you are the Marrying kind, when all you see in them is only a Meal Ticket. I once knew a Man who was groomed like a Movie Star, his Women Runway types a guy like that wouldn’t be thinking of his Kids College Fund, but instead run out and buy a Botany 500 Suit to feed his Ego that he’s still got it, yet this is the Man you choose, you and your Kids would never be first in his Life. A guy like that would always be on the lookout for your replacement.

Remind’s me of the story about the Dog with a delicious Bone, saw his own Shadow, chased the shadow of the other Bone, only to return and found his gone. A lot of men Humps everything except the Mailbox, I call it the Dog and his Shadow syndrome, why do these People waste other People’s Lives by getting into Relationships thats bound to be derailed by infidelity.

Adulthood, a time to exercise all you have learned about Life.

All God’s Creatures

Why do Birds suddenly appears whenever you are near, because their senses are of exceptional clarity. They sense love, kindness and hostility, that is why some people are so easily befriended by many lower Species. We are blindfold to these senses, essentially when it comes to relationships. We are basically controlled by emotions and Harmones, which blindfolds our perceptions of all others. Since nine or ten I have been a Nature lover, in those early years my Brother and I spent many hours in the Woods, soaking up the wonders of Nature. We observed many species, mostly Birds some we admire some we captured, wild game like Turkey we would bring our seasoning and roast them in a Fire pit. If given the opportunity to revisit my adolescence I probably would not have returned.

Over the years living in Cities we lost touch with our love for Nature, a great loss for kids living in the Concrete jungle of urban Dwellings. If they don’t visit Zoos, which can’t be compared to a Rare specie that flies right up to you and pearch within three feet of where you are, observing you long enough to where they feel safe enough to land on your shoulder. Many years later while visiting one of my favorite places in the World, a Nature Conclave by the Susquehanna river bank in Pennsylvania. A place where once so pristine the Native American tribe which the River bears their name, dwell strive and frolic in waters of high drinking quality. They Hunt Fish and lived off the Land, a place where many Men lost their lives laying Tracks and Telegraph Poles of imminent Progress, and Settlements now known as Plains, Pocono and Wilkes Barre.

This Place humbles me to the grand Facade, while sitting on a Log admiring the Regalness of the Cardinals, I started imitating their communications in a likewise Whistle. My Whistle must have been effective, they started gathering around me, first within twenty feet, then ten then five and beyond. One landed on my Shoulder. It quickly became very scary because of the intimidating numbers in which they gathered. I sat motionless for ten minutes, the Chirping was deafening, they gathered closer and closer. My mind reflected to the Birds by Alfred Hitchcock, where those Birds attacked People. This was like Dying wide awake, the Landscape was painted with the diversity of color in one Specie. The leaves were overshadowed with a Rainbow of Feathers. Chills engulfed my entire Body with Gratitude and the fear that I was about to be attacked. The ignorant Human, I was presented the greatest Gift to Photograph and Preserve, to embrace the moment of my life, a moment as rare as coming full circle with life, instead I raised my hands to cover my face believing I was about to be attacked, that sudden abrupt gesture chased my Friends away. I have regretted that ignorant gesture for the rest of my life.

P.s. A lesson in life one ignorant gesture and the People you called Friends are gone.

To Die In Obscurity

There’s greatness in all of us, don’t forget that God made Man in his own Image. The problem is most of us never looked,many of us have realized it, but we are sidetracked by a number of things. The biggest derailment comes from procrastination, other factors like lack of ambition, lack of tenacity, pessimism, voices of criticism and denial, keeps many from attaining their goals and realizing their dreams. I have been privileged to have met an Artist of great magnitude who lived in obscurity. I met Curly while working in a menial position, everyone needs to eat, but while existing, you need to stay focused on your Craft never let it slip into obscurity. Curly was extremely gifted with Charcoal, Stencil and Graphics. He told me that he once submitted for review one of the World’s most popular Cartoons, that was plagiarized by an even more famous celebrity.

Not only did they stole his creation, but most importantly his creative spirit. Once you loose the creative spirit, you have lost your zest, without zest everything is just going through the motions. When my Associate kept my commission of a hundred and eighty thousand dollars along with a half a million in startup money, I did not roll over and play dead, I brushed myself off and kept rolling. Curly never overcome the the blow, as the saying goes “stolen water is sweet”. As of date I haven’t seen any of Curley’s Prints anywhere except on my living Room’s Wall, overshadowed by Prints by Van Gogh and Renoir. To overcome one needs to stay focused on your Craft, never let it slip into obscurity, you need to practice every day, it makes perfection, it gives you determination and will.

If you have will and determination, you can make it happen, you will find a way to shine your light on the World, refusing to keep it in the darkness of obscurity. My take on the subject is, it is better to arrive late than not at all. If you cross the finish line in the back of the pack,non the less you were in the Race and finished. A Great Fighter is not determined by the number of Flights won, but by how many times you were knocked down and how many times you got back up. If you throw the Towel in early in the Fight, it shows no character and no Tenacity. If you hang in there long enough you might wear down your opponent and declared the winner. The greatest Fight I have ever seen in my Life, was a Fight between Sugar Ray Leonard and Marvin Hagler. Both Fighter possessed a Pit Bull mentality, refusing to stay down, the Fight was declared Leonard’s, I made Money on the Fight yet felt undeserving. In my mind there were no losers they were both Winners, because of their Tenacity.

