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The lack of Humility

20161213_222136If we don’t teach our kids Humility, we do them a great disservice. If you were raised without the gracefulnes of Humility your upbringing was flawed. If you have no perception of a higher Being, and acknowledgement of Life’s Force, your Education is limited. Life Force is whatever Deity you believe in, the Reality that things happen without warning, comprehension or meaning. For instance, a congenital Twin, an Infant born with Cancer, Atmospheric Disturbances, a Plane Crash with one Survivor. Further instances, my High School friend’s Mother diagnosed with Cancer in it’s late stages, told to go home and put her affairs in order, given less than six months to live. She defied her Destiny for twenty five years. Incidentally this Woman was one of the Humblest people I have ever known, I hope that did not come from her close encounter with her Mortality.


For you to walk this Earth thinking God didn’t make you, and that you made yourself what you’ve become, because you’ve never seen the hand of God so how could he be. Yet in the end , with your Fortune and Fame, in your darkest hour, when your 4 -Oclock approaches, you cry out help me Lord. Are you kidding me, your Ethereal being is about to depart. Don’t forget you are self made, it’s time to make yourself a new Life, and extension to the one that dwindles.( 4-O-clock expired 9-lives)  when only the hand of God can save you. Yet another incident of 4-o-clock becoming day break, New Life  and a new beginning. My Mother goes into the Hospital with internal bleeding, Diverticulitis to be precise, the Doctors tell us there is nothing they can do. As a result of age factors an operation was too dangerous, same for a colostomy, all we can do is medicate with Morphine so she can expire comfortable. With the Power of attorney I rejected their recommendations. Within forty eight hours the bleeding stopped on its own, another forty eight she walked out of the Hospital on her own two feet. For the remainder of her Life not another mention of Diverticulitis, what happened did she grew a new one. All I am saying you can’t go walking around this World like you are a Peacock or a pheasant waging your beautiful Tail fethers, and giving others to kiss . Because when 4-o- clock approaches you  need to be Humble.


Two experiences in Humility that stayed with me forever were , in nineteen seventy seven, I met a Man, one of the original founders of the Electronic Stores Outlet. He was worth five hundred million dollars. He was one of the Humblest people I had ever met, treated me as an equal. When his  sons graduated College, he put them to work in the lowest level of his Conglomerate. I questioned him why, he told me to teach the value of a Dollar. I suspected it was to teach  Humility. Nineteen eighty two I worked for Saloman Brother’s Inc in a low level Position. At that time the Company’s Assets were in excess of six Billions. I know that from being the internal Security Officer on duty in the Vault when it was being Audited. It was there I met John Gutfreund, CEO in charge. Although making twelve Million in salary and another twelve in Bonus, John had taken a liking to me unbeknownst to me. When his Apartment on Fifth avenue was to be Renovated, he circumvented my immediate Boss and placed me in charge of Security Baby Sitting the construction Crew. In the Apartment were Ming dynasty eight inches long that was worth over one Million dollars, his trust Humbled me. Another time at the Office, while waiting for the Elevator, John entered the Elevator Bank. The up and coming junior Executive’s were all over him, I allowed them all in the next available Elevator, I entered lastly, turned my back to the Group. Suddenly a tap on the Shoulder I looked around  and Gutfreund said  good morning young Man. I felt six inches tall that I didn’t speak first. I was Humbled that he spoke to me and not one of the Ass kissers who licked his Boots. From that  day on whenever I make  eye contact with any one even if it’s a Homeless Derelict I Speak. There are so many Forces out there, makes me  shudder, Love, Karma, Destiny , God’s, to name a few. All I am saying is you may be your own Man, but not your own Being.

PS  one should not wait to be Humbled to develop Humility.

Anthony The Whiner

The past few days I have received one hundred and seventy comments on my Blogs and my website. All positive and uplifting, except one. I  guess I deserve that, for about a week I keep lamenting to my Wife that the Site has been going strong, it’s been in production for five months with zero negative feedback. Considering I did all this by myself, from layout to creativity. One of my Readers labeled one of my Blogs as Whining and attention grabbing . That’s how someone without a mind of their own addresses Social Upheavals like what is going on in some of our farthest remote Rural Communities, Heroin Overdoses like the Opium epidemic that overwhelmed China.


