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Relationships 101

20170227_212127The most important Relationship one could encounter is marriage. Yet as Parents we don’t teach our kids anything about Relationships, the ins and outs of Relationships,trustworthyness Congeniality, confidentiality, appreciation and having someone’s back. When they start dating which is the precursor, the forerunner and treadmill of Marriage, they are green to the Gill about what to look for in the opposite sex other than Sex, which should be the latter. If you have no scruples, no dedication, no principles and no ambition, you are the last person I want to crawl in Bed with. Whereas the Dating game seems to be nothing more than an extended one Night Stand. What is the point of starting a new Relationship when you haven’t a clue of what you are looking for in a relationship. Let’s talk about Social Relationships, being a friend, two Brothers growing up, someone picks a fight with one, he has now baught two for the price of one. Girls growing into Teens, someone spreads gossip, a true friend ignores and strengthens the Relationship.


On the other hand a so called Friend gets an attitude and end the friendship, over hear say Rumors. It is important to teach them that in a relationship someone has to be the bigger Man. My Mother was the biggest Man I ever known, she would take the blame to keep a relationship strong, to keep the family together. They need to know that bygones are just that, not to dwell on trivialities and let them come between a solid Relationship. If you are good at any of the above resolutions. You are a great candidate for Marriage, because these are the characteristics of a good Partner. A solid Relationship is two am a friend calls telling you they are too Drunk to Drive, you get out of your Bed, go get them bring them home safely possibly saving lives. Someone you have known most of your Life owes you money, instead of asking what’s wrong you break off the Relationship,unknowingly that they are having financial difficulties and are at witts end of throwing themselves off a Bridge. And you are going to end the friendship that could save a life. When being a good friend you could have extended yourself, further avoiding a catastrophe.


I don’t know if anyone have told you but these are the Backbone of Marriage when Sex become tired lazy and just something to do to keep you from being bored. It doesn’t matter who you choose for your next mate, after the love is gone. If you don’t have Characteristics all you are good for is pleasure. If so you should live in a pleasure Palace. Relationships built by physical dominance by either wears themselves and you out. After a while you Hate each other for not having anything in common.

From my Mouth after thirty six years.

Solid Relationships make Marriage Work.

It’s very unnerving when your supposedly other is away from you, not knowing what they are capable of, its not all about you. Solid Relationships taught early in life could reduce a lot of Divorces. Respect,Honesty if it kills you. Appreciation, Trust and Loyalty I bellowed Appreciation to my Kids from they were nine. If a Kid don’t learn Appreciation, how are they going to Appreciate a good Mate that puts up with their Idiosyncrasies and shortcomings.

Seen Or Heard

20161213_123722Back in the old days that was the norm, Children should be seen and not heard. That phrase inhibited a lot of self esteem and psychological growth. In today’s society the norm should be Parents should not be seen or heard. Exposing Kids to grown-up life behavior and arguments should be considered child abuse. Things like sexuality Drug use and vulgar language should not be brandish in front of them. My kids have never witnessed our arguments, or overhead us berating, belittling, name calling or outright verbal assault of each other. Number one, we respect each other and the Kids to take part in such negative existence. Without mutual respect we never would have lasted thirty six years. Number two kids are like sponges they absorb everything you put in front of them. I was introduced to sex at eleven years old by an overactive fourteen years old Girl, if you put everything in front of them Monkey see Monkey do.


Sitting at my friend’s Kitchen table during a debate between Mother and Child, the nine years old boy called his Mother the B word, you could have knocked me over with a feather. Never have I witnessed this kind of behavior from a child to his loving Mother. Do you see the future woman abuser? She asked him why he called her that, he responded Daddy says you are. What I extracted from the conversation was at some point the Mother had told the Kid not to do something, he complained to Dad and he responded dont mind your Mother she is a B…h. My God what horrendous Parenting. Another four years old I knew used the F word frequently copying his Dad. Parents can be the worst influence on Kids. Just about every living Organisms on this Earth can reproduce, Plants, Birds, Animals and Humans. As for the latter it comes with responsibility of nurturing, training and moulding. A great number of us making Babies are oblivious to the huge responsibility ahead, and are irresponsible with the task of parenting.


