Race To The The End

Street Racers been around since Moonshine Wars, I Honestly don’t Think that it will ever stop. As I have said before there is a Natural Bond, goes back to the invention of the wheel, if there were no need for speed the Wheel never would have rolled . Even before Birth there is Motion, we weren’t made to stand still, that’s my explanation of why the most mild mannered people  gets behind the wheel and loose it.

Used to be a maserati

Now they think they have experience from doing warm-up Laps at Poccono 500, where Speeds past 185MPH. On a five Miles Straight on a Public Roadway, Jerks Do 80,90,100, twelve Noon. When I saw a 2017 Vet Burnt Charred Black all I could do was Gaze and say a Prayer. There are still Fatalities at Lower speeds. As Kids we Raced with Bad Bakes, as Adults we Race against Fate(the wind) As the saying goes “to Die for” making time and staying ahead of the Pack is totally different from Racing in the middle of the day, Racing anytime of the Day is stupid. I Commute two hours Daily, I am steady Clocking ten MPH over the speed limit, enough to get a warning.

Usually I am the Rabbit but there is always some Idiot going five Miles who picked up my trail and want to Race. My Speedometer says 170, but I will never know if the Engine can take the Strain. Even at eighteen I wouldn’t want to know what it feels like to go past 100, I have seen Crashes with the Vehicles split in half and everyone going Airborne. The bad part of this Childlike Practice is the Catastrophic outcomes, many times involving innocent people.

The way I see it is if you want to Kill yourself fine and dandy, find a deserted Strip of Roadway and Race all Night till the Sun comes up. Near Kennedy Airport a Racing Club use to meet infrequently twelve O’clock at night and Race for the Audience, till one Night a Car got out of control and plowed into the crowd killing some of the Spectators. These Clubs are all over they even Wager on these Events. Many times when the Event ends they Race each other Home on Public Roadways, sometimes with Horrific outcomes. Speed is like any other Drugs or aphrodisiacs used properly and discriminately they have rewards. Abuse it and it will kill just the same. Dale Earnhardt was the Best, but at any speed shit happens, so how can you a mere novice go Racing through City Streets at high speeds not expecting any consequences.

Beautiful People



Being a People Person have brought me to Cross Paths with some of the most Beautiful People that ever walked this Earth. Some are Gone but will never be Forgotten. At eight years old I met a man Named Lefty, the Adventurism that he instilled in me borders negligent for someone like me. Lefty was an avid Fisherman, one Day fishing the Atlantic, he caught a Huge Fish that snapped his Pole, Determined not to Loose this one, he wrapped the Hundred Pounds Test around his Arm. The rest is a Horror Story which he told me Rowing back to Shore with one Hand two miles out, and of tying his Hand to stop the Bleeding, Teaching an eight years old the importance of Strong Will over Adversity and how to apply a Tourniquet, which I used at twelve in the Schoolyard to save the Life of a Classmate. These unique People Raised me up fast teaching me that one should quit being a Child as early as possible and you will be so much more into Life you can Deal with whatever it throws at you. Lefty Taught me Survivability and Respect. However you Learn it, its Beneficial all through your Life.


It’s no wonder that I Chose to grow up fast, also if you Befriend me you’re a friend into the next Life. My Mother is one all through my Turbulent Years she Hung with me, Good, Bad and un intiminated, she Prayed, Council and Advised. Positive Parenting has left its Mark on me. The few times she Hit me were well deserved. She taught me to work for what I wanted in Life and to always keep a Buck, because nobody wants you when you are down and out. One thing I learned from her that wasn’t taught by her, was to always feed people with a Long Handle Spoon. That was my own Summary from watching the way people treated her when she went out of her way to help others. They say don’t Bite the Hand that Feed you, well I am surprised that she had any Fingers. The most important thing that I learned from her was her good Christian Values, she was a firm believer in turning the other Cheek and giving the Shirt off her Back.


