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Presumptuous People

As the saying goes,  when you assume you make an ass out of you and me. Making assumptions about people is one of the most ignorant way of thinking. People who presume are usually as empty as the Steel Drums that they are beating trying to sound like they know what they are talking about. The other day I was sitting at the Bus stop in front of the Company’s Property smoking a cigarette, smoking is not allowed on property. A beat up rust riddle Mustang drove up, the driver blows his horn and gave me the thumb, as in thumbing a ride, laugh and gunned the engine. Back in the days when I drove heaps I would take that Mustang to the Junk yard. The poor fool taught I was down on my luck and waiting for the Bus, while my SUV one year old sat behind me in the company parking lot.


How crude of people to expound on others misfortune, what if I was genuinely in need of a ride, he teased me and pulled off. People like that would never amount to a hill of Beans. On my Job at the Resort I don’t go around with a sign on my back advertising Blogger/ Website owner so a lot of people assume that I am what I do at the Resort, Guest Coworkers and all. When I open my mouth they are blown away and ask Man what are you doing here. They don’t know that if I was worth millions I still would be unassuming and Humble, because I am a child of God and so are the people sleeping on sidewalks all over this country, land of abundant wealth. When I see people like that I don’t automatically assume that they are all Alcoholics or that they are all Bums. What I do consider is how did they get  there,  what are their circumstances and how did they allow themselves to slip through the cracks of Life.


I often wonder where is our spirit of humanity, when IRS allows a Restaurant to write off food thrown in the Dumpster,  if they placed it in a Box and  gave it to the so called indigent people no write off. I do understand that you dont want them hanging out around your fine establishment waiting for you to close everyday,  but isn’t there something that we can do. Yes there’s something that we can do. One unusually cold day in Clearwater, Headquarters of Scientology I noticed a woman shivering from being outside all day,  obviously homeless, I walked over to her took off my brand new Sweatshirt and gave it to her. I felt a shiver came all over me and it was not from the cold. That was only  one act of kindness but it’s a start, that was not my only act of kindness and won’t be my last. I could not write off my Sweatshirt because she didn’t have an address, morbid humor on my part, I can laugh at myself but not at their plight. Like Phil said ” just another day in Paradise for you and me”. I am not trying to make anyone uncomfortable or stir conscience I am only responsible for my conscience and my soul when I meet my maker and he ask me why  I shunned him dressed as a Beggar.

PS. Thank God for keeping my head above the water.

Seasons Change


life is like two nano seconds, it happens way too fast not to seize precious time given to us. In my mind’s eye I still see my first day of school, not paying attention to the teacher, instead I watched the freightliners drifting across the Bay. Then in a flash the years had passed, and the child was now a man raising children of his own and his own childhood had drifted by. When my kids were eleven I went out of my way to provide play time and to make sure they weren’t burning themselves out with school work, what did I know  that the sooner you applied yourself to the task, the earlier  success can be achieved.


When my hero Mattie  Stepanek was eleven he was preparing to die while writing poems and Books. In Mat’ s case he was forced to live his days in nano  time because his time on this Earth was etched with the urgency of his mortality, that extinguished his light at thirteen. Some of us are blessed or cursed with visions of our mortality, so we make hay while the sun shines.  When I was fourteen  I was barreling down on my mortality by wanting to live the street life. I once  beat a Bully  senseless not knowing that his two older brothers seventeen and eighteen had killed many people and that I was next, fate have always been my protective gear like a bullet proof vest, the hands of fate snatched the two executioners up in a hail of bullets before they caught up to me, to extract revenge.


Still oblivious of the urgency of steering the Ship called life fast and straight. High School was one big party it was the age of Disco,  party till you drop. Before I knew it the portal for higher learning was closed, a Husband and Father had no time for School. The Seasons had changed. Life comes at you fast, whatever your Hands touch do it with all your might. My life reflects the life of many who took it all for granted, wasted youth can never be relived, not realizing that your lifespan  is only a portal that allows you to maximize the time given us all, before it’s closed. Use it wisely before the last grain of sand descends.