Having Children is a life changing experience, if your existence before was reckless and unbecoming of a parent, all that should change for the benefit of the Child. I am not saying that you should go through Religious Transformation. However certain adults behavior should be curtailed in front of Children. As I have said they are like sponges, they absorb their environment, your bad traits, vulgarity bad lifestyle and all. If you have no principles scruples or temperance, neither will they. Plan Parenthood should be of World Wide focus in the same League as Child abuse,Alcoholism,Drug addiction. Having Children in a moment’s pleasure with no game plan of accepting the role of Parenting, is a slap in the face of God’s Decree, go forth and Procreate. Procreation comes with the huge responsibility of care and upbringing. By not accepting the responsibility, all you are doing is littering the world.

The Windows Of My Soul

20170209_205637I am looking at you looking at me, and all I see is angry Eyes. The things your Eyes wishes me is beyond my deserving. Evidently you don’t know me, the person that I perceive myself to be and asend to be. The person I have evolved into makes me look back at my youthful years, Wondering how did I get to this point. A little voice whispers Mother, she was an educator, a visionary and a Sculpture. She taught me how to Live in all Faucets of life, to be at peace with myself, the community, my mortality and All of Life’s Forces. Her vision of my life is exactly what she had perceived, when I was at my worst and deserving of abandonment. She saw the person I was designed and destined to be. She preached, teached and advocated my life to God when she saw a life bent on oblivion. Far too many Parents give up on their Teens without a fight leaving them stranded in the oceans of Life. After hitting bottom so early in life, they absorb any ill fated advice that comes their way.

My Nemesis

My Nemesis

She Sculptured the Rocks in my Head and dissolved the density with enlightenment of the fact that Jesus laid down his life for our betterment. If I believe the Mythology of Zeus,Apollo and Ulysses, and the touted greatness of Hannibal and Khan, why should I not believe that Jesus could have averted his situation effortlessly. A man without convictions and beliefs is just a hollow chamber, the chambers of my Soul is filled with gratitude. Some find conviction to be stranger than fiction, if you can’t feel and touch it, then keep it. What a hollow place for your soul to dwell. That is what most people don’t see when they peek through my Windows, a person who wants to be one with his Being, empathy for those less fortunate than him in constructing taughts like these. Embracing the Fellowship of Man, not Living on an Island of hate distrust and beguiling. Even with all these great insight, when I look around and see all the evil in Man it leaves me holding on to my beliefs by a thread.


Non the less I keep holding on to yesteryears when great Souls traveled before,in hope there’s reincarnation and they do return to spread enlightenment. Blissful with gratitude for Life, a fool in your eyes. Well my friend the Lord looks at Babies and Fools. The numerous times my life should have ceased, I have lost count. In the year nineteen ninety two while working for Solomon Brothers, after contributing years of trustworthy employment, I put in for a transfer to one of it’s most prestigious locations. The location I requested was One World Trade Center, my transfer was denied because of antagonistic Superiors. That year I tendered my resignation, cashed in my Portfolio, for all Cash for the self satisfaction of mentally flipping them the Bird. The Tellers at the Bank taught I was crazy exiting the Bank with a Manila Folder filled with Cash, into the Streets of N.Y. As it was I am an impulsive Soul. That was it I said to myself I gave up on New York, tentatively moved to Pennsylvania where I watched on Television the Towers fall. Something I could never explained while watching, Chills engulfed my entire Body knowing that my spirit was in the Building with the ones I loved. Talking about Revelations, when they turned down my request for a transfer, my Mother detected my misery and inquired what was wrong, I told her. Her response, the Lord knows best, everything happens for a reason. Open your eyes and look into my Soul what do you see. Solomon Brothers lost nine hundred Employees, nine o one is my lucky number.