Her values have kept me alive and out of Prison, she said never envy anyone for what they have because you don’t know how they got it. They could have Committed Murder from Monday to Saturday and went to Church on Sunday to Pray for Forgiveness. She was as wise as Salomon, being a wise Ass I never let on that I was eating it all up and growing wiser everyday, but she was no Fool she knew that all the hard work that she was investing in me weren’t going to waste. All through my young Life I always try to associate with older wise People, because I had always thought that Wisdom came with Age. I was right, the older I get I feel that I traveled this Road before, and the Hurdles gets lower.


I consider myself  Fortunate for all the Beautiful People that I have met in my lifetime, they Buffer the Ugly Bitter People that I have been unfortunate to have encountered. Two other Down to earth people I met were extremely Rich men, one was one of the Founders of Radio Shack, he was Worth in excess of five Hundred Millions. Most People in his position usually have their Heads up their Ass, and everybody is below them not him, he was as Down to Earth as a Monk, he was Humble and the most Congenial Person for a man of his Status. We spoke for Hours about everything from Religion to Racism to knowing the Value of a Dollar and that Money does not make the Man neither does Education, it’s what you do with it once you acquire it, how you use it.

Twenty one years old and being councilled like that beats growing up thinking that Money is one’s most valuable Asset. Then there was John Gutfreund, he was the CEO at Solomon Brothers when I worked there in the eighties in the internal Sucurity Department. It appears that the way I carried myself and did my Job had caught his eyes, I was blown away that in a company of two thousand Employees John knew who I was. He could be in the Presence of ten Managing Directors he always spoke to me and made small talk. When his Fifth Avenue Apartment was being Renovated he requested me to Babysit the Construction Workers. I was Humbled by his Trust, there were eight inch Ming pieces that were worth one Million that could easily be pocketed and he had me there protecting his prize Possessions. What I learned from that experience was that it’s important to earn People’s Trust and always do your Job to the best of your ability. Well there you have it I’ve been on many Stages and played many Parts.

Nine O One


You’ve Read all my thoughts on everything else, so you can also Read my Thoughts about Religion. I don’t go to Church every Sunday, but to Deny the Presence of God and His Son’s Sacrifice would be ungrateful for my Life, Health and the extra Time given also Borrowed. I’ve been given  back my Life too many times to be Tunnel Vision, why should I not interject my Belief that I am a Believer. Consider the Children in Remission the ones who refuse to Die. People who have nothing left to hold on to but a Prayer. My Childhood friend’s Mother was Diagnosed with Cancer, she was given six Months to Live she Died of old Age. Her Beliefs were so strong she never missed a Beat in her daily routine.


The power of Faith have moved Mountains and parted Oceans. So who am I to be Naive to disbelieve. My Mother fell and shattered her Hip in so many pieces the doctors said she couldn’t survive the Operation they suggested medicating her and allowing her to Die. Having Faith and the Power of Attorney, I Autheorized the Surgery, she lived another seventeen years. My own near Death experiences have re-rattified my Faith, to all you nonbelievers please explain to me why am I still alive, nineteen eighty eight while working for Solomon Brothers Inc being a model Employee with an unblemished Record. I requested a transfer to the Company’s World Trade Center location. My transfer request was denied with no explanation. The Company lost nine Hundred Employees in the Disaster, I would have been 901.


I am a very observant person when it comes to life around me, things that People call inexplicably Occurances, I see as the Hand of Fate, Devine intervention and Providence. But these are just my own personal Thoughts. I am not trying to sell Religion or convert anyone, as the Song goes, save yourself cause I can’t even save myself, and the saying don’t expect help until you ask for it. Growing up I never would have thought myself speaking like this, I was the most Rebellious self Destructive nonbeliever that walked this Earth. I stole from the Church’s Collection, blaming God for our Destitute conditions at nine years old. Now look at me at sixty five a Model Citizen who never did one Day in Prison. All through my teenage Life I had aspirations of being a Gangster that was nearly fulfilled when three times recruited to sell Drugs, once by Organize Crime to the tune of five thousand Dollars per week.