How is this for whining, Human Trafficking like in the back of a Rental Truck, overcrowded with very little Oxogen for its overcrowded Cargo. This is not a one time Run, but daily, how Humane for its Victims buying a ticket to economic growth. You want more, the enslavement of Teens for the purpose of Prostitution, in a Civilized society with a Drug Culture, the consumers are the real Criminals not the Dealers that supply the Demand. In our  Prison system uncountable numbers of Teens are rotting away for Nuisance Crimes, like possession of small amounts sometimes with intent to Deliver or Distribut. And no intention on our part to Rehabilitate, I  will forever be whining till I die. I also was a misguided Adolescent , a troubled Teen and a young Adult with Issues. In my Hometown Wilkes Barre Pa there are Judges sitting in Prison for filling Cells with Teenagers who committed nuisance crimes. All for the purpose of lining their Pockets with kickbacks from privately run Prisons.


Whenever someone highlights a problem in society, he becomes a whiner by do nothing, because it’s not my problem people, people with the attitude that I got mine, and that’s all that matters. Wrong! I am my Brothers keeper. I have come to the conclusion that people are more comfortable with trivial thinking, rather than face the Reality of Social Upheavals. It is no more prevalent than Social media. Instead of using a powerful tool for Creative purpose as I am. They settle for ten minutes of Fame on trivial and obnoxious Posting. That’s what most  sideline critic’s do when it comes to issues of Relevance, they call it whining. Well ok you got me started, here is more whining,


on my way to work, a moron driving a five hundred dollars Heap that looks like it was on a Demolition Derby Circuit, almost sideswipe me. I escaped damages all the while looking at them through my mirror, the idiot was Texting  never took his eyes off the Phone the entire time. He was oblivious to the near miss. That could have been someone’s Child on his Hood. This is not my last words on the Subject of Whining.

Be The Captain Of Your Life

20161213_121938At Facebook we have fiends, that is social Media. To my friend in Southern California, going through Rehabilitation, you have taken the first step. You can’t look back. They say the only time  you can help an Alcoholic is when he ask for help. Take the Ball and run with it. I can’t begin to tell you the amount of people I have known  that  were covered warmly In their chosen “Recreational Habit weather Alcohol, Weed, Pills and  Heroine. Hank was a good Photographer nice pleasant guy, one Nemesis he strapped his arms for the warm fuzzy feeling of Heroine. A Construction worker who was not  allowed to accept his Paycheck, that was the only way his wife could buy Grocery for his Kids. That Man and his Brother lost a Lucrative Bar, because they drank as much as the customer and Snorted as much as the Customers. You have to take stock of yourself, and ask yourself is that what to become of me.


I believe it was the Group Yes that said “take a straight and stronger Course to the corner of your life, I’m saying to the corner of your soul. You are the one that’s going to look yourself  in the Face ten – fifteen years down the road , now probably a Vagrant, if you can’t hold your Camera straight like Hank. When my Mother was at her lowest moments, I don’t where I heard these words. I used to tell her to tie a knot. If I didn’t hear them then they are my word’s to you. If you are Incarcerated you have eliminated possibilities of genuine Rehabilitation of yourself, not forced by a Prison Doctor, who is going to hook you up with Synthesis, which is worse. If you Love growing up Early, you will understand why I extend myself to Adolescent, Teenagers and young Adults, they  are the ones that throw away their lives , their Soul and Future, before they start living. Rounding out their Lifestyle with their Soulmate, a nice car like mine, Money in the Bank, and credit  worthiness are in your reach, if you Fly straight. The rest of your life is in your own self. The choices you make navigate your life. That’s all the Yapping for now but that is not the last word on the subject.

PS in High School my favorite sayings were.           There’s no hope in Dope.                                         Before climbing up a Junkie will pull you in.


Happy Motoring

First and foremost I must tell you, the format of this Website is not what I originally had in mind. The present format is the Brainchild of my website Designer, my original plan was to develop a website dedicated to safe Driving. Not that I have any regrets, I enjoy this format, and from my statistics I see that you do. You must understand that driving a fine  Automobile is one of my Passions, driving them in a safe and contentious manner is another. My love of the Automobile equate my appreciation of Beauty and Art. Why? Because the Automobile is a beautiful work of Art and Technology. The flawless Air Brushing of it’s metal Body, the intricate composition of its interior design, the The sheer Awesomeness of Technology. I get in strap myself in, turn the ignition, press a button and a voice tells me “say a command ” now do you see why my wife is Jealous of my love.


