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20161214_221806She was the love child of two kids eighteen years old each, Babies themselves having a baby. Neither of them had a clue as to what they were doing, bringing a child into these mean streets. consequences are a fact of life, you don’t go having Babies, with no game plan, leaving them to map their own course as juveniles. When the girl conceived, her mother told her that the boy was below her, she forbid the marriage. Instead of allowing the young lovers to live their lives, she uprooted the young family by moving the girl and her unborn child to another State. It is good for parents to intercede in kids life in a positive way, not destructively . Unfortunately too many parents don’t give their children a chance to build a positive image, instead they browbeat and dominates the child’s life.


The child is born out of wedlock and with one parent. It is bad enough when men makes Babies and abandon them, but to deny a child the warm feeling and security of a dad , is a tragedy in it’s self. All this destruction in the name of living your child’s life. How selfish living two lives when you are given only one. If I am not mistaken her daughter grew up without a Dad, the cycle continued. children suffer too, mood swings, hyperactivity, lack of interest, call it what you want I call it the broken home fall out. This child’s development was hampered by Grand Ma. The little time she spent with her Dad, she  grew to love him, all the time wondering why he had to live seventeen hundred miles away, and was not there for her when she needed him. He never told her why things were the way they were, instead he bore the brunt, visited whenever possible, shouldered the reputation bestowed on him.


The young Mother did her best juggling being a single parent and enjoying her young life. All the while trying to fill the void of her first love, its like chasing the first high, never to be duplicated. All this time the child’s development suffers. People do not realize that kids are just little people with the same emotions adults encounter, such as guilt repressions. Sometimes they  think that their family circle is broken because of them and the reason the parents are apart is because of them. In steps low self esteem, once this occurs things like bad behavior and  rebellion, followed by bad company and drug use. Now you have a maladjusted juvenile and Hells gate is an inviting place. At this point intervention is just about a lost cause. The twig is bent, only the force of life can turn this Ship around. Fifteen years old having sex using drugs,  having no respect for the ones who put her here. Hate and resentment could grow out of proportion. The School don’t want her there , she is now on the radar of the local law enforcement and the Court system. Her Mother has washed her hand of her and her bad behavior. Her Dad has a new family of respectable children all three of them, there is no room for her disruptive behavior, and will not take her in to contaminate the good ones. There are only two places to go Juvenile detention or Dad’s parents to a City I grew up to know as a bad mans land in a county where bad ass children ruled. She was now out of the frying pan and now was in the fire of the Big Apple, with that note I will say a little Prayer for her and Grand’s.

Blinded By LOVE


It is understanding to love unyieldingly no question asked. When it comes to being a friend that is another story. You live with people all your life, you think you know them, then comes the moment of truth and they are not there. Not there for you, your feelings or your emotional needs. You think you know the people you have grown up with to be unyielding, and they hang you out to dry. The ones you trust the most, Wives, Husbands, Brothers, Sisters, Mothers, Kids and Lovers. When it hits the Fan they are not there. Relationships are life’s teachers, with homework for the fortifying of the soul,  weakening of the spirit, and the destruction of the week. Some people say that they are this, and they turn out to be that person you don’t know who. You thought you knew them all those years, the same person who walks past the mirror. Never asking themselves who they are, the man in the mirror, or the man in front. How about the guy who killed his Son or vice verse, who do they see when they pass the mirror. sometimes I ask myself are we above the lower species in the wild or vice versa.


The wife in waiting while you are with your Concubine, what torments is knowing the one to whom you are pledge is a Vagrant. The one you love steals from you by not being there, comes home gallingly and try to play you. The Woman you thought loved you, gets a divorce and puts you in a Transient Motel. Relationships have killed the weak at heart and mind. GOD forbid you had to walk a mile in his shoes, is it anything you imagined. Rich man gives his soul and fortune still dies never knowing love. Bad man shoots and spend the rest of his life excluded, while his Woman and Child are the real losers, relationships bites.


A selfish person who at sixty two impregnates herself with her dead husband storage, gives birth to an Angel, at thirteen weeks old she was battered to death by her six year old brother, who also was late. the boy had developmental issues showed signs of being mal tempered in the past, no treatment afforded, early detection and intervention was not this Mother’s job, are we our Children’s keeper. Confinement in a mental Institution is the humane way, the Lord looks out for Babies and fools, no one suffers, take time with the wounded they can be healed the remaining ones will need to heal. There is so much to life that I do not understand relationships are utmost, they are suppose to be the nurturing, caring, protecting, trusting and unyielding love of another. Not self gratification deceit and betrayal.