How many Teenagers would have the insight and conviction to say no to such a lucrative offer making Bulk Drops, after coming up Dirt Poor. I thank God for giving me the Wisdom to stay the Straight and Narrow with all the Temptation of becoming a Drug Kingpin growing up in the Bronx. One of my Cousins took one of the Offers that I turned Down, made himself Rich, caught five Bullets and did fifteen years in prison. Those were my Bullets and my fifteen years. So you see God works in mysterious ways, words that stays in my Head, What good is a man if he gained the World but lost his Soul. I don’t write about Religion everyday, so you young Wannabes out there look at how my life could have been ten Million dollars later and the amount of people killed from my Drug Distribution on the Streets of New York City, if God and a Woman I called Mother had not noticed the good in me and intervened in my Life at an early age my Soul would have been Lost, for all Eternity.


One of the hardest Job that I have ever taken on is the Job of being Polite, because Rude People works hard at stealing the Joy. My Mother being very skilled in the Art of being Polite, to the point of taking the Blame to keep the Family ❤ together, now that’s taking it to the next level. The Reason I love Jesus is because I am Humbled by Him not defending Himself and choosing to Die for the Betterment of Mankind. Christianity Teaches turning the other Cheek. Mother done well and Jesus got my Attention. Though I could never aspire to walk in their Shoes. But Why do I have to Smile when you are using Sandpaper to Rub me wrong, I go out of my Way to keep the Peace, I know that no good comes from the Escalation of Hostilities but War, on any Front, including Home or work. Yet I am to stay Calm and ignore the Hostilities and😃 smile.

This Business of being Polite carries the Coat of  Sainthood . They step on your Pride and say they didn’t mean it, they Lie under Oath, yet I am to be Civilized and be the Bigger Man when Someone needs a Foot up their Ass. Once Working for a Huge Hospitality Corporation where the test for my Job was to pick something from their Refrigerator and cook it in front of them to their taste, for the GM and Head Chef to sample. I was Hired on the Spot, a couple of Months later the Sous Chef went home didn’t tell me that there was large amount of Food in the Oven,  left overnight there was a possibility of 🔥 Fire. Reported to work the following Day to be met outside the Privacy of the Kitchen by The General Manager yelling that I left Food in the Oven Overnight, that was Burnt to a Crisp. Nothing I could say to convince her that it was not my Bad, she didn’t want to hear the Preverbial. If I am not mistaken she even told me to shut up when I tried to explain. Totally frustrated that I was going to be the Scape Goat, against all my good Christian upbringing, I lashed back at Her I told Her that if she was a Man that I would have put my foot in her Ass.


That certainly wasn’t Polite , but People put you in a Corner and poke you telling you to Smile. In another Workplace my Boss approach me with a Promotion, I question him about getting good Help, He Danced. I never should have said yes till I meet the Help Requested. I ended working with Friends of Friends I immediately knew that I was sleeping with Strange Bedfellows. Didn’t take me long to realize that my Job was to teach Quality Work to Numbsculls, who were slated to take my Job knowing I could go National in the Company. I Rebelled to the point of doing the Work of four People by myself. Then the little Demon in me said enough is enough, I Filled all kinds of Papers, from US Department of Labor to Local Agencies. Instead of Going to Court and going Big or Go Home, I settled. To me the biggest insult is to play me as if I were Stupid, and Oblivious to your Transparencies. I try to be a good Christian but they make it Hard , like the Song goes “pack up your troubles in that Old Kit Bag and Smile”. In my present Job we are in the Hospitality Business, should I stop right here? All that I am going to say about that is, people will always be who they are, also, People makes the World go Round.



No matter how hard you try to be Polite there is always someone pushing your Buttons. Don’t forget to Smile.Given the choice of being nasty or being nice, I would choose the latter these Characteristics have a way of taking on Roots to your Personality unknowingly. I have seen the Proof working in a Nursing Home, there was this Concert Pianist who developed an early case of Dementia at the heights of Her Career, the one thing that she retained was Her Personality.
She could not do anything for herself, the only thing she did was Smile, a genuine Heartwarming Smile. When you have full blown Dementia there is nothing to Smile about, you don’t even remember the purpose of a Smile or why you are smiling.