Good Judgment

20170125_191154At save driving we are staunch advocates of good judgment. Last month in my Hometown a hard working man made a life and death judgment, of getting behind the wheel after drinking. That judgment call cost he and his two young sons their lives, and critically injured his wife, in more ways than one. She will carry the scars for life, that will forever remind her of her losses. Years ago while traveling the Pennsylvania Turnpike, the traffic came to standstill due to an accident ahead. I noticed a Helicopter landing on the roadway up ahead. All the parties involved were airlifted on an Ambulance Helicopter, when this is the case all are critical. When the traffic inched forward, at the scene I observed one of the vehicles involved, back door opened and a Teddy Bear was visible. At the point where the SUV was struck was a Highway Traffic Cop’s dugout, one hundred percent illegal U turn.

Yet the Driver carrying precious cargo used bad judgment around a blind bend, shattering the entire family’s lives. I can not express enough to you the contentious motorists the need for Good Judgment whenever you are behind the wheel. It’s not bad enough that you always have to be on the lookout for other Drivers that thinks driving is a joke or a game of chance, They are gambling with their lives and yours. When you don’t exercise good judgment, you are in the same Boat as they are. Never hang yourself out to dry by playing the guessing game of maybe I can make it, only make a move when you are certain that it’s safe. That extra second can save you a lifetime of regret. One should never Drive if you are not up to the task. Stay alert and focus, not in a relax mode as if you are in your Living room.

While traveling between Connecticut and Pennsylvania a coworker and friend in the lead vehicle I am following, threw a hand over the back of the seat, then his head dips forward, I slurred expletives and began honking the Horn, after a couple of seconds he woke up and swerved straight. The point is you need to know your limitations, physically or otherwise impaired. All they do, mixed with bad judgment is eliminating yours and others chance for survival. There’s never any need to test the hand of faith, that’s not what Driving is about. There are far too many people on the Road that shouldn’t be, you need to be the responsible party. In my State we have no State vehicle inspections and no fault Insurance, two catalyst for increased road hazards. The estute Driver is further tested with improperly maintained vehicles and additional insurance costs. With all this I have to pay an additional eighty Dollars a month for my Neighbors Kids uninsured vehicles, while operating with a suspended License. This is not the first suspension, no red flag seen by his Parents. So he continues racing through forty five miles an hour Zones at sixty, sometimes he even drinks. Now do you see the need for vigilance, and good judgment.

Valentine’s Blog

IMG_20160920_213527042When you gain knowledge you share it,when you have good fortune you pass it on. That’s how the circle of life exist. If you are an artist with a specialized style not imitated, you die with your Legacy. Back in six hundred BC Skills were Taught and passed through individual training of a Craft through a Protege. Gift Miyanda have always motivated me and I hope you also.