20161213_220236Her spirit, her soul, her etheric touched everyone she came in contact with. Her family was tainted with tragedy a generation before her, and she traveled the same path. I met her while working with her two no good brothers. They were both Haters who encountered bad karmas in their lives and in all their relationships. Their parents also haters, they too were victims of bad karma. Its a shame how tunnel visioned people can be, the true definition of a fool, a person who does things the same way each time looking for different results. This family had generations of haters and the kids inherited their parents hate. Not so with Mona she was like a breath of fresh air, she did not possess a strand of hate for her fellow man , including myself. The day I met her I knew her soul was pure , her heart the same. Everyone I knew who met her they knew the same. In the town we lived everyone knew the family and their history. the whole town knew she was not of this hierarchy of haters. But instead a comet fallen from Heaven. The family’s history was infamous, before she was born one of her uncles chased  an in law down the street and shot him dead over family squabbles. In a small town with history like that, the name you bear follow you around like a red cloud. Life was overbearing putting an Angel in a family like this. None the less she walked tall and proud, her parents baggage weren’t hers to bear. In her chosen field Nursing , she lived up to the person she was perceived to be. Florence had nothing on her. Her patients held her in higher esteem than I did, she always gave one hundred present. Her personal life however was a disaster with relationships. All the men she encountered were users and abusers.



Out of the murk, came a beautiful daughter, she was her mothers image in all walks. A legacy to continue her Mother’s gift of people skills. In full circle I am a believer in karma so destiny must walk hand in hand. Her final encounter with a no good man came in the form of a spoiled child name Bruce. He came from an affluent family, owner of a six figure business, in an affluent part of town. Years earlier I had frequented the family’s business, meeting this boy who has now grown up to be a rich spoiled kid. If you support your kids crack habit with a large allowance you are singing your kids death certificate, and others. the last time I saw Mona was the day before thanksgiving. I stopped by her parent’s home for a drink and to wish the family a happy Thanksgiving. Unknown to the family and Bruce we had met earlier on in life, and the person I was now reintroduced to was not the same person. He was now grown up to be Damien’s child, a rich spoiled kid who had a large monkey on his back, and hers for being with him. Peer pressure kills. That night I experienced something I had never encountered. Animals have six sense, that night when he entered the room my six sense were aroused by the aura of death he brought to the room . Sent chills all over me not the kind of person you wanted to spend a minute with. I shook his hand pressed flesh with a Demon. I guess I do possess some form of clairvoyance, for some reason I felt that this would be the last time I would see Mona . I hurriedly bestowed my wishes, finished my drink and said goodnight. Monday morning  I woke up to the news that Bruce had killed Mona, and left her pregnant body in a closet for three days. killed her for the last hit of crack. A fatal mistake made by her by thinking that if she did what he did she would marry in a rich family. Extinguishing the soul of an angel and her unborn angel, all whom he contaminated. Bottom line do not live other peoples lives, don’t let others live your life.

Bad Influence


I was fourteen John Alexander was twelve, he went to Catholic School, I went to Public School. The first time I got drunk was with John, he taught me tricks like picking the lock to his Grandmother’s Liquor Cabinet. She had a collection that rivalled any Bar, most of it she used for cooking and baking. The first time I got stoned was with John, he pinched his brothers weed stash, his brother sold Marijuana. Both sisters seventeen and twenty used Coke. Their parents were upstanding members of the community, the Mother was a Government employee the Father an Accountant. None the less their kids were bad to the bone, all began using Drugs at early ages, undetected by oblivious parents. They were all bad influence for John and I, two apprehensive juveniles who hung around them and emulated all they did. You go to School to learn how to earn a better living, but as far as parenting you think it is something that comes naturally. Not so, good parenting is an acquired skill that is learned. That is why I recommend that as soon as you find out that you going to be Parents you start Schooling yourself on the subject of parenting. You can’t assume that because you are good people, that your kids are automatically going to be model Citizens. I went to H. S. with a kid whose Father was a minister and this kid was as bad as they came, used drugs, used and abused all he came in contact with. The Alexander family was considered the pillar of the Community, love and respected by all. The kids did well in school, all grew up to be professionals, with Monkeys on their backs, and a legacy to pass on to their kids. Some of them paid the ultimate price for their prolonged use of drugs. The middle daughter lost her life to Cancer induced by the proponents of manufacturing Coke, such as Ether. It absolutely puzzles me why people have to learn by their own mistakes, instead of by other’s. In our time were big on Motown and Rock and Roll. We had a legacy of short lived greatness taken away from us by Drugs, Jimmy. Janice, Billy, Morrison, Brian, Danny, Zeke, Nick and Tommy. I could write books on them. So why is it that we have to learn from our own mistakes. I learned from their mistakes, I never did anything but weed which I do not condone, while people around me in H.S. were doing hard drugs, and dropping dead around me. I can not impress on teenagers in no stronger terms do not let people live your life, do not live other people’s lives, be the Captain of your life. Tunneled vision Parents, you are not doing your job if you are clueless as to what goes on in your household. Making a good living and providing for your family aren’t all the components necessary for being a good parent.