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Jean Claude

20161213_123922Association’s they can be of far reaching and chilling effect than one can imagine. You can meet Doctor Feel good one day and the next day Mr Hyde jumps out. People can be so phony when they are trying to get close to you,they will say anything and everything you want to hear. With one purpose in mind. I will suggest when starting up a relationship, you learn to read Body Language,eyes, facial and limbs gesture. Most importantly one of my High School English Literature Teacher told me always seek to find out what the author is not saying. Same goes for speeches, you have to be almost clairvoyant or a Palm Reader to weed out Jerks who only want to be intimate for a moment’s pleasure. I have always believed that if Crooks and devious people worked as hard at being honest and straightforward, success would always be at their feet.

I once knew a man in his early twenties who rose so quickly and fell as quickly because he was Slim Shady.Jean Claude was an extremely Handsome and smart young man, at twenty one he drove a Rolls Royce, paid three thousand dollars per month rent on Central park South. He dated Runway Models, or the type. His secret, he was a Shamster, a crooked operator nothing he said or did was on the encounter with him was memorable, he had access to all kinds of Products. I started selling industrial Hand Soap with him, the kind Mechanics used. We did well with that product,so we added other industrial products. One in particular a Gel that lined the inner wall of Tires, when the Tire got punctured the Gel would seal the hole.

The Product turned out to be a million dollar idea, and is now on the shelves of every Auto Parts stores today. The reason I am not a millionaire today is because Jean was a Thief. He came up with the idea of setting up Franchises with the product. I did all the leg work setting up the first fifty outlets at ten thousand dollars per outlet. My commission to be one hundred and eighty thousand dollars.Jean took off with the entire half Million, did not set up one Distribution center. His actions got me unfavorable mention by the FBI, he made most wanted.The FBI had no interest in me, I wasn’t the one with the Loot. We had the World by the Brass and for a measly half a million he tossed it. That is what happens when Greed is your agenda. This is a problem with Relationships that I contend with, if a person is crooked by nature, they are usually untrustworthy in Relationships. Jean was a Player he tossed aside Runway Types like they were worn out Shoes. I have no sympathy for them, they were attracted to the Lifestyle of the Rich and Infamous. They got their Hearts trampled on because they were attracted to a young handsome guy who flashed success that was not real and sustainable. As the saying goes be careful of what you ask for, you just might get it.