During the third century, an oppressive Roman Emperor called Emperor Claudius II had made it a capital punishment (death) to worship and serve Christ.
He had decreed the Romans to serve and worship his gods, and deprived the young Roman soldiers of getting married.
But an elderly Christian had stood his ground for his faith and had insisted on serving Jesus Christ and preaching the love of God to the young soldiers.
This was considered treason against the government.
He was arrested, sentenced to death and jailed. In the last weeks of his life in the prison, the jailer (prison commander) who observed that he was very learned and possessed very good Christian character, brought his blind daughter to him to be giving her lessons.
He taught her about God and told her many Roman histories and stories from the Bible. He taught her the love of God. The blind girl got so used to the elderly Christian prisoner. On his last night he left a note for Julia, the blind girl, encouraging her to love God and serve Him. And in ending the note, he wrote: “From your Valentine”.
His death sentence was carried out the next day, February 14, 270 A.D.
*The name of this martyr was Valentinus*, a man who died for standing for the Preaching of the Christ and teaching people about the love of God.
So, for his love for God, he was regarded as ‘Saint’.
Archaeologists have unearthed a Roman catacomb; an ancient church dedicated to Saint Valentine. During 496 AD, the Pope marked February 14 as celebration in honor of his martyrdom.
*February 14, is known as Valentine Day. But the essence of Valentine Day historically was a celebration in honor of the martyrdom of a devoted preacher, Valentinus, who stood on his faith in Christ against the devilish idolatry decrees of a Godless Emperor.*
*He preached Christ to the Roman soldiers and spread the love for God and humanity when it was a crime to do so. The day he was martyred was declared “Valentine Day”. February 14, 270 AD.*
However, the devil has rewritten history today. All over the world, the history has successfully been erased and rewritten the way the devil wanted. The reason for the DAY has been blotted out from people’s memory and a minor aspect of the whole story had been blown beyond proportion. The little card note Valentinus had left behind for Julia, her young beloved convert, whom she taught, preached to and prayed for, had ended with: “From Your Valentine”.
*On February 14, in the year 270.AD, somebody died for Christ and is now in Heaven, but on February 14, 2017, several people will die spiritual death.*
The Destinies of several young men and girls will be aborted that day, because the devil had changed the reason for the Valentine Day celebrations. He had rubbed off living and dying for Christ and replaced it with living and dying on the bed of immorality.
That day, many young girls and ladies will give their virginity away for a gift of phones, ipads, bags, clothes, and even valueless gifts as little as chocolate, sweet, fried chickens and plates of pepper-soup and salad.
By the evening of this year Feb 14, demons of fornication and adultery will invade our streets and storm our night clubs and hotels to take register of those who are dying soon of STDs, including new candidates who are going to contact HIV and AIDS.
On Feb 14 this year, forces of evil are coming down on adulterated Valentine Day to possess people with the spirit of Rape and drug abuse. Imagine the amount of pregnancy preventive drugs and materials that shall be sold. Harlots will sell that day. There will be Christian backsliders that day….BECAUSE SOME GLORIOUS DESTINIES WILL BE ABORTED ON VALENTINE DAY.
*The story of Reuben, Genesis 35:21-22a:*
21. Then Israel journeyed and pitched his tent beyond the tower of Eder.
22. And it happened, when Israel dwelt in that land, that Reuben went and lay with Bilhah his father’s concubine; and Israel heard about it.
A strange spirit came upon Reuben, the first born of Jacob, and he went and slept with his father’s young wife. Israel heard about it and said nothing. Nothing was heard about it again for many years, and we never heard that Reuben asked for forgiveness or repented or became sober about it and the matter died just like that. Really?
So many events came over it, nobody mentioned it again. He went with the rest of Jacob’s children to Egypt; he saw the glories of Egypt. He was welcomed into the palace of Joseph and ate with him in the royal palace. He grew and had many children and everything was going fine for him till the day their father would say the last prayers for them and give them his final decree.
At the point of death, whatever he said was final for life.
He gathered them together for the final blessing and began to bless them all. But he began with Reuben, the first son, who was to be the heir who should carry the highest blessings among the children.
The record was opened to his long forgotten atrocity. He thought it had been swept under the carpet. He thought he was smart and he had had a simple fun. But his father opened his mouth for his final blessing and said: Gen. 49:3-4 (NKJV)
3. “Reuben, you are my firstborn,
My might and the beginning of my strength,
The excellency of dignity and the excellency of power.
4. Unstable as water, you shall not excel,
Because you went up to your father’s bed;
Then you defiled it—He went up to my couch.
Though he was the beginning of Jacob’s strength, he was supposed to be an epitome of Excellency of dignity and power. He was to be naturally blessed and was born to be a man of natural dignity and power, but….HIS DESTINY WAS ABORTED the day he had “fun” with his father’s young wife. So, his own verdict was: *”You shall not Excel”* from a man who was anointed to proclaim a final verdict on the Sons of Israel. Reuben was destined to be a royal dignified personality above his siblings, but for that single night of ‘fun’ with that woman.
Many people will have a lot of lustful funs on Feb 14, and wake up Feb 15 morning as normal, but the truth is: long after a very hot pressing iron had been disconnected from the power source; it would still be hot for a while, until it begins to grow cold. Some power cable would be disconnected from the power source of some people on Feb 14.
Some young men and women will place their entire life virtues and destinies in the hand of marine agents that night.
Feb 14 evening is a ‘Night of Fun’, when many men and ladies will slaughter their destinies on the bed of lustful pleasure. By Feb 15 morning it is done!
Destiny Auctioned to a young man or a lady whose future has been mortgaged to the devil.
If Joseph had had a fun with Potiphar’s wife, he would never have got to the palace to see the type of Glory he saw. He escaped that trap which would have aborted his destiny on which so many lives in Egypt and Canaan land, including the lives of his generation unborn depended upon.
There is a great story in *Proverbs 7:6-27*. It is a sad story of a young man on his own “Valentine Night”.
He had thought he wanted to have a fun that night, he had thought he wanted to enjoy himself, but crashed his future in a night of fun.
*Proverbs 7:21-23*
21. With her enticing speech she caused him to yield,
With her flattering lips she seduced him.
22. Immediately he went after her, as an ox goes to the slaughter,
Or as a fool to the correction of the stocks,
23. Till an arrow struck his liver.
As a bird hastens to the snare,
He did not know it would cost his life.
I beg every child of God reading this post to send it to their loved ones especially all those whom they know have not known the true meaning of Valentine Day so that their destinies could be preserved for their glorious future.
Dear brethren, Please let’s post this write up to our young ones to guide them in escaping the devil’s traps on Valentine’s Day and pray that the power of God will prevail against the desires of the devil.
May The Lord bless us as we preach the true meaning of the Valentine’s celebration.