That is why I am here  to tell, that it is never too early to reach your potential to do great things with your life, the way that God planned it for you. Don’t be distracted by frivolity. Growing up fast and straight at an early age  is prodigious and wise. Too many of us live our lives in a childlike wander where playtime dictates adult life. My friend Mattie had lived four seasons in one early spring.  When he Died at thirteen he was an Author, Poet and friends with Presidents. If I knew then what I know now the winter of my discontent would be one of bountiful harvest. Neil Young puts it best when he said it’s better to burn out than fade away.

Save Jams

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Making Connections



Connecting with people is one of the coolest things, encountering someone for the first time and within 10-15 minutes you are talking with them like you know them. Communicating and touching each other’s soul mentality and spiritually. These are the moments that I live for, here I am sitting in the Park at the farthest of six Gazebos, minding my own business trying to create my next Blog . It was noon so people eating their lunch at a Park Bench is common. What is uncommon is that they choose my Bench  (my space). Two Ladies walked right up to my Bench bypassing five others, at that point I could have been a Snob or acted in an unfriendly manner, got up and changed Benches, as many would do seeing all the other empty tables but choose mine. They asked me if I mind, I welcomed them, one lady inquired about my camera equipment, being a people person I opened up. I introduced myself and began to tell them that I was a Blogger and that I wrote on my own Website. She asked for my website address punched it in scanned it quickly and asked what do I write about.



Unwittingly she had opened the Floodgates of dialogue, we spoke for a good while about a lot of things. Finally we got around to the subject of Parenting. Then she posed the hardest question about parenting, what do you do with Children that you pour your Heart, Soul and resources into and the under Belly of Society intrigues them more  than embracing your Values. My response was lightning, you leave them alone after the umpteenth time of beating your Gums. I elaborated, some people you can perform Lobotomy on and you are not going to change their way of thinking and who they choose to be. She agreed instantly and congratulated me for the insight. It’s almost time to go, they had to go meet her Daughter high up in the RNA’ s Rankings, seemed the daughter worked long hours at the Hospital. So when the opportunity arises to spend time together they jumped on it. I am loving every minute of it, some kids grow up get their Degrees, their dream jobs and Homes and forget, as my mother would say who put them there.



My perception of this Lady was that she was a hardworking woman who had raised her children to the best of her ability, had success with some and not with others. It appears that she had either seen or experienced the heartbreaking trauma of pouring your Life in a child and they turn out to be Bastards that you don’t even know who or what they are. I used to kid my mother that she brought home the wrong baby from the Hospital. Many times it seemed like I was right, the grief that I caused. Some of us kids find their way to the Light and become enlightened to the fact that our Parents aren’t our Enemies. I continued by telling her that when we have done our best and they turn out bad, that those are just blows that life throws at us. Also that it’s for us to deal with it and move forward. It’s one thing to write about the subject and another to speak  up front, up close and personal with one who picked your Brain to see how much you know about the subject that you are writing about. As a parent, been there, growing up bad ass ,been there done that. That’s why it doesn’t surprise me how people choose to live their lives and who they choose to be. This was one of the best encounter with a stranger. We said good bye and just like that a bond was formed and I had a new reader on the Site. So there it is in a nutshell people being people and getting along. It’s amazing how we focus on the bad in people and forget to embrace the good when we encounter it. As I said before I could have been a Snob, instead we communicated and touch each other’s lives, isn’t it a shame that the World can’t live like this. ” reach out and touch somebody’s hand and make this World a better place ” Diana Ross.

I Deserve A Break Today


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It’s Monday and I don’t have to be at Work. The Resort Business is tiring also rewarding. However nothing beats money for nothing, like knowing that you gave the company and Guest  your best. Now it’s Monday and they are paying me to stay Home thank you back. My son from Missouri  is spending his vacation with the old folks to see if he can steal knowledge, bless him. Filling his itineraries was a trip to the Tampa Aquarium. Man was I blown away by the ingenuity of integrating Man in his environment. The Wild Life was exquisite the layout of an Adventurous mind. It was a humbling encounter. Enjoy the library collection, more to come.