My Cousin Constance was an extremely gifted Seamstress, she had Gold in her Fingertips. She Designed and Fabricated Clothes for many Old Money who is who in America. She stood tall with many top Haberdasher in the world, she was Destined to be Great. However she was derailed by a no good Husband, he possessed a defeatist mentality . He was once an extremely Rich Man in Cuba, an elite Cigar Manufacturer, Chateaus Mansions and all. He lost everything when Castro took Power in Cuba and nationalized everything, including all American’s interest. There were a lot of Losers who bounced back, he didn’t. He lost his will and zest. My Cousin made a detrimental mistake, all he did was spend her Money like small change. He never encourage or inspired her to be Great. Instead he encouraged her to be satisfied with her station in Life. How tragic he had the know how that made him a Millionaire and could not or would not pass it on to her. Instead he chose to Live the remaining years of his life as a beaten Sour Grapes, spiteful little Man. Out of Dejectedness he chose to be a Philandering Bisexual picking up the Aids virus, and giving it to her. They Died six months apart. When you inspire to be Great your Associations are everything, the good ones will pull you up, the bad ones will drag you down into obscurity.

Artist Larry Edwards
Still unknown

She Loves Me He Love you Not

20161219_193121What is this thing called Love, is it lust misrepresented, silly emotions, a spiritual bonding, a meeting of the mind body and Soul, or is it just contagious affections. Whatever it is, I am a soldier of Love, an Olympian, with a Torch in my Heart. What did Romeo know that Juliet had not felt, did she not know that without her there be no Romero. I was ten Millie was nine, that Child Professed her Love for me to the heights of impediments. Child Prodigy have always been, is it possible she was a Prodigy of Love, a reincarnation of someone who had carried the Torch. In High School a Girl I Loved but could never be, injured my Heart critically. From there on I went through the motions for a long time. A Girl who Loved a Friend of mine was Impregnated and tossed aside irreverent of her condition and situations at seventeen. Animals in the Wild takes better care of each other than some Humans.


Same Place and time a Girl I thought I could Love, chooses my Best Friend. In Fisherman’s Lingo, you have keepers and throw backs,he definitely was the latter in all aspects. He was a Player with a Heart of Stone, self centered and unaware of others feelings except his own. Absolutely strange Bedfellows he and I, me I was looking for my soulmate, he was looking for fun. Another Girl in the Circle, Gorgeous to no end, also a Player the two could be twin Leopards with identical spots. They knew each other’s fierce preditory nature and were only cordially teasing to each other. I once told her that she was destined to be a working Girl. John on the other hand stayed steady with Coleen all through High School. Shortly thereafter they got Married and had three children. I guess Love can make a Husband out of even a Player. I stayed single till I was twenty eight, with all the Players I encountered, I was Gun shy figuring that if I met my Soulmate she could be an illusion. However on an uneventful chance meeting, not being on the prowl, I met a single mother of two Boys, in that situation most men become Dates who forget to call letting you know that something of a pressing nature came up and they won’t be able to see you ever.


I kept the Date and thirty six years later, I am happy I kept the Date. Funny how the Circle of Life revolves, my Mother was a single Mom and Men avoided her with her Baggage of two Boys. She was the most Loving, unselfish and trustworthy person I have ever known. I have seen her gave away her last Dollar to someone in need. I learned that loving giving Spirit’s should be cherished and adored. I was not about to let Laura get away from me because she had Baggage. The World is filled with Players, only out for self gratification.” Sweet dreams are made of these, some of them wants to use you, some of them wants to be used by you”. When it comes to Love, Romance and Relationships, today it seems that it’s all manufactured in Hollywood, nothing is real, it’s all a silhouette except for the Heartbreaks.

Psychology OF Anger

I love this and I thought of sharing it with you.
A professor while teaching, asked his students. Why do we shout in anger? Why do people shout at each other when they are upset?
The students thought for awhile. One said,because we lose our calm. But the professor asked again,why shout when the other person is just next to you? Isn’t it possible to speak to him or her with a soft voice? Why do you shout at a person when you are angry?
The students gave some but none satisfied the professor.
Finally,he explained, “when two people are angry at each other, there is a distance in their heart psychologically. To cover the distance, they must shout to be able to hear each other. The angrier they are, the stronger they will shout to hear each other through that great distance.
Then the professor asked,” what happens when two people fall in love?
They don’t shout at each other but talk softly, why? Because their heart are psychologically close. The distance between them is very close. The professor continued, “when they love each other even more, what happens? They don’t speak, they only whisper and they even get closer to each other in their love.
Finally, they even need not to whisper, they only look at each other and that’s all… so next time you shout on a loved one know that you are creating distance between your heart and that person’s heart. Enjoy every moment, life is easy. by Gift Miyanda