Tamara’s Valentine’s

20161218_115433I Have never met Tamara personally, but my inner Soul tells me she is someone with great Propensity to Love. Love will find you in the most oblivious of places and Time, many times overlooked and ignored. But when the Bug bites you are it. When we look for Love in the wrong place and wrong faces all you find is temporary engagements. Never settle for someone not capable of you loving them. Never settle for just Money.

Many passionate discussions held with Mom was that People were so insecure and untrustworthy and undeserving of one’s Love. I told her that I believed that ninety percent of people are not deserving. Her reply, then it is your Job to seek out the ten percent. Tamara is in the ten percent group, it is for that reason I live and Love, finding the other ten. I did the Club Scene for ten years nothing gained except for others gratification. I didn’t find true love until twenty eight, when all my youthful Friends taught they did and also lost, before I was Married. Remember Tamara he who laugh last laugh’s best. Early in my Marriage my younger days of intemperance carried over into my new Life.

I once woken up to use the Bathroom, still in a Drunken stupor, I saw my reflection in the antique mirror with the antique Lightings, I began fighting my reflection. I trashed it Blood and Glass everywhere, I slept the next twelve hours. When I awoke the Woman had gone to the Store and replace all, and cleaned the place like it never happened. From that day not a word was said about the incident. Now I ask you is that Love? What a Woman! And you wonder why I still Love her thirty six years later. Ain’t Love Grand. Tamara your Mister Right is out there never stop looking, my Philosophy on Love is, if you find love at any Age you are lucky, many die not ever experiencing Love. I can not express the joy of someone Believing and supporting you, even when you are less than your best. The other Love of my life did and rescued me from myself. My Mother saw my potential when I didn’t. Way later in life I am now trying to pick up the pieces, Tamara my friend when I wrote one of my first Blogs, it was your encouragement that made me write the next fifty three, this one is for you Happy Valentine’s day my Dear.

PS. Gladys puts it best, you’re #1 in my Book.