With all the fine work that was put in the creation of this Beautiful intricate Beast, why would you not have respect for it and drive it responsibly. In Heaven’s name can you help me to understand why so many fellow Drivers drive like a Jackass. Total disregard for human Life , their Driving Privilege, my thirty five thousand Dollar investment  and the fine work of Art. Most importantly my goal is saving Lives, Life is an ongoing learning process, so is Driving. My goal is to become the ultimate Motorist, knowing your moves before you make them, through total anticipation and to be totally focused.


When I am behind the wheel I am always looking out for those less skilled than I am.  Astonishingly courteous with civility even to the Jackass weaving Rush hour traffic, going nowhere in a hurry. Most of all the old guy who should not even be driving, but he needs his mobility to go to the Doctor and elsewhere. When you are driving it is your responsibility to look out for your fellow Drivers and not assuming that everyone behind the wheel is as skilled as you are. Better yet that they are Physically, Mentally or Emotionally up to the task. Now that you have the fundamentals of being a great  Motorist run with the Ball. Sad to say ninety percent of the Drivers on the road are not good  motorists.





He was a majestic Sea Bird, a natural born Fisherman and Hunter. Why his Mother choose to hatch her eggs in the Branches of a Palm Tree far inland behooves me. Non the less this is where Feathers was born, like any other Suckling in early development he became accustomed to the nourishment Mother provided. So much to the point of dependency, when his time came to leave the Roost and test his graceful Wings. Feathers had developed an attitude that if ma was going to do all this hunting and Fishing for me, why should I even bother to learn how to fly, fish and hunt for myself, if she enjoys pampering me, so be it.


Feathers had developed a welfare mentality, not realizing that what Mother was doing was prepping him for his first Flight and his first Hunt. That is what Mothers do they prep their Kids to do for themselves the things in life they need to survive . He was defiant about leaving the Roost, he didn’t realize that Mother wasn’t always going to be there for him, and the responsibility of fending for himself, and taking his life to the next level was his Job. A lot of people posses the same trait as Feathers, and are defiant about accepting responsibilities. Even the responsibility of fending for themselves, taking on challenges and moving out of the comfort zone.


I once knew a Man who held a Degree in Graphic design. When he graduated the job market was overwhelmed with an overabundance of Graphic designers. After a year or more of pounding the Pavement and filing applications, he threw the Towel in and decided that he would never land a position in his chosen field. He choose to settle for mediocrity, he took many menial jobs so he could eat. He became a Parent along the way, now he was locked in, his dream of seeing his skills come into fruition was now burried in complacency. This Guy had no Tenacity, no continuity or never say never, he was willing to throw away years of learning and dreams to drive Taxi. All because he had developed a bad case of Feathers Mentality of why should I bother. I guess he had never heard the story about the three Miners, who spent their lives mining for Gold, one day they unanimously decided that they were never going to find Gold. They agreed that they were wasting their time.


They sold their Claims, sold their Tools and took jobs as Farm hands. The new owners took possession of the Mine, hammered at the Rocks for three hours  and found one of the richest Vain within three feet of where the original owners decided to quit. Moral, never give up on your Dreams, never develop a Feathers Mentality of complacency.


Getting back to poor dumb Feathers who refused to stand on his own two feet, better yet fly with his own two wings. I could not wait to fly, I started working at fifteen worked straight through HS I can’t explain the immense feeling of self gratification, a fifteen year old bringing money home to supplement a single Mom’s income and dressing better than my Teachers . One stormy day Feathers Mom went out fishing in the Gulf of Mexico, the weather took a turn for the worse, visibility was poor she got lost and never found her way back to the Palm Tree they called Home. Feathers was now in a bind sink or swim, better yet fly or die. He choose neither. He dropped himself down from the Tree in a lush Hedge to feather his falling, beneath the Hedges were a colony of small Lizards, that was easy pickings for him, and that was where he spent the rest of the his life. Instead of feasting on salmon and the likes, he chose easy pickings.

The moral, you can make Chicken Salad out of your Life, or Chicken Shit.



Making Babies and running off is an awful trait associated with Men, just about animalistic if you ask me. Bad enough when Men do it, but when a Woman meets a Man and run off leaving two young Daughters, that is despicable,I don’t care how good looking or Rich he is, I don’t even care if your marriage is horrendous. Your first priority is your Children. No matter what the circumstances are, your new Man don’t want Kids or your Husband is undeserving of you, first and foremost you are a Mother. Mothers are a special Breed, their propensity to Love care and nurture is unyielding. My Mother was incredible at the art of Motherhood, raising two Boys by herself, she was Mother and Father, a good provider, Teacher and Mentor. Struggling with two Boys, she once met a Man who professed his love for her, a Doctor by profession. He wanted to marry her, with one catch, he wanted her to put her sixteen and nineteen years old out of the House. I guess he feared that if he turned out to be Mr Hyde we would beat him silly, that request enraged her, she sent him packing. Now that’s A good Mother.