Guns Don’t kill



Among the most intelligent and the most rational of us mental illness crops up from nowhere, without a warning. It doesn’t even take mental illness to tip some of us off, sometimes a bad day Will do it. With some people a bad attitude is all it takes to send them off in a murderous rampage. With a gun handily available rationality is out the window. Let’s look at crimes of passion and vengeance, these people aren’t thinking about punishment, all they know is something needs to be done and they have a gun. After the carnage back to reality they realize that without having a gun readily available their loved ones or enemies would still be alive. With all the stark reality gun lobbyists never stop pushing the idea of a gun in each household.


The President say that the victims have the support of the Nation. Does he means that we are going to push for higher gun control laws, does he means that we are going to get automatic weapons off the street and out of the hands of every Nut with an ax to grind. The enthusiast waves the second  Amendment . After each disaster as the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando the question is asked, how can this be prevented in the  future.  Getting every automatic weapons off the Street would be a start , only law-enforcement agencies should have them .


When I worked with Mark Harshberger he bragged to me that he owned over one hundred guns, he was an avid activist of the second amendment. One day at work a minor confrontation developed between us, to my surprise he offered me six bullets from his forty five that he carried daily. It was at that point in my life that I realized that guns weren’t dangerous, only the people who owned them. Years later while hunting in Canada with his wife a marksman who have hit bullseye at one thousand yards. Mark was heavily insured while his wife Marybeth having a relationship with his brother, shot and killed him claiming that it was an accident. Yet people like Mark argues that we want to take away their rights to bear arms, he died with his convictions. It behooves me how these activists think, all we are asking is stronger restrictions to the availability of automatic weapons and the ease of ownership overall.



Keeping in mind that the most rational of us gets his pride hurt, out the holster comes the gun as it did in a movie theater in Tampa where a retired police officer involved in an altercation with another patron pulled his gun, shot and killed him in front of his infant child, his wife and scores of other horrified patrons. This one incident left scars on my brain, knowing that cops are trained in the use of firearms and the burdens of frivolously and callously discharging them. If a Cop can pull his gun and fire in a movie theater, where does it leaves the average Nut with a gun. God help us all. The history of people going off the deep end in this country, taking a high vantage point on a building and creating carnage is in huge volume. Look at the Las Vegas shooter, no one knows what set him off and may never know. Regardless look at the arsenal he brought with him, enough to start a war. Forget disarmament, it would cause civil war. All I am concerned with is availability.



The gun manufacturers have to make their profits, only a revolution can bring blind profit and warmongers who have to sell their products or close shop. Never happen, too much money. They don’t care if their products are handed out on a street corner, pretty much the same when junior a family friend, coming home on furlough after boot camp. Traveled through Texas, got possession of a shotgun within a one hour stopover, brings it home, shoots off three fingers that I picked up and put on ice and take to the ambulance who left them behind. Now he was damaged goods, the U.S. Army prosecutes him and put him in jail, how about the person who sold him, eighteen years old. I have seen the damage .



When I was fourteen across the street from my house, A Detective came for a neighbor of mine, dead or alive, the man choose death charging the officer with a machete. The officer aimed to save the man by taking a lower shot to the groin, slow death waiting for the ambulance. Still fourteen going to the funeral of two brothers who were gunning for me for beating their baby brother badly and embarrassed him. The brothers both caught sixteen bullets each at a party that I had planned to visit ,their faces were dimpled with bullet holes. That’s how bad men end in gang warfare, I was in the middle for a short period. Don’t tell me that Guns don’t kill. At fourteen I made the decision, never to own a gun, one reason is if you kicked my ass and I know where you live, I would go home get my gun and shoot you. Everyone shouldn’t have a gun, I was true to myself. Those inalienable rights were given to the settlers to protect themselves from the Red coats and the natives. So put that in your Tea Cup and sip that.