Cowardly Jackals

20161214_082207I don’t care how you slice it or how you dish it out, abuse is abuse. Weather mental, physically, verbal or psychological it’s all the same, sometimes psychological is worse than physical, because it stays with you even in your sleep. Why is it of Human nature to attack the weakest, wounded and most volnuable, in the same way a Lion would encountering a wounded prey ripping into its very Heart and Soul. Human Preditors attack the ones closest to them ripping into the fibers of their being. It tears your soul apart with the hate for their trespassing on you. Joe and Tracy were both Teenage friends of mine, growing up they found each other through our inner circle, got married right out of High School. Didn’t take them long to start a family, within two years they were blessed with two beautiful children. Joe was a good provider and Father, also a one Woman Man, he had only one extra curricula activity. Since High School he had a passion for Karate, he was a natural he advanced to Black Belt easily.

Being a Black Belt his Arms and Legs were subjected to the same rules of Law as a Prize Fighter. A stupid law if you asked me, that means if someone had it in for you and knew your limitations, they could beat you to a pulp and all you could do is cower. Tracy took advantage of the Law, whenever there were any disagreement or exchange of words she would beat this Man in front of the Children with whatever she could get her hands on. The damage caried double indemnity, to his pride and the Children’s shaping of a Father Figure. I can only express my utmost disgust for people who can only express themselves through rage. Tracy would pounce on joe with the fierceness of a Jungle Cat, many times I would see him black and blue, knowing that he was a Black Belt left me confused. My curiosity burrowed into his private life, he confide in me that one day Tracy is going to kill him. Once she got so mad she shoved with such force into the Sheetrock wall he landed in the next door Apartment. I asked him how could he stayed there and take it, he answered I love my Kids.

I have always known that there was something wrong with Tracy over the years. Her demeanor said she may have been abused,she had always projected repressed anger. Never the less many people who were abused overcome, shed their scabs and moved on and leave tragic beginnings behind, as I did. It appears to me Tracy had nurtured whatever Demons that manifested themselves from weather abuse, neglect or molestation, never the less she was someone in need of Psychiatric help, and Joe in need of Refuge. His reluctance to abandon this Marriage from Hell is a common situation in Society where enemies stay together for the Kids sake. The Kids will survive you won’t, the Bible says if your right hand offend you, cut it off.

When I was ten years old I lived next door to a Man who came home every day from work, after stopping at the Bar beat his Wife in the yard and in the House with no Curtains. All this taking on in front of me a curious male child soaking up everything to be learned in life. God has been good to me that I did not absorb that trait,thinking that it was a natural thing to beat your Woman. One thing I learned from that situation is that ninety nine percent of women beaters, are sniveling cowards who only attack the easiest and weakest victims, and would never walked in a Bar and start a fight with the littlest guy in there. Like I have said cowardly Jackals.

Later on in life I met a sixteen years old Boy, who was withdrawn and locked in a Room of mental torture. In a Room of fifty he was alone with his Nemesis. Story told when he was fifteen he killed his Stepfather, stabbing him twenty times. He flipped out after years of watching his Stepfather giving his Mother many horrendous beatings. When I looked in this Boys eyes I see myself in the same Position, if the shoes were on my feet. I have been blessed to be shielded from similar circumstances, where I would have reacted likewise. I guess I will be a Mommas Boy till the day I die. Jim Morrison puts it best ” when the music is over turn out the Lights”. No one should stay and take abuse under no circumstances. I don’t care if I have to live in the Street, but I am gone. Jackals should not go unpunished, if you see abuse and the victims won’t tell, someone should. Forget about the friendship, forget about minding your own business, do tell, because we are our Brothers keeper.