That Smile was something Rehearsed all her Life the sign of Politeness even when she was Riding high, now in her darkness of Dementia her Light of Politeness shined brightly. The level of Care and Compassion she received from all had nothing to do with what she was, very few of the Staff and Residents knew where she came from, all they knew was that her Personality was a winning one that attracted niceness. Same place and time another Resident that was Worth Fifty Millions was Shunned and Abhorred for her Serpent like personality that she portrayed all her life that now dominated her Character, the level of Care she received was marginal to Neglect, even by her own Family. That is my Reason for practicing to be the most Polite Person, so when I get there everyone will gather around me while I Read my Blogs to my Fellow Residents. Being Polite is the ultimate positive Stroke, when you Stroke People in a positive way they will eat out of your Hand.


You can’t teach an old dog new tricks because when they were younger they were complacent with their Driving habits and skills. After covering millions of Miles Driving Commercial and numerous Miles recreationally, I became an estute observer of my fellow Drivers. I came to the conclusion that someone needs to tell you that most of you are doing it all wrong. Lets take it from the stop Light, three Lanes of Traffic, all three lanes take off at the same speed watching each other’s speed, If one speed up the other two speeds up also, now we are back to square one only at a faster rate of speed travelling shoulder to shoulder. That’s not what good driving is about, someone has to be the Rabbit and some the Greyhound, that’s how a staggered formation developes. If the flow is not staggered impatient drivers in the back becomes antsy and begins to weave the Traffic. That’s how accidents are set up.


There are many of us who do not believe in relativity, as they say to each action there is a direct Reaction. If you Run the Gauntlet for two hundreds Yards , People wait for you to get within ten feet, then pull out. Consequences at 50mph can be Deadly. But that’s what you do when you set up a bad traffic Flow, someone comes Barreling thinking that they are going to get through before the gap closes up. The key word is Flow, a good Traffic Flow yields good Results, while a bad Traffic Flow gives consequences. Such as me doing sixty five on mushy surface turning into snow, deep into the Mountain more snow, I was now in three inches of snow. I kept control by pumping my Brakes three times and pulling off the Road to put my flashers on to warn other Drivers. Upon coming to a stop, 100yards of Highway Littered with Trailers and Cars some total all over the Road.


If I wasn’t paying attention or if I was doing 75 I would have been a part of it. Did I mention Bad Traffic Flow. At these Speed, Flow is almost Jedi Theory, when you are in a comfort Zone at 75 and not worrying that some Idiot is going to Pull in front of you and at 75 that’s a lot of stress put to rest. That’s is what Flow does at an Speed, eliminating near misses. In a good Flow pattern Drivers read other Drivers next move, you can’t ask for more than that. It’s understandable Driving Bumper to Bumper in Manhattan but when the Traffic allows, you need to develop a sensible Traffic Flow. I can not impress how important a good Traffic Flow is until you come around a Blind Bend to see Vehicles all spread out over the Highway and you are going too fast too close, now you are part of the mess.


A good Traffic Flow allows you to somewhat judged fellow drivers moves, sometimes there is no Traffic and they still make dumb moves. Traveling from Pennsylvania to Florida, I made it safe and sound to South Carolina, it’s been a Torrential Rain for the past Hour, ordinarily on an eleven hundred miles Trip on a clear Day I would be doing eighty in a seventy MPH Zone. Watching your speed is critical in developing a good Flow I was the lead car doing sixty five on a totally saturated Roadway. Up ahead I noticed a Truck two miles ahead, by the time I got within fifteen feet of him, for no apparent reason he chose to change lane and entered my lane. If I wasn’t traveling at a reasonable rate of speed and had to slam on my Breaks, I would have Rear ended him and caused a tremendous pile up with the cars following me. All I had to do travelling at a sensible rate of speed was to take my foot off the gas and all safe. Once more speed is critical for a good Traffic Flow, if every one in front of you is doing sixty to seventy and you come Barreling at eighty, you are not part of the Flow, you are the problem.

Someone To watch Me

Mothers ! You need to watch your Kids like a Hawk always vigilant, even within them not knowing that you’re watching. My Mother Rest her Soul was a Great Mother she was the eldest girl, with eleven Siblings following her. She was taken out of School at an early age so she could help her Mother care for her Siblings. Then she helped raised her Sibling’s children along with her own three. I would say that she had the experience to teach parenting. without the love and support she gave over the years, my Soul would have been lost to eternity, and I would not be here passing on Parenting Skills learned from her which helped me to raise my Kids. Nonetheless she slipped up with me more times than she felt the Grief. I was the most Rambunctious Child ever Born, she needed Bells and GPS to keep track of me. At two years old I slipped in and out of the Living room without being noticed.  No one saw a two year old drinking to the last drop of whisky from every glass, while they danced.