Money For Nothing



There are four kinds of people in the world. People that makes things happen, People who wonder how they did it, People who wonder what just happened here and People who just don’t give a dam. I was only a teenager when I  started noticing how we passed time calling it work. Something that so called productive People do. The first time I noticed a time passer, was the first job I held right out of HS. I worked for a major Conglomerate, I started in the mail room, there I met a Man who’s been there for twenty five years. Can you imagine working in the mail room for a Company that had over three thousand employees and never advanced any further in twenty five years. Well if that doesn’t  speak for itself, then what does. He knew every mail slot for each department and employees company wide, he could do it with his eyes closed. Yet Charles took an average of three minutes to place the envelope in the slot  ( big procrastinator) he could have done it in five seconds but that was how he passed time for twenty five years, not giving the company a honest days work.


That is why he kept the same position for twenty five years, if he took another job in another department he might have to work. I figured that in twenty five years he had not given the Company five years of work. If that’s not giving a dam, then make him Employee of the month.
Years later I observed an economic trend that justified a weakness in the manufacturing sector of the economy,  especially the Automobile production. I believe it was seventy nine, Toyota introduced an inexpensive Car that was well built and great on gas. During all of this, Detroit workforce was fiddling, putting out inferior products and not seeing the coming effects, today many Neighborhoods are Ghost Towns where People once lived, who went to work and stood around discussing how can Toyota do that and what the Hell just happened here. Today America imports more goods than they export .


Unions were created to protect the American Workers  (keyword) not to Drive the Entrepreneur out of business who Mortgaged his Soul to start his Business and end up hiring a bunch of non productive People who felt entitled to have their Jobs, who went to work all day and did Squat. All this time Hard workers like myself collected unemployment. Is it any wonder that what we owe Japan and China is enough to Foreclose on the White House. Wake up America it’s time to give a dam about your Job, which is your primary means of support and your Economy. Today I work in the Hospitality industry where if your Guests don’t feel that you have  treated them special, they would take their business to your competition leaving you out of work. Pay day I noticed an Employee of one year counting his Money that he had not earned just like Charles.  All I could hear in my mind was Dire straits, Money for nothing and your (Checks) for free. Forget the Chicks, nothing is free.

Over Tampa


it is seven AM the day after Irma visited the tranquility of my Sanctuary called Home. The appearance of daybreak was bleak as late Dusk. Nonetheless I said a silent Prayer, giving God thanks for doing his thing of man-handling and controlling his atmosphere. The damage done in the southern hemisphere was catastrophic for many Islanders, the lost of lives due to the Havoc laid by a category five monster Hurricane was condolencing. For many days I was apprehensive as to weather I made a mistake of not evacuating further North to safer ground. On the other hand the  me of years ago who lived the life of Tom Sawyer didn’t have the slightest intent of leaving and missing the greatest adventure of my life.

Moving from the Sanctuary of the Pocono mountains to the Flat-lands of Florida was a willing choice four years ago. I could hear Tom’s voice as he Rafted the mighty Mississippi “you have lived all these years and have never experienced the life and death Rush of a Hurricane, now you are going to evacuate ” the twelve year old in me said you are in it for the Ride. My only concern was that of my Wife, I would not have made the decision to ride out the Storm if she wanted to leave. She had no intention of leaving, her reason far aloft of mine
Her reason  was you can’t circumnavigate the will of God. Her unshakable Faith was a Revelation for me.
In my Community all the Homes are twenty two years old built to storm specifications, which gave most of my neighbors a feeling of false security, their preparation was miniscule. Not me , after following their lead for days, I finally decided to at least take minimal precautions.

I spent an hour travelling to all the fair weather big names  Commercial outlets to find them all closed the day before the event. Lowes was the only one open to assist their faithful customers in their hour of need. Supplies had dwindled,  what was left was only of use to someone with MacGyver’s mentality, I took what was left,  went home and put my neighbors to shame with ingenuity. I prepared for the worst making the House airtight and water proof. When  Irma  made landfall one hundred and fifty miles from me it had sustained winds of one hundred and twenty MPH and a category four. Not the same as it was over Cuba, nonetheless enough to vanquish trees and Buildings. Before the crest the wind was fierce with sheeting Rain. Something I witnessed, with lasting momory, Lightening turning the Sky a perfect Turquoise Hue. I can still hear the song my wife kept singing all day long, God will take care of you. by the time it got to Tampa which was lined up to the Eye, it had withered to a category two. The song had given tranquility to my adventurous anticipation, I slept like a Baby when it passed over Tampa. my wife kept vigil.