To Honor And Love

20170218_224709No one can help me from myself, at Birth I began, bud into Infant and grow into Adolescent. This is where my trouble begins,I know plenty but not enough to choose the right Paths, unless shown by Parents, Friends and Peer pressure. You Rebel and reject your Parents ideas, suggestions and visions of your future. All they want is a better life for you, personally I would be grateful for someone taking an interest in me and my well being. In this crazy mixed up world, people have no qualms about abandoning their Responsibilities with neglect and abuse. So you think that you can think for yourself, we encourage individual thinkers, but don’t forget only a fool who reject sound advice, I have never met a parent who went out of their way to steer their Children wrong. If you start now in rejecting sound advice you grow up to be the head of a Company and nothing is changed, lone Wolves do not survive. When your Parents comes forward with constructive criticism, all they are doing is protecting their investment in you, food, clothes, shelter and Colleges are big overheads.

This is how I look at it if I don’t have an interest in someone’s well being, it is because they put me there. At that point you can put us in a Room for eight hours and not a word would pass through my mouth, if you insist I’d still be mute or tell you to shut up. Now being a Parent I could not use that technique on my Kids, so I extended myself to them even when disobey and undermine is working together. When there’s a breakdown in communication the bad Blood of silent moments and distrust destroys Families. Why would you even disobey and not honoring my wishes, not taking into account that I am the one who decided to give you life,nourishment and Love, and let you freeload for twenty-five years. Yet you deny respect to the one who puts a Roof over your head instead of an Adoption Center. Who is the lucky one who have to go to work weather they feel well or feel like it, and for that devotion to your well being they do. I met a woman who was a mediator listening to half wit people throwing numbers and dissatisfaction at her all day. She decided to put a Swimming pool in her Backyard to unwind at day’s end. Her grown Daughter of twenty five years old, admonishes of the way she is spending her hard earned money. What is wrong with this picture? Who is the parent here.


I have seen many Children ruled their Parents, this is not what parenting is about, if you let kids wrap you around their fingers you are now the Child. They become the Puppet master, their will is so strong, there’s nothing left of yours. When I was seventeen living under a single moms Roof and told not to do something, if I continued under cloak and got apprehended, got my face slapped, I manned up and took my punishment. Because when the Court hands out punishment they are heavy handed and don’t care if you rot in Prison. At fourteen I taught I was a Man, being naive to think I could outwit and out will a single Mom. I learned quickly not to let the skirt fool me. Years later becoming a Parent myself when my boys were Teens I posted a message on my basement wall, now that you know everything it’s time to move out and pay your own way. I know that I am dwelling but it irks me when kids get to young adults, still under your Roof dislikes your methods and philosophy, yet they aren’t smart enough to realize that two Roosters can’t live in the same Hen House. All we are trying to do is steer you clear of the pitfalls that life beholds, why would you my Child not believe when I try to tell you of the Pitfalls that’s ahead if you are not prepared. Why would a loving Parent allow you to approach them with closed eyes, it is my job not to let you approach life unprepared. It’s my job to prepare you for success or failure, the thought came to me, every Adolescents, Teenagers and young Adults at Home should be honored Guest and not an entitled one. I think everyone of my target group should read this Blog, please share your way to guilt free Parenting. Share to your Children and Grandchildren I will tell them for you that the Bible says to Honor your Parents. This Blog should be Viral, if someone had put something like this in front of me when I was fifteen, my Mother would have Lived an easier Life.