I worked that Room like a Thirsty Hobo. For my weight and age I should have been Dead, I faded in and out, the alcohol level was enough to kill a Frat. It’s a shame twenty people in a Room not noticing a two year old drinking from every glass that was unattended. That was the first of my stomach Pumps. The following year I drank Turpentine, while the Painter soaked his Paintbrushes. You can’t blame the Painter or my Mother, at that age all you had to do was turn your Back on me for five Seconds. Five seconds was all a Child like me needed to put myself in a Life and Death situation. Children between the ages of two to five even up to eight don’t know that they are putting themselves in harm’s way. Their inquisitive nature puts them in harm’s way, after my two early bouts with death,


she developed a system to keep me in check. If I left the Room I would hear a loud drawing out of my name, when I answered she would follow with, what are you doing? If I was doing something that I shouldn’t be doing that was my cue to cease and decist before she came into the Room to see if I was lying when I said that I wasn’t doing anything that I shouldn’t be doing. When I miraculously lived to be eight years old, and not killed her from the stress of staying on top of my mischievous tendencies, once again she was running me to the Hospital. This time she was cooking and left the Kitchen for five seconds, that was all the time I needed to be inquisitive as to what was cooking in the Pot. I tipped the Pot over onto my entire lower body giving myself a wicked case of Third Degree Burn.


I was not your average Child, looking back I would say I had a Death Wish. As a matter of fact I am positive, because at nine years old, she was in the next Room ironing clothes while I stripped two twelve inch industrial electrical wires, plugged them in and commenced electrecuting myself. Now I ask you what was the poor woman to do, tie a rope around my Wrist and hers to keep me alive. That still would not keep me out of trouble, I probably would have cut the Rope while she slept. The point is little kids are dangerous to themselves, sometimes to the Community at large. Case in point December of 2017 a three years old child playing with matches in the Bronx started a horrible Fire killing several of his Neighbors.


Where was his Mother, how can she live with herself knowing that the Tragedy could have been avoided if she did not see him for two minutes and hollar his name asking him where he was and what was he doing.Bronx apartment fire: Child playing with stove caused deadly blaze, officials say. A fire that tore through a Bronx building, killing at least 12 people in one of New York City’s deadliest blazes in decades, was started by a child playing with a stove, fire officials said Friday.5 days ago. These are extreme cases that necessitate you constantly watching your Kids. Every year I read about some four years old loosing their Lives in the family Swimming Pool, or wandering onto City Streets and getting Ran over, or in a congested area wandering off never to be seen again. As I have said before not everyone is cut out for the Job of Parenting. So those of you who takes the Job seriously please go the extra yard and make a nuisance of yourself, they will live to thank you as I thanked my Mother for calling my name till I could hear her voice in my sleep.

Rationality Behind The Wheel


They have their fatalities too

At twelve years old we built Go- Carts to race Downhill. Many days we went home bruised and battered, but that’s what crazy kids fascinated with speed do for the adrenaline rush. My problem is far too many people never lost the fascination with speed, mild mannered rational people gets behind the wheel and they turn into absolute maniacs. Common sense and rationality out the window, get out my way Can’t you see I Am Driving here. People in positions of trust like the Sheriff Deputy who abused his authority by cutting me off making a U Turn twelve O’clock at night in a non emergency situation, no flashing lights or sirens. If he can drive like that what do you expect from the average Driver. Sixteen going seventeen I started going to Driving School, with money Earned from working part time. I could not wait to get behind the wheel. What  happened was in my early years of Speed Racer,  racing downhill, to find out that the  Brakes don’t work,  I developed  what I call Motion Sickness, the need for speed. If it had wheels, I’m riding, I was now ready for the challenges of our Roadways. Make no mistake the challenge of going with your speed hunger, or to be Rational and ask yourself do you want to go out that way, Or disfigured for life. This type of reasoning is beyond many out there behind the Wheel. Most Drivers lacks rationality they leave everything to chance.


