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I must divulge God is where I come from, and hope that when this life is over he will take me back, despite all my transgressions over the years. First and foremost thanks for the life he has given me, and protected through many failed attempts to end it. I was a late Pregnancy to a Mother exiting the birth cycle, everyone advised her to abort me, it was dangerous and life threatening. You would think using my life as an example I would be an advocate against. I choose not to be out of respect for Womanhood, and the right to choose. Being a devout Christian she chose to put our lives in God’s hands, she believed unequivocally that prayers moved mountains. That was the first time he interceded in my life, over the years all the way to fourteen, being the most rambunctious child ever put on this Earth. I unconsciously tried to end my life at least eight times unsuccessfully with his intervention. I treated life as someone who wore an invisible Halo and flaunted it.


In gratitude for bringing me here I put that Woman through living Hell worrying if I was going to make it this time, and the time after the next time. Every moment spent out of her sight, filled with Prayers, and worries of fretful aging. My adolescence aged her beyond the natural cycle, as a teenager she realized the job was bigger than her capability, so she employed God in prayers. Molested at fourteen, being a gifted street fighter I disabled my intended Rapist with a traumatic blow to his left eye with force to do permanent damage. with a choice of weapons to dissect him I put down the steak knife, walked out and left his miserable soul to God. I never told anyone about my attack through my entire life, leaving my attacker unaccountable. It seemed that fourteen would never end, that same year I beat a Boy senseless, he was the youngest sibling of two up and coming Gangsters, notorious Gunmen in their own rights. With all the failed attempts of ending my young Life, the inevitable was here. Once again he interceded, at a place where I had planned to be the two Teens met their Deaths Execution style no less than sixteen Bullets each. I went to the viewing, a place that I was not welcome, bold as I was, I opened the closed casket, observed their faces dimpled with Bullet holes, I had to see the faces of my intended Killers. The best part of being fourteen, was when I hopped a Plane, leaving Marverly , a place I Call little Trench Town, to another Bad Man’s Town. Bronx New York, with all the enticements to emulate Al Capone, to be inducted by the Black Panther Party, to be a major Player in the Drug World.


Once again he interceded giving me a Mother like mine. She knew that I was Hell Bent on a runaway Train called New York City. without her constant counseling, Prayers, motivating, and challenging me to rise above myself, I would have succumbed to the Street. A Mother knows when there is good and Bad in her Child. She saw and addressed what she had seen in me. She looked deep into my Soul and saw the me, that was oblivious to me. Without her devotion I would not have passed on an offer that made my cousin Millions, fifteen years in Prison and five Bullets. My Best Friend in High School who succumbed made a fortune, and the F.B.I most wanted List. On the day I was to be inducted by The Black Panther Party, with her intuition she told me if you leave this House do not come back. The Safe House where I was to be Inducted blew up killing two. I was having an endless tumultuous Teens Life, at nineteen Organized Crime Mobsters scouted me to sling Heroine to the tune of seven thousand Dollars per week, with Mother’s little voice in the back of my head, and the taught that I could never quit the Organization I declined the offer, after they had exposed themselves to me and lived to talk about it. once again thank you Lord for giving a Mother who was my conscience. Bless her Soul, she had always said there is good in everyone, I will be forever grateful for her foresight, I turned out to be a model Son and Citizen with her relentless efforts.               P.S I am what I am, what I am is  my Mother’s Clay.

I Am

We are not always  going to be there to think for our kids in more ways than one. Also you shouldn’t have to think for your kids after a while, they are individuals and should develop into individual thinkers as early as possible. This process should be encouraged and taught early in life. When they are Babies and they tell you they don’t feel good don’t go telling them you look fine to me. Drifting off to when I worked in a Nursing Home a Resident and good friend of mine, told me that she wasn’t feeling well, I reported it to the Nursing Station. The Assistant Nursing Director was there, she responded to the Room felt Liz Forehead told her she looks fine. Within two hours Liz was dead.


Now  that was the extreme, but when your Kids tell you they are cold, don’t tell them it is eighty degrees in here. They tell you they don’t like a particular food, don’t  tell them it is your favorite food and it’s good for you. As I have said, they should be taught to be individual thinkers. By you always thinking for them, you are telling them that they don’t have a mind of their own. You are subliminally cultivating that taught in them. They get to be adolescents and Teens, after years of you thinking for them, now they have friends and Peers thinking for them. Absolute disaster in the making. Their friend is a Shoplifter and encourages them to do the same. Not having a mind of their own they go along with the Program. A friend hands them a Joint, not ever having to formulate an opinion they take a hit opening a new World of being Stupifide. When my Kids were Teens I gave them all the opportunity in the world to be their own Person, if they wanted to go to School in December wearing T- Shirts and Shorts, they are the only one coming down with the sniffles and Cough. If they wanted to hang out after School instead of coming Home and do their Chores and Homework, they would be the ones without a Cable Adapter and no allowance. After a while they get the message that you are giving them all the rope in order for them to develop into rational and responsible Thinkers, while the price is cheap.


Not allowed to be individual thinkers they are all grown-up and the price becomes so expensive they could loose their lives, their Freedom, their money and even a Spouse. I have known many Men in theIr forties and fifties that weren’t able to choose a Mate or the best Candidate for President. Giving them the opportunity to make their own mistakes early in life, gives them the opportunity to be as stupid and irrational as they want to be when the price is cheap and they can bounce back on a Trampoline. Later on in life there’s nothing to bounce back from except hard ground, how logical a choice, Trampoline or hard Life. My  Boys are now Men who survived Public Schools in NY by being individual thinkers. They told us the peer pressure around them about Sex and Drugs were unbelievable in Springfield Gardens High School. We did not pick them up after School or spied on them, because by the time they got to HS, they were already individual thinkers able to make their own decisions and choices. They were more fortunate than many of their Classmates who weren’t given the opportunity early in life to make their own mistakes while the price was cheap, now they are paying an enormous  price as Adults.