Mothers are phenominal

IMG_20161012_201959691MUST READ AND SHARE
My mother had only one eye. When I was growing up, I hated her for it. I hated the uninvited attention it got me at school. I hated how the other children stared at her and looked away in disgust. My mother worked two jobs to provide for the family, but I was just embarrassed by her and didn’t want to be seen with her.
Every time my mother came to visit me at school, I wanted her to disappear. I felt a surge of hatred towards the woman who made me the laughing stock of the school. In a moment of extreme anger, I even once told my mother I wanted her to die. I was completely unconcerned about her feelings.
As I grew up, I did whatever was in my power to distance myself from my mother. I studied hard and got a job overseas so I wouldn’t have to meet her. I got married and started raising a family of my own. I got busy with my job and family and with providing a comfortable life for my beloved children. I didn’t even think about my mother anymore.
Out of the blue, my mother came to visit one day. Her one-eyed face scared my young children and they started crying. I was angry at my mother for showing up unannounced and I forbid her to ever return to my home and new family life. I yelled and screamed, but my mother quietly apologized and left without saying another word.
An invitation to a high school reunion took me back to my hometown after decades. I could not resist driving past my childhood home and stopping by the old shack. My neighbors told me my mother had passed away and left a letter for me.
“My dear child:
I must begin by apologizing for visiting your home unannounced and frightening your beautiful children. I am also deeply sorry that I was such an embarrassment and source of humiliation to you when you were growing up.
I have learned that you may be coming back to town for your reunion. I may no longer be there when you come, and I think it is time to tell you an incident that happened when you were a young child. You see, my dear child, you were involved in an accident and lost one eye. I was devastated at the thought of my beloved child growing up with only one eye. I wanted you to see the beautiful world in all its glory, so I gave you my eye.
My dear child, I always have and always will love you from the bottom of my heart. I have never regretted my decision to give you my eye, and I am at peace that I was able to give you the ability to enjoy a complete life.
Your loving mother.” Type These 2 Words:
● I love you Mum. if still Alive
● Rest in peace . if died
by Gift Miyanda

Show Me My Enemies

20161213_202032If I know who my enemies are I shall be triumphant.My strategy would always be,keep them at bay. My Friends without perimeter can always infiltrate, the security of my trust, my taughts and my inner secrets. With that ammunition they may slay me with insincerity, stress malalignment and deceit. They smile in your face all the time eyeing yours, no more prevalent than on the Job, people will be who they are.In Relationships if you have a nice person you think you could spend the rest of your life with, someone in the inner circle have other plans.If you are fortunate enough to secure a couple of Bucks, there is always someone scheming to take it off you. Mother’s take on the subject, while you are sleeping, there’s someone staying up scheming to take it from you.

After a while those words seems like they came from Socrates or Confucius. Friends they Jeers you and Sheer you with the tools of a Backstabber, always want you to crawl, to slither as the Worm they perceive you to be. They see you thinking that you are somebody going somewhere, when they can’t even cross the Street without help. Work with me here do you see where I am going. Instead of supporting your Dreams, your success, and possibly drafting in your tailwind, they choose to jam your Spokes and throw you in the dirt where they perceive you to belong. There are many dirty minded people who surrounds you, every Road leads somewhere, but with Friends and family you never know where it’s going to take you, or if they are going to take you. I hope I am not sounding like sour Grapes, but it is what it is. After years of laying down like a Door Mat for Friends and family, while they wiped their Feet on you, then say they did not mean it.

As I have said before I taught Relationships were to be the caring, nurturing and trusting of one another. Not unfair advantageous self gratification at one’s expense. In past years I have added value to others lives by seeking out the Seller finding the Property,setting up the Finance, facilitating the Down payment and closing the Deal. On the way to the Closing the Benefactor whined all the way, said that they felt like they were signing their life away. Signing away their life by becoming a home owner like I was pushing them over the edge. Looking back I am now understanding the underlying current of the Responsibilities of Home Ownership, not seeing the upside of adding value through Real Estate. You can lead a Jackass to water, making them drink is another story.

After years of adding value to the Property through Physical Labor, and materials of my own, they sold recovering a huge profit, twenty years later my eyes have not graced the gratuity of one hundred Dollars. Relationships are the weakening of the Soul and Spirit. Friends Family lovers or enemies, in gratuity they will give their Butt to kiss. As the songstress said they will chuckle like Hens when they think they see your nakedness. Be careful of what you throw out at people, it might just come back to you thawed. The Avalanche you may experience knowing that you might win some but you just lost one. Remember that Judas stabbed Jesus in the back, so who am I to sidestep treachery. She always told me that if you lay with Fleas you will itch

PS. “You who are on the Road must have a code that you can live by ”