Philip was married for twelve years, came home one day and his wife was gone, leaving two young Daughters behind, to raise by himself. Being a stand up Dad, he embraced the challenge boldly. Children can be heartless people, the way they challenge disobey and disrespect us when we are trying our best. My only satisfaction I get from them being Brats, is knowing that their day will come when their own Kids will do the same to them.Philip’s Kids were brutal, they put him through the grinder with their attitude. They acted as if he was the one who ran their Mother off, when it was her own harmones that made her run off leaving them behind. He did his best as Mr Mom, putting his own life on hold for a long time. Making sure that he brought the right Woman home, to fill the void left by the self centered one who ran off abandoning her Family. One day he met a Librarian and decided to marry her, it is never a good idea to raise Girls alone. Girls need the female influence of a Mother, even just for rounding out. Needless to say the Girls did not welcome her with open arms. They were Vociferous and openly challenging and disrespectful. Disapproval was high, they did not care if she was Queen Elizabeth. She was not theIr no good Mother who they were too blind to disown and reciprocatingly abandoned. The years progressed with little tranquility, one day through the act of God or goodwill by the new Mom,they came around and acknowledged that she is more deserving of their respect love and appreciation, than the one who gave them Birth. I guess the Lord do work in mysterious ways.




Your Kids Are Watching

America the beautiful land of the free home of the Brave. Your Hour of Power is being tested, by the Sword of division, your Luster and glory they try to tarnish. Deception and Demagoguery is hovering your Sky . Your opened arms of Liberty wears a Cast of Isolation, your Immigrants from England, Ireland, Africa and the world over, have taken you through Industrialization to Internet governance. Rebellion is your Legacy, without it there would be no Constitution and Old Glory be trampled on.


Some of your Critics are emboldened with snickers, they believe that they see your nakedness of disarrayment. Fear not America your Rainbow Coalition shines from East to West, North to South. When the lights of the Kennedy’s and  Dr. King’s were extinguished, their Torches  refused be doused. Your Kids Are Watching, this Kid witnessed it all and grew strong and walked tall away from the turbulent years of nineteen sixty there and sixty eight. In the months before his assassination Martin Luther king became increasingly concerned with the problem of economic inequality in America. His concerns impacted my life, I started working that same year I started working while in High school. I took steps to avert economic inequality in my own Life. Today I drive quality Cars, year to date, live in a private community, Love and respected by all, after contributing a quarter of a million into Social security there is some economic equality . The Radiance of the Rainbow shines above my community. Dr King your Dreams live in my Neighborhood. Mr Kennedy I have always done for my Country more than I have asked. This Kid was watching and listening. The music of Neil Young, Nina Simone, Richie Haven Simon and Garfunkel still echoes, we all come to look for America. The Graft and Inoculation of my Family Tree spans hundreds of years. With isolation some believe they conquer your Ideals of we the people. Let the Great wall of China, the Berlin wall, and the Wall of Hate built by Botha, stand to remind us of what Division can do. For those who hear but don’t acknowledge, those who read but don’t comprehend, your name says it all. United-States-(of) America. GOD bless my Home sweet Home.

Mother’s Little Helper


Josie was born Gifted with Empathy, whenever others around her was sad so was she, when they hurt so did she. Her childhood in rural Pennsylvania was filled with bliss, far away from Urban life, nestled in luscious nature was all she needed to grow and flourished. And so did she transcending into the most tranquil of adolescents. Her Parents were overwhelmed with her matured mentality, her attitude of total bliss with her existence. This Child’s Godliness behooved the local Ministry. Her Congeniality with all God’s creatures Humans and Animals alike, mystified even the Fawns that came looking for her at the break of Dawn, while she tended her Vegetables. In School everyone wanted to be close to her, in her presence there was always serenity and control.


At twelve years old the maturity she exhibited was uncommon for her counterpart. At Home she emulated her Mother as a Homemaker, never to be told to do chores. Work ethics beyond a seasoned team player, always filled in whenever needed. When  mother was sick she was the Woman of the House. At twelve years old she cooked cleaned and sewed like a pro. All this talent from being a Mother’s Helper that was a quick learner. Joan her Mom was from the old School, she believed that Kids should not be babied, but be given the tools they need to live as early as possible. Good hygiene, Homemaking and People skills were a must. So it’s no wonder that at age twelve Josie was now prepared to take over the job of running the Household with Mom’s failing Health. As Joan’ s health progressively deteriorated, she was filled with pride and sorrows. Proud of her Daughter’s maturity, sad to know that she was leaving this Beautiful Angel to finish the job of raising herself, and keeping her Dad from giving up on Life.