Welcome Back


There’s always a Solution

To my cherished Readers. The last two weeks have been an immense Nightmare. The Site Crashed from a huge influx of Visitors, my previous Host who I believe is under investigation, and is about to shut down, did not answer over 100 phone calls . I must reiterate,  GOD do not sleep, and neither did I for two weeks. Four AM Tuesday morning something or my  Spirit woke me up and sent me to the keyboard of my Computer, not a Clue as to what I was doing there. I started fidgeting with the Keyboard trying to log into my Server’s website, just about to cut my Psychological Wrist, I stumbled upon my present Server. They asked me for my epp code, something I didn’t know that I had jotted in my notes from my initial conversation with my former Host. The moral of this Blog, is never give up on your Dreams under no circumstances, never, never,never Give up, the only time that you are a Looser, is when you give up. From my Mouth to your Children’s ears.



Life As Perceived

If you were born with all ten Toes Fingers Limbs, and a fully functional Brain, you are blessed.  There are many who weren’t  fortunate to be Born on a level Playing field, Down Syndrome,  Cerebral palsy, Muscular dystrophy Cancer and a host of other disorders plagues many. This makes their Quest in Life and Epic Struggle, and  yours a walk through. If you live long enough to take your first step, you have experienced what many didn’t. Sudden Infant death syndrome is only one of the many Cradle Robbers. Then you have cases such as Baby Angelina, whose Brother of eight years,  and her just thirteen weeks old, lost her Life at his hand,  with a violent beating. He had special needs that weren’t addressed. God forbid you were Born to two Loving Parents, who weren’t having issues of their own, and had the inclination to be loving devoted Parents, to shield and protect you from the harshness of Life. Parents who feed and nourish you to your full potential, you are a winner, you have the Tools and Potential to survive and flourish.

Many Kids go to bed Hungry, because Mom spent the Food Money on Drugs and Booze, leaving empty Bellies, Bodies and Minds lacking nourishment. How are they to grow and survive, Handicapped with uncaring and Love-less Parents. Guess what, many do and excell in Life to Greatness, because they had the hardest Task-master whose name is Life. Some posses the Greatest of Resilience developed during time of Adversity. David had no choice but to Slay Goliath, there were no second chances. The average Winner takes Life for granted.  All ten and a Cranium to keep it intact, yet they blame their Parents, the Community, the Church, the Government, even GOD for their shortcomings ,Failures and inadequacies. Their Cup is always half empty, their Beds are always Burning, their Soul on Fire with Jealousy and Envy, their Loins itch with Infidelity.

Cane had no reason to Kill his Brother,  2000 years and more except Bad Blood which we all inherited, been Children of his. There is Evil in us all, if not Jesus would not have to Die. His Greatest Legacy is that we all have the ability and the power  to rise above Ourselves, and walk in the Path of Greatness. It’s good to be Human, to love, to give and have Understanding. As a result of self-centeredness we dull our senses of what is good. We wallow in self-pity, hate and in-gratitude. Always sorry for ourselves for what we don’t have, not grasping that there are others with less. We Hate others for whom GOD have made them. If he put a Rainbow of People on his Creation, that’s what he wanted, who are we to undermine him. Totally ungrateful of all Ten and a Brain to make Choices, always throwing Stones from your Glass Houses, when it comes Cascading in Shards, you ask why me. Now that the Inevitability of Winter approaches, you try to cling to your wasted youth, while asking for more time. I live my life in total Gratitude for what’s given and what I don’t have. At seventeen I was at Hell’s Gate, confronted with an opportunity that I passed on. My Cousin who always wanted more, took the offer, made a Fortune, caught five Bullets and did fifteen years. I am forever thankful to GOD for giving me the wisdom to pass on the offer that my Cousin could not refuse. ” now you get what you want do you want more ” B.M. Life is so short and filled with uncertainty why would you squander it. Be what you are and live the Life, you can’t reap what you don’t SOW.