At seventeen I was a passenger driven by my twenty year old friend. Gary and Owen were both friends I grew up with, coincidentally they both acquired New Cars at the same time. At that time in my life I never missed a weekend of partying. On this particular Saturday there were several parties going on the same day so we bounced from one to the next, at each one having two or three mixed drinks.This was my first encounter with Buz Driving, while bouncing to the last party of the night the Drivers decided to race two brand new cars. Growing up with them I thought that they were level headed and rational people, boy was I wrong we hit speeds up to one hundred and twenty Mph. The exit ramp came up fast we entered the ramp at ninety with two wheels in the air, they say that the Lord looks out for babies and fools, how we survived that night was a miracle. The learning process had begun, that one night had taught me what could not have been taught in driving school, which stayed with me for the rest of my life. People think that they are cool getting behind the wheel buzzed enough to fail a sobriety test, but sober enough to think that they are still in control. Precious was a childhood friend of mine who went to a party and choose to ride home with a Drunk, the car hit a lightpole, Precious went through the Windshield, dead at nineteen.

A lot of us did crazy things when we were nineteen, some of us grow out of stupidity, some never change until they are going to a Funeral, theirs. I absorbed all that was going on around me so by the time I got my Drivers license I was matured beyond my years, and had enough rationality to stay alive out there. It’s no wonder that at eighteen I was driving Taxi in Manhattan, one of the most congested places in the world. Driving Taxi in Manhattan was like going to Driving University. I quickly honed the Art of Motoring, I hope you noticed the word Motoring, there are many drivers out there, very few Motorists, fewer good ones and less great Motorists. I’ll tell you what makes a great Motorist, one day in Lower Manhattan I came upon an intersection where I could not see five feet beyond the white line, I had the right of way which I yielded because I could not see what was approaching. That move saved my life, a truck barreled through the stop sign without even pumping his brakes if I didn’t give up the right of way I would be dead.


Used to be a maserati

That’s what motoring is, using good judgment all the time while you are behind the wheel. I would prefer to be a good motorist than a great Driver, they are sometimes overcome by overconfidence and end up being wreskless. Overconfidence is one of the major causes of Autobobile fatalities, they push themselves and the vehicle to the limit. Another incident oh being a good motorist, heading north on Park Avenue I came upon a changing light, looked in my rearview mirror to see that the car following was too close for me to obey the red light, I ran the light intentionally to avoid being rear ended, so did he. Bad drivers expects others to drive accordingly that’s what causes so many accidents, because they assume that you are going to do what they would do. It’s like half the people on the Road didn’t read the Driving Manual. For example at a four way intersection who has the right of way and who goes first, same as a Roundabout, going counter can be costly. By giving the answer away, the driver to the right has the right of way so do the pedestrian always. This is sounding like 101 but fundamentals enough to mention to a young driver who read the manual only to pass the Written Test, once they pass the Written Test and the Road test, they make their own Rules as they go along.

A Christmas Blog

Nearly homeless.
We were living in a lovely TownHouse renting yearly, then the owner died. Her estate was poorly managed, Real estate Speculators bought and flipped the house. The occupancy continued renting on a month to month lease that I fell asleep at the wheel on, once the owner died, I should have started making inquiries as to my position, and not waited for the house to go on the market. Nonetheless complacency is a human flaw many of us possess, and we don’t make moves that should be made until we are in a Checkmate position. Looking out for number one in a cold hearted World is job one. Real Estate Speculators are heartless and is only interested in making a Buck. When the new owner contacted me notifying me where to send the rent payments, he made it clear that he was an investor and not a speculator. The little weasel lied through his teeth just to have someone occupying the house until he found a buyer.


A year went by with me feeling snug as a Bug, then one day out of the blue, his office called to notify us that there would be people coming by to look at the house, and that they also were investors. Still the alarm didn’t go off in my head that the weasel was a Flipper. Well one fine day I was looking at being Homeless living on a month to month lease. One of the so called investors had bought the house and wanted to live in it, giving me thirty days to vacate, that is all I was entitled to living on a month to month. I was caught off guard with my pants down, thirty days is not enough time to go house hunting securing a lease pack up an entire household and move. I could have decided to battle them in Court, but that would have been a waste of precious time, knowing that all the Judge would have wanted to know is when was I moving out.


Upon receiving the letter to vacate, I stopped writing and went on a tireless campaign to put a Roof over our heads forty five days before Christmas. At one point I thought that I had to put everything in storage and be writing out of a Hotel Room. Truthfully the Hotel Room situation never crossed my mind because I believe in the power of faith and that the Lord do help those that help themselves. I knew that I would find a place to hang my Christmas lights like I have always done in celebration of the King of Kings Birthday.

Within one week of receiving my thirty days dispossessed notice, I viewed my first potential House on a short list of choice locations where I didn’t mind resting my Christmas lights. The first one I looked at was my Christmas gift wrapped in shabby Christmas Paper. The previous occupants were Pigs and the place needed sanitizing and cosmetics. My wife didn’t see what I saw in this abused little Gem. As I am writing this paragraph I can hear the words” I came to you dressed as a beggar and you turned me away”. After a week of negotiations it was a done Deal, I had a Door to hang my Christmas Wreath. After a couple of days cleaning and painting the beauty of this Eldorado was evident, and the greatest Christmas gift of my life was under the Tree. Thank you Lord.

Those Special Moments

It’s seven p.m. on St Pete Beach as a result of daylight saving time the sun is long gone, still that doesn’t stop me from sitting out here in the dark pondering my thoughts while I gaze on the infinite horizons. My main thought was how short, unpredictable un giving and unloving life can be. The way we waste our lives chasing a Buck forgetting to smell the Roses and soaking up moments like this. One of my special guest at the Resort is a local Lady who I met two years ago while her beloved husband was still alive, he passed a year ago after a long battle with cancer. I know that both her and the kids loved and misses him dearly and that life must go on.

I often wonder to myself if he was one of those guys who kept his nose to the Grindstone and never took the time to smell the Roses. I Know that his death has opened up her eyes to the unpredictability of it all, and the need to pamper ourselves with the most trivial of moments that should never be taken for granted, I am so happy for her when I see her here at the resort two or three times in one month soaking up the good life. When I see people living life and just existing from day to day in the Rut of rudimentary existence I grieve for them knowing that tomorrow could be just a fleeting illusion. It can treat you the same way the Ocean does a mighty Whale, high Tide pushes them to the Beach and then disappear leaving them ashore. So my advice to you is that you should always ride the Wave of your life, to the finest Beaches then catch the next one out to the horizon of your Dreams.


It was now getting darker strollers became fewer, a figure approached me as If to cast a shadow in the dark, as it got close I could see that the shadow was a young Boy. I said hello to both of them and struck a conversation of what a pleasure  it was to see Father and son sharing a moment like this. Knowing that time moved so fast, before you know it, moments like this could be a distant memory and they could be living hundreds of miles apart. Christmas and special occasions could be scheduled to availability, next thing you know we are going to funerals. The way we  take ourselves and each other for granted is nothing short of negligent. We are always too busy doing life and not living it, sometimes it seems to me like we work ourselves into the ground. Working in the Resort business is very demanding,  but I always find time to Write and create moments like today. Because tomorrow is promised to no one.

My Thoughts A Book Of Thoughts

Blogging is a true form of self expression,  unlike making entries in a Diary. It allows you to form an opinion, discuss and review your thoughts on any subject matter. I try to weave my thoughts into a  short story with five hundred plus words. My Blogs are challenging but worth the effort of divulging my life’s experiences to others in need of guidance in the subjects that I write about. Websites crash far too frequently for me to trust valuable information on. I am presently battling my Host for total control of Savingkidssouls.com, writing an ebook is my back up storage. owning the Book is your piece of History in case the Site is ever obliterated by my server who appears to want me to be at their mercy. I am already developing plans for a new website if present relationship can’t be dissolved quickly. Owning my Blogs on Amazon Kindle would be a great way to help developing a bigger and better savingkidssouls.com thanks for your help, this site has been 100% financed by me for your benefit. Contributions are welcome at PayPal.



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