Joan’s Passing left a huge void in everyone’s life, most of all her Husband, to him the blow was devastating. He progressively withdrew from  Life, he barely maintained his Job with the strength and encouragement from Josie. She was the Pillar of his sanity, a constant reminder of her Mother, which made things easy and hard. Her devotion to mentally nourish Dad back to Life was an unbecoming talent of anyone child or adult. When her Father locked himself in his room of depression, she would bring him out with gentle levity, like excuse me sir have you seen my Dad. He immediately knew what she was saying and responded with gratitude and Love. Without this kid’s tenacity to give and to Love he would not have been able to overcome the loss. With Josie around he had no need to run for the shelter of Mother’s Little Helper.



My Nemesis

Today I am sitting in a Bank waiting to speak with a Banker. A woman and her young son five or six years old walked up to the Teller, the child began disassembling the pylons indicating the line formation. The Mother asked him to stop doing that, he went off the deep end knocked them all down, in a fit of rage. I asked myself how much bad Life could he have experienced in such time for him to have gotten to this point. My answer not necessarily any, he was just a misguided soul, came out of the womb kicking and screaming for no reason. He was just a little Soul with spiritual and temperamental defects, that needed to be addressed early and not be allowed to get out of correlation. This Child’s rage issues needed  a high level of positive communication and spiritual navigation. This Child was never communicated with, I could tell by the way his Mother addressed his tantrums reciprocatingly. I asked myself who was the adult here, as the years accumulate this type of rage increases.

If left unchecked this Child will hurt someone or himself, on the other side of the coin, Harry was a nice kid well behaved, and always made his parents proud. He had one shortcoming, he always wanted to fit in. Fitting in is not a necessity, it’s a trait used to foil loneliness . There is nothing wrong with lonely  moments, they allow you to reflect on yourself. Harry could not deal with being alone for one minute. To fill the void he aligned with anyone who befriends him. That got him in big trouble in Junior High and High School. Unwittingly got hooked up with the wrong crowd, started smoking a little Weed then a lot, started doing a little Coke then his nose became bigger than an Elephants. Having vigilant Parents they kept him in Detox, he always returned to Nose Candy through Peer pressure. Eventually his Parents picked up on the Root cause of their Son’s problems. One day they packed and moved out of their New Jersey neighborhood, for the sticks of North East Pa . Unbeknownst  to them this wasn’t the solution, because there are Drugs in the most remote Suburbs in America.

His need for Friends took him right back to the beginning of his Nightmare Journey, and back to his Nemesis. Over the years I have seen many of fights over nothing, people grown-up with years of Rage, unhinged by Alcohol and Drugs. Harry ate it all up out in the sticks, to his new Friends he was the Man with the Jersey connection. Word of Mouth got him connected with three Boys of Affluent families, High School football players who used Coke. They gave Harry six hundred dollars to make the trip to the old neighborhood. Harry scored nicely with quality and weight, he became ambitious upon his return he announced that he ante was up , and that he would not deliver without more money. These were big Boys who played Football , which wasn’t enough to tame their Rage left unaddressed for years. With their bare hands they beat Harry to Death , in the Drugstore Parking Lot across from The Wilkes Barre P.O. Yet in another incident of Rage, N.Y lower East Village four Pm rush hour traffic, fender bender involving a Porsche and another vehicle. The Driver of the Porsche exists his Vehicle, Forty Five in hand without a word aimed and fired, killing the other Motorist in front of scores of startled Witness. I can not say enough about Blind Rage pent up for years, all their outcomes present Catastrophic results. In another case of Rage mixed with Hate same place in the East Village, four teens wielding Baseball Bats, savagely beat another Teen critically all because they taught he was Gay. In my opinion Rage is the most barbaric way of expressing ones self.

supported Case: Appellants Anthony Tolbert and John Smith were accused, along with another man named Anthony Russo, of beating to death the victim, Hector Maldonado. The Commonwealth’s theory of the case began with Maldonado’s failure to deliver to Russo some drugs that Russo paid Maldonado to secure. After the drug transaction went awry, Russo, Tolbert and Smith searched for Maldonado on the evening of February 28, 1991. The three men went to Maldonado’s residence, spoke to his girlfriend, and ultimately found Maldonado in the early morning hours of March 1, 1991 in the parking lot of Fay’s drug store in Wilkes-Barre.

Upon finding Maldonado, the men began to beat him severely. They dragged him into a car (Russo’s) and continued to beat him as they drove away. They later dumped his body on the roadside. Maldonado was discovered later by a man delivering newspapers and was taken to the hospital where he underwent brain surgery. He never regained consciousness and later died from blunt force trauma to the head and face.

Police sought out and questioned Tolbert and Smith about their involvement in the case; however, police never succeeded in locating Russo.1 Ultimately, Tolbert and Smith were charged with murder, kidnapping and conspiracy to commit murder and kidnapping. They were tried jointly and both testified. Essentially, they admitted to being present in the parking lot during Maldonado’s initial beating but insisted that it was only Russo who beat Maldonado. Both Tolbert and Smith claimed that they did not know Russo was looking for
[448 Pa. Superior Ct. 198]
Maldonado; instead they thought they were accompanying Russo to the home of a girlfriend who needed assistance. Tolbert and Smith further claimed that after Russo beat Maldonado in the parking lot, Russo drove them home. Russo, they insisted, left them at Tolbert’s house and drove off with Maldonado, who, despite his injuries, was alive and well when they last saw him.2

The jury returned verdicts of not guilty for both men on the charges of first degree murder, second degree murder, voluntary manslaughter, kidnapping and conspiracy, but was deadlocked on the charge of third degree murder. After the verdicts, defense counsel filed a motion to dismiss the charge of third degree murder based on double jeopardy and collateral estoppel. The trial court denied the motion and the denial was appealed to this court. A panel of this court held that retrial for third degree murder was not barred by double jeopardy or collateral estoppel since the hung jury was the impetus for the retrial. The Pennsylvania Supreme court denied allocatur and the matters were remanded for retrial. Commonwealth v. Smith, 426 Pa.Super. 31, 626 A.2d 178, 181 (1993), allocatur denied, 537 Pa. 634, 642 A.2d 487 (1994).




Growing Up Early

By now it should be obvious that my passion is focusing on the rocky road of adolescence, the tumultuous Teens life, and the uncharted life of young Adults. To say that my young life was problematic would be a huge understatement. No one should be afforded the choices put in front of me in those early years. While working as a Contract Employee in a County Justice System, one day while sitting on a picnic Bench taking a break, less than fifty feet away were Buildings made of Cinder Blocks with windows four feet by eight inches. Behind those walls were Juveniles and teens, I reflected on my youth and spiritually connected with them. The taught of my spirit, my soul left to rot in a Cinder Block Cage, eats away at my Life Span. Knowing that there are young Souls dying behind those Bars gripes at my spirit, my soul is dying with theirs, knowing that if they had a Mother like mine, they would be on the outside sitting on the Bench with me.


It is for that reason why I am bellowing about problematic Children who ends up in the System of confinement without an Education. I neglected to further my Education, as the slang goes look it. I kick myself daily knowing I could have achieved a lot more in life with a Community College Degree. By gones are gone. You should not have to get to my age to see that you have short changed yourself. The things I think about these days of how I could have averted a bad start, would have mystified me at fifteen, at the Crossroads of do I do good or do I follow Bad, hell of a question. without the ability to reason things out you are lost. The power of reasoning comes from, Education, Responsibility and Cohesive Thinking, as in Family and Community. If you can get this licked you are now above the crowd, a leader people listen to you, all from being a stand alone Thinker, individuality rules. I learned early in life, if you follow the Pack, in a Cattle Drive there are always some who fall off Cliffs. Life is filled with Cliffs, Emotional, Psychological and Financial.

My Nemesis

My Nemesis

If at fifteen you had the Foresight of where you would be at fifty years of failed Living, knowing that you did not take advantage of all life afforded you, then you have no one to blame. When I was seventeen, there were days I just did not go to School, with no excuses , when I should have been learning the Responsibility of an Education. Why should at eighteen not to realize you are never too young to Die, do not box yourselves in. I was taught Individuality at an early age, she said do not Dress talk or walk like anyone else but you. Individuality is not the only thing that is going to keep you free of bad influence. There is so much to life that can be thrown away at the onset of living. I chose not to throw mine away, by growing up early, and realized that life is a Grown Up Game, and if you don’t Rock then you probably